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@Vetgirl Hi Sally, I have been away far too long!! So glad to read that all is progressing as it should with you. Please slow down and take it easy, you know from before that all will come in due time!! Just so you know I will be back in the OR in November for a left knee replacement, but no worries!! Love you my friend!!
Hi everyone

I saw that @Me2 had posted on my thread for an update and of course I have been meaning to come by and write one but then something else would happen ....and ....anyway here I am.

I've been going pretty well since I last posted. I really needed to step away from Bs and focus on my family for a while and just being me and not a hippie, if you get what I mean! Life had been about my hip for far too long. I will never ever forget the support you all gave me during those dark days and how you all helped me pull through.

I finished rehab which is outpatient physiotherapy through the hospital and have been going really well. A few weeks ago I started private physio again because I was getting pain in my knee and lower back and I could feel I had weakness around my glutes and was sure the pain was from compensating with other muscles. I do the exercises she recommends to strengthen the area and love the relief the massage and therapy gives at the visit.

If I'm really tired I revert to a limp but otherwise I'm walking quite well and can get a little speed up. I'm back to just about doing everything around the house but would still struggle carrying too much weight up stairs or doing too many stairs in a day. I'm sure it's just muscle weakness and it will improve everyday. Both the surgeon and physio are happy with my range of movement. I can lift the operated leg up off the bed if I'm lying flat on my back to 90 degrees which is pretty good. I can also put on shoes and socks and pretty much touch my toes.

We just got back from Singapore over a week ago and that truly gave my leg a good workout. I did so much walking and stairs in the first 2 days that the pain in my joint came back at night and I wasn't sleeping. I think it was all the stairs. However, over the following few days it was a little better. Since we have been back I've made a real effort to schedule regular min 30 min walks and am pleased to say I've improved. I also started clinical Pilates today which will focus on improving my core and weak glute muscles. It's run by a physiotherapist and there's only 2 of us in the class so it was really great. It's helped me see how I can improve.

Each day I still need a rest and on some days after a super busy time or activities I find a need a good sleep in or almost a huge rest day. Im sensible and give in to the fatigue when I have to. I'm still on my abx 4 x a day until next year and then we will wean me off them and see what happens. Fingers crossed.:angel:

I am still not working and probably won't till next year. Although we could desperately use the money hubby wants me to get back into life and not feel the pressure while I work on my weaknesses. I'm using the time to get the house back into order after being out of action and reorganising and cleaning lots of things. I have little projects on the go most of the time like cleaning out and reorganising the pantry etc.

I've recently really cleaned up my diet and lost 3kg (6.6 lbs) and want to lose another 8 kg to get back to where I was before my hip started playing up. It was school holidays here the last 2 weeks and I really enjoyed being active and around for the kids. It's been a long time...in fact a year that I haven't been unwell or recovering from a surgery during their holidays and they enjoyed having me back to normal.

I have a better attitude to life and want to do everything. I was on a mission in Singapore to do everything possible and enjoy it all. We went for my husbands work so many of our days had activities or dinners planned but we still managed to do so much. The F1 Grand Prix was fabulous and there were live concerts afterwards (Robbie Williams and Jennifer. Lopez) we did a Segway tour, ate in lots of awesome restaurants, did a river cruise both day and night, went to universal studios, cable car ride from sentosa to the mainland, cocktail parties in amazing places (I wore low heels twice!!!!) and had some really wonderful quality time with hubby who as you all know has been absolutely amazing throughout all of this. It's been so nice to give back to him.

At the end of august I did hurt my hip. I was sitting on some stairs after a kids party at a hall and I must of stood up at a funny angle and the hip really really hurt...actually for a few days. It was that internal rotation I think and it must of hit muscles that weren't used to it.

However tonight something even more concerning happened while sitting on some stairs outside in our back yard talking to hubby. I was leaning over my operated leg looking at my calf. My chest was on my thigh and the leg clicked and then Dropped to a funny angle. I said to my husband 'did you hear that? Can you see my leg?' And then I felt all weird like I was imaging it all happening but it hadn't actually happened when of course it actually had. I put my arm under my thigh and lifted it slightly and it popped back. It felt like it was sucked back into place and I felt it go back in.

Of course it freaked me out and I googled it and found some links to BS, read them and then thought while I was actually here I'd do an update and see what @Josephine thought about that? From what I've read it's a subluxation?

I will ring the surgeon tomorrow .....I see him next week anyway. I see him every six weeks with bloods and an xray and I see the prof on Thursday as well. It actually didn't hurt ....I sat there staring at my leg but it felt strange and now it feels sore like I bruised the muscles deep inside. It's throbbing too. Weird. Should I be worried?

I think about you all often and have seen a few updates from time to time as they come thru on my email.

I can never thank you all enough for your support through those awful months when many of my own friends forgot me or were too busy. Life is good and especially with summer on its way. I love summer.

My scar is pretty yuk.....it goes in a fair bit and is dimply.....OS says it from tissue being removed and fat cells dying .....yuk!!!!

Anyway....sorry it's been so long between visits

Sally xxxx
What a busy normal life you are having. So happy for you. Hope the hip issues are not serious. The fact that you went on such am ambitious trip is very impressive. Continue to do well, check in here when you can. Great to hear from you, always.
Sally, your life sounds awesome right now. How wonderful hubby is so in favor of you taking the time to heal up. Josephine will help you out with the whatever-it-was, but I reAlly feel you are well along the total recovery road! :)

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Fabulous...fabulous....just the update we all wanted to hear Sally @Vetgirl! So glad about your lovely trip..You are so right...life is for living...you go girl.
Hope your funny episode is just 'one of those funny things that happen' and never happens again. Thanks for putting all our minds at rest.....keep on enjoying life....Chrissie xxx

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@Vetgirl. So good to know that you're able to live your life and do fun things again. Just be careful not to do too much, too soon. Keep us updated. You know we care.
I was leaning over my operated leg looking at my calf. My chest was on my thigh and the leg clicked and then Dropped to a funny angle. I put my arm under my thigh and lifted it slightly and it popped back. It felt like it was sucked back into place and I felt it go back in.
@Vetgirl You have to remember that as yet you are only 4 months out from your last surgery and still at some risk from dislocation. You should not be leaning so far forward just yet. What happened was that your hip subluxed (partially dislocated) and you were lucky enough to be able to get it back into place. Do please be more careful when bending forward like that. Dislocation: incidence of dislocation after THR
@Vetgirl so sorry you had that little "experience". Please do be very careful as you are still vulnerable to dislocation. Maybe ice to deal with that throbbing. Please do let us know what your surgeon says.
Thanks Josephine. That's exactly what the surgeon said!!! Partial dislocation and he was happy my soft tissue did it's job holding it in place. He thinks on top off hyper extending the joint by leaning on my leg my knee probably rolled in. I totally agree with that as I've been working on the knee weakness with the PT.

My leg is a bit sore but nothing at all really. Last night I bent over to pick something up and it clicked a bit again and my daughter heard it....scary. I had X-rays today for the visit next week....the radiologist said it all looked fine. It is a serious wake up call to me....and hopefully all of us about how easily we can put our hips in danger. I cannot believe that it happened really.

I saw the prof again today and he's happy with how I'm tracking. He said to come back at the end of January and we will start reducing the abx. He said we don't do it at Christmas as it's a bad time to be in hospital.
I just ignored the implications of that because I'm being super positive and am not even contemplating that the infection will come back.

Well thanks for asking about me....keep to what the OS says and do your strengthening exercises if needed but I certainly agree with Jo that hips usually don't need to much effort except walking

Talk soon

Sally xxx
Well, glad you got that cleared up Sally...please don't do that again.....!! Must have been very scary. Glad your surgeon pleased with your progress...keep up the good work...Chrissie x

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So glad to hear form you Dear Sally, I rarely stop by BS anymore, but do have posts from a few threads linked to my email. I had hoped you were doing well and just to darn busy to post here. Keep up the recovery and let us know when to look for that book!
So happy to read your update, Sally @Vetgirl! Other than your recent scare and partial dislocation, of course. Which is scary sounding, and I hope it's all back to normal now. But prior to that it's just an amazing turnaround you've had since the hell you went through. I especially was happy to read about your vacation and all the activity.
Thank you again for educating us by sharing the odyssey you endured. It will be enormously helpful to any of us who might be faced with an infection. You've been so generous with all you've given here. Will always appreciate that. Do take care and if you can, let us hear again sometime how you are doing.
Pleased to read your amazing update Sally, except for the near dislocation. How frightening for you.
Sally, so glad to hear you're young so well. Sorry about your partial dislocation but glad its ok. I really agree about walking being the best thing for recovery.
Gill :)

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Hi Everyone

Well I actually dislocated my hip on Friday afternoon .....and yes it's true that you will know it if you do it. The pain!!!!

It was My youngest daughters swimming carnival and when we got home it was so hot so we invited our little neighbour in and I was sitting on the steps holding the hose nozzle on the tap so That the kids could clean the stuff off the top of the pool. When finished I went to stand up and my leg went ....it was the worst feeling and then I pushed myself back to stop falling forwards as my leg totally gave way and was screaming in pain for My daughter to call an ambulance. The pain was incredible. It felt like I just wanted someone to pull my leg straight and I think at one stage I tried to go onto my tummy but I just couldn't. I had to try and hold it together because my DD was the eldest at 12 and the others were 10 and 8 and I knew how scary it must have been for them.

Hubby had just left to get My eldest DD and her friend from school. My youngest handled it so well calling the ambulance while telling me to be quiet. I was in agony and biting a towel. She made sure the kids weren't in the pool and held it together till Wayne got home.

He panicked abit but then the ambulance got there and gave me an IV of morphine which finally took the edge off the pain. It was a long afternoon but they eventually put the hip backin under light anaesthetic . Very scary and I'm pretty sore today. Bruises all over my arms and ribs from the pulling I suppose to get it back in. It didn't go in easily they said. I was in my bathers the whole time and never got my swim.....lol

It's actually quite depressing and I don't know what it all means.....for the future. It's been a bit unstable since the partial dislocation a few weeks ago. Even as I ran across the road the other day with the dog I felt it move. I'm doing what I'm supposed to do so I'm not sure where I go to from here.

We were in contact with the surgeon the whole time and I'm pretty sure he said he is going to organise some scans etc next week. It just feels surreal.....I had huge plans for the weekend and it all feels a bit like wasn't I here this time last year????

Anyway. I'd live to hear from @Josephine and any others who had a dislocation. I know there was someone who had the anterior approach earlier this year but for the life of me I can't remember her name!!!

Hope you are well .....

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Oh dear Sally. I was so hoping, seeing a post from you pop up that it was a good news, life going great post. I am so very sad to hear this, I don't even know what to say. Are you back home? Are you able to walk or no?

I am always so scared of this and I walk as slow and controlled as I can but live I fear. With all you have been thru, to now have this happen is just so hard to see.

I hope to see some good update again soon. Healing hugs to you.
Oh Sally - as if you haven't been through enough! I did fear this when you subluxed it. But I should prepare you that you really do need a revision as your present device is obviously either malaligned or loose as properly, firmly placed hips just don't dislocate.
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