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Hi just a question that @Josephine or other moderators may know....is it possible that the infection could have something to do with the dislocation?

Although I remain on abx I'm assuming that it probably doesn't but who knows???

Will be interesting to see what the Dr says on Thursday

is it possible that the infection could have something to do with the dislocation?
Not really. If anything, and it's a very BIG if!, the infection could have made conditions such as to facilitate the dislocation - weak muscles and such.
Hi everyone

I Saw the surgeon today and he was really good. He Explained that the chance of dislocation after 1st surgery is less than 1% but after a revision it rises to 10-20%.

He said that the capsule around the joint....is like a ligament and after surgery would take about 3 months to heal and after a while would have lots of scar tissue which helps to hold the hip in place and keep it stable but mine has been opened 3 times and as such would have barely healed and had no time to form scar tissue.

When I subluxed a few weeks ago I probably tore the hip capsule and that might explain the instability I've had. He wants me to not put my hip in any harsh conditions ie bending over for shoes and socks, Sitting on ground, sitting low, bike riding etc for the next 2 months to allow the hip time to heal.

I will then get a ct scan and MRI At the beginning of February and he is checking the position, alignment, looking for any cracks in the hardware etc and also to see if there are any pockets of fluid around the joint which could impede the joint capsule healing. I have had pockets of fluid from the infection in the past. No point in doing scan until all the damage inside has a chance to heals which is About 2 months

The main risk is another dislocation or sub lax and this may lead to further surgery to tighten muscles and put in a different type of ball and joint that is very difficult to dislocate. But of course we will be working towards protecting the hip, strengthening my knee (which turns in very easily) and avoiding extreme positions etc

This all makes sense to me and I'm pleased that I have somewhere to go from here and of course I'm hoping it is just the joint capsule and not a hardware problem. I feel like he was very concerned and didn't fob me off. He apologised for him not being available on the day to be able to put the joint back in but was happy with the X-rays etc.

Had physio yesterday to help with bruising and she is happy with muscle tone etc. I'm to limit activity and work to my pain levels. I've walked at the shops etc but wouldn't go for a walk or anything....too sore. Some deep bruising coming out but not too bad

As always I'll be interested to see what @Josephine thinks about this as he advice to me has always been spot on.

My aunts came up from Melbourne for a visit which is nice and has lifted my spirits and of course it doesn't hurt as much today.....so that's a bonus too isn't it????? I've been icing which is always so fantastic isn't it?

Thanks for all your support.....it means a lot to me

Sally xxx

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H @Vetgirl aka Sally:curtsey: I'm glad your OS has put your mind at ease, if only a little. The 3 month thing sounds about right, the first surgeon that was going to do my op wanted 6 weeks of "restrictions", but the surgeon who did it insisted on 12 weeks; I was upset and annoyed but trusted his judgement - and his explanation, which was just about what your surgeon said verbatim.... the hip capsule takes 3 months to "reform" and is susceptible (obviously more at the beginning of that time than at the end) for that long.
I have bleated loud and long about these restrictions, they call them "precautions", and to be honest have only reevaluated their place in my recovery since reading your sublax/dislocation story :chinstroke: I have "done" 8 weeks tomorrow, only 4 to go. I am able to drive now, so I'm sure you'll be able to do that, I use the "golfers lunge" a lot when I bend to keep within the 90 degree rule, so that one's become easier even though it means I still can't dry the foot on my operated leg or put on that sock/shoe (I have worked out a way that's not too inconvenient, so definitely doable) crossing the midline is one I have to keep an eye on still .... and to be honest having to sleep on my back hasn't got much easier. I'm looking forward to sitting on the floor again, and to ritually burning my cursed wedge cushion:gaah: Like I said, having read your recent woes I have determined to just grit my teeth and get on with the next 4 weeks as all these inconveniences sound infinitely easier in the end than a dislocation:rolleyes:
It's good that your Physio is happy with your muscle tone, it feels like you have a head start there! I hope it all works out for you... finally! You sure could do with some luck going your way.
I'm glad your Aunt has come up to visit from Melbourne, that will be a nice distraction! :console2: We love Melbourne though the last time we went was four years ago... probably be going early next year en route to NZ again, though hubby thinks that now I'll have more mobility we can go further afield, somewhere with bigger mountains! We trekked around the Able Tasman National Park (on the very north of the South Island) last time and it nearly did me in, so I'm not sure a new hip is sufficient "bionic-ness" to get me around anything more demanding than that.:rotfl:
Anyway... be careful, and let that hip heal and hopefully avoid any more surgery :fingersx:

I have been following your thread for sometime and I so glad to read your OS has a plan for your hip recovery. Hope that it is all muscle related as opposed to implant. You have shown such grace through your whole ordeal which is admiral! Not many people could go through what you have and still remain as positive as you have been.

Sally I am so sorry to read about your trials. Hopefully this will soon be a distant memory.
Hopefully, and it sounds like you are, breathing a little sign of relief! You are an amazingly strong person - probably doesn't feel it sometimes but it does shine through!

I do remember my surgeon talking about that joint capsule and the way it heals to hold the joint in place. It did sound reassuring the way he explained it then, and it does make sense with what your surgeon has told you now. So happy Josephine has also put her stamp of approval on the plan.

Best wishes and will keep sending positive energy your way!
Just checking in with you Sally, @Vetgirl - how are you doing Aussie girl?
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oh man ! @Vetgirl. it just doesn't seem fair at all. haven't you suffered enough..?
glad that at least you have a dr you trust and who even Josephine agrees with 100%.
I hope it does heal the way he said it could and that you won't need more surgery. or pain. I guess you'll have to rest your way thru the holidays again. I hope they are happy anyway. you've got a great team.
Well....hard to believe I'm here again.....late on Australia Day I dislocated my hip...again!!

We had friends over and I moved forward on the chair and boom. Too easy. Ambulance called. Disaster...couldn't get a vein. Pain amazingly ok ....I thought it mustn't have been right out as it was much more bearable that first time. A few drinks may have numbed the pain, but I was in no way intoxicated. My friends were totally shocked how easy it happened. Kids traumatised. Friends stayed with kids....amazing. Not sure how much more kids can witness. Poor things. Had kids staying the night....rambling sorry. So tired

Once at hospital they tried to put in like last time but couldn't get it in. They left it at 3 am and the orthopaedic team came past at 8am and I had to go for a general anaesthetic closed reduction. Luckily, even though in a public hospital my OS's colleague was the surgeon on so he was able to communicate with him and I was in good hands.

My daughter starts high school today so they let me out with a walker and wheelchair to get to school for her. Much stronger restrictions, possible lifetime??? I have a scan in the next week and see OS but he's pretty much confirmed another surgery to place in a non dislocating prothesis.

I'm so shocked, exhausted and tired. Off to try and get a couple more hours sleep before school. I'd been up about 36 hrs and got about 4 hrs tonight. It's now 2 the am...restless but will try to sleep

@Josephine I can't seem to find any info on this type of joint... Can you help? I will probably have to stay on abx for another 6 months to see this prosthesis secured in case infection hasn't resolved. See professor this week too anyway. Unbelievable and opens up a whole new range off fears.....

By for now
@Vetgirl Oh Sally bless your heart, I come back hoping for good news and see this. So sorry you are dealing with this. I can't imagine going thru what you have, you are such a trooper!! Here's hoping that all of this solves the issue. Wish I had more to say to you but just can't find the words. Just know you are in my prayers.
Just breaks my heart. I am sooo sooo sorry to hear this. I'll just keep hoping for some good news , somewhere, for you. till then all I can offer is loads and loads of HUGGSSSSSSS
@Vetgirl Sally, I'm so sorry. Can't imagine what you are going through. Sending positive thoughts and hugs your way. Keep us posted when you can.
Can't believe it Sally @Vetgirl life truly is unfair sometimes. and you really have had the worst luck! I know you were looking at a non-dislocating prosthesis as one of the "options" last time you dislocated, it looks like that's what will end up being the one you'll be going with after all, d@mn!!

All I can do is add my hugs to all the others, keep us posted. If nothing else you are going to be THE expert on post operative infection and dislocation, we will flock to hear your wisdoms. Oh, and happy Australia Day btw
No words, dear Sally, to express my feelings at this latest news. Enough already, as we say! But I will send my hugs along with all the others... no small comfort, I know. Thinking of you & so sorry you are facing this stuff again, but they will eventually get it right, I'm sure. You are so brave!
Sally I join all the others in expressing my sorrow and sympathy. What a horrible unfair thing to happen. I hope the doctors can solve this one and for all very soon.
Vetgirl I am so sad you are going through this again. I, too, am facing future surgery. My new fixed hinge revision knee isn't functioning correctly and the tibia is rotating with respect to my femur all the time. It must have come loose. We had our last ops two days apart. You are in my thoughts.
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