Hip Infection Infection, dislocation, revisions, & life beyond

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@Vetgirl Good grief Sally, you have been thru the ringer, haven't you?
I can only imagine how painful that experience was.
I hope the scans can shed some light on what caused this, or how to prevent.
:sad: is all I can say . . . we will all be hoping, wishing, praying, and most of all sending positive energy and thoughts your way.
So sorry to read of these new problems. You've sure had enough. Hope you get some satisfactory & hopeful answers.
How awful for you! I'm so sorry. Keep us posted, because we're all very concerned about you.

I had a friend on this forum several years ago, who suffered a dislocation in similar circumstances to yours. She ended up having a revision on that hip and she came through it just fine. Of course, a revision wasn't what she would have chosen, but she made a full recovery and her hip is perfect now. I haven't seen her on the forum in years. She's just too busy for us now.

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After the infection was under control in my knee, about 6 months? Sorry brain fog) later the fibula started popping loose from the replacement. The revisionist explained that the infection had eaten the cement so my leg was put into a brace until I had a revision. Take it easy w your hip, but it sounds like it might be a similar situation.:console2: I will be praying for you!
@Vetgirl Oh Sally, I am so sorry to hear that. Hoping that you get some good news from the scans. Prayers sent your way!!
Sally, adding my thought and prayers to everyone else's! You have kept your humor though-- the picture of you in bikini or speedo on the operating table is a good one.
You WILL get a good outcome, by whatever paths!! :)

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Joining the BoneSmart Choir, Sally @Vetgirl to tell you how dismayed and sorry I am you have this new trial to go through. So glad you came here and tagged Josephine for her insight, and as you can see, we all care so much for you and will be pulling for you.
@Vetgirl , how horrible! I just shared your experience with my 12 year old daughter. Your daughter was certainly brave in handling things! I hope things improve quickly- you've been through far too much. I'll be thinking happy thoughts for your recovery. :flwrysmile:
So sorry to hear you're going through this! Please let us know how things go. I'm concerned about your and will be until this gets straightened out. You have many friends here praying for you!!!!
Sally, so sorry to hear this. You were so brave with that terrible pain and what a hero your 12 year old daughter was. I hope you aren't in too much pain now.
Another hurdle to get over - one day at a time- you're strong - we all know that here! Thinking of you

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@Vetgirl - wow, enough already. So sorry you had to suffer this. Our thoughts and positive vibes are coming you way!
Not the post I wanted to read Sally....was so hoping that wouldn't happen...sending all good wishes, thoughts & prayers for an end to all of your troubles ...Chrissie xxx

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So sorry to hear about your recent problem after all that you have been through already. Sending you my good wishes and prayers for a good outcome.You have a very brave and mature daughter of who you must be very proud.
Thanks everyone for your well wishes. I've pretty much been lying in bed and resting/ sleeping. I feel very bruised and tender all over....I feel like I've been in a car accident!!! My stomach and ribs are sore, buttocks, back, neck and of course leg. Just giving in to it.

I feel pretty down.....I agree with @Josephine that hips don't pop out that easily and believe me it was so easy. When I think about it...it makes me feel sick. That feeling of my leg giving out and the pain. Anyway, not sure what it all means....the thought of any more surgery is just terrifying in terms of everything.....

It's hard to digest but in my heart I know it's not right.....just when we were looking at me getting back to work next year and I've been loving my walks and being in control of my life. Ive lost 8 kg (20 lbs) and am loving life. To say the last year has been tough is an understatement. Financially it's been crippling. Physio and Pilates to strengthen all my muscles has been costing about $80 a week.

I suppose I'll just wait to hear from the surgeons rooms.....it great having your support.

Thank you
Geez @Vetgirl, I really feel for you. You certainly have had a rough trot, and it sucks particularly badly when you'd reached a point where you felt ready to get on with your life. Like the song said though, "aint no way around it, you just gotta get through it"... and you WILL!
My son had a serious accident last year, they said he could be off work for up to six weeks... he lost his Big toe and it's neighbour... he ended up having 17 weeks off, he's self employed and his twins were only ten weeks old when it happened; his private health insurance didn't cover Physio because it was a work accident, his income protection didn't cover it because it wasn't to do with his business (huh??) and Medicare didn't cover it because it wasn't a chronic condition - so we KNOW how hard it is to cover it financially. If we'd been told 17 weeks at the beginning we would have felt like we couldn't survive it, but when adversity hits you DO survive it. I know you've had your share plus a bit; to be completely honest I'm hoping you've covered the Australian stats for dislocation and infection - it'll be a load off my mind at least :heehee: (hope you appreciate the feeble attempt at Aussie humour, I do quite seriously feel for you and wish I could "make it better")
At least if you do need more surgery, which I realize is quite likely, all the Physio and Pilates will pay off as your body is in good shape for it:bicycle1:
Keep us posted
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