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@wollypog - commiserations. Rest as much as possible. Use crutches to ease the load. Ice the hurty bits (it's good practise for your recovery too). We all understand. Hoping this last patch will pass quickly and you'll soon be on the other side.
Thanks for all of the support everyone. Sorry for disappearing.

Here's an update on my surgery. I was booked for November 30, but got a call Monday that it had to be moved to December 2, because of former surgeries and built up scar tissue. I was a bit disappointed but 2 days was not not too bad.

The big day came yesterday, so I'm on now on the mend. Post surgery pain was almost nonexistent, but then the spinal block wore off last evening. I was pretty uncomfortable, but some pain meds helped.

With any luck I'm going to be up and moving in a bit. Physio is on the floor and going room by room.

So, I'm going to move over to the post-op forum.

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Welcome to the other side! I'll wait to post your recovery articles until you have your post op thread set up.
Sorry for the disappointment re delay, but so glad you're done now. Will look out for you on the other side but in the meantime don't wait to be asked about pain control. Press the buzzer. Look forward to all the details when you're ready.:friends:
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