TKR I would welcome some advice after 2nd TKR (right)

Riding a wheelchair in the airport is great! They drive you between gates in the electric carts and go out of their way to help you. All it takes is some sort of excuse to use these services.

Enjoy your trips!
Hello Scully,
I hope your trip to Korea and Japan is going smoothly for you.
Happy Three Month Anniversary and safe travels back home if you're still away!
Hey Layla!
I’m half way through the trip - the first week as Korea and Japan and today i flew from Japan to Singapore. Now I’ve got a week in Singapore and a weekend to myself to explore.
Wow Japan is stunning! I was only in Tokyo this time and I so wish I had longer and wasn’t working. Next time maybe - I’d love to go to Kyoto.
I’ve managed with just one crutch this time and no wheel chairs at all, but I’ve been using the “disabled” lanes on immigration and customs.
I saw my ortho surgeon last Tuesday, before I flew out - as I walked in he was concerned that I am “slow” because I was still on one crutch, not in a bad way at all just concerned - although happy with my ROM and said it would continue to improve (YAAS!) but he sent me for scans and x rays of my new knee, but also my left hip as he felt that my limp when he got me to walk without the crutch was indicating weakness in that area. Anyway he thinks it will improve in time - and I am 100% sure it will - and he thinks it’s down to all of the lower limb surgery over the last 5 years that has left things a little weak - and my left hip and femur are not “normal”my femur is as thin as a child’s and I have had so many Ops on my hip and pelvis.
Anyhoo, I can deal with one crutch - two was a little too challenging :heehee::heehee: especially with luggage!
I’m coping well and even managing to get on and out of the silly showers in a bath!
Thanks for reaching out! Hope everyone is doing well. Lots of love xxx
Love your positive attitude, Scully! It will take you far.
Thanks for the update. It is nice to know things are going well for you. :thumb:
Stay safe and enjoy the rest of the trip!
Hello Everyone,
Just thought I’d pop in and give a quick update on “me”.
I’m now just over 19 weeks or 4 months post op of TKR on my right knee. It was a very slow recovery initially and very painful so, having read a few of the updates today I wanted to give people who are having a hard time at the beginning of their journey some positive threads to hold onto.
This was my second knee and it was on my right stronger leg (the left has had numerous issues in hip, knee and foot and many surgeries including replacements on hip and knee and reconstruction on the foot) so I made the assumption that it would be an easier recovery than my left because it was already stronger.
It wasn’t.
It was hard and it was tough and it was emotionally draining, but I did keep positive all the way through and I am still am because that’s the one thing I could control - my reaction to everything going on to me and around me.
I’m now off both crutches - finally!
I would say that my improvements weren’t linear - it was more of a fits and starts recovery and some backwards steps as well.
I was on 2 crutches for the first 3 or so months and then I managed with 1 crutch for another 3 or so weeks and then I started managing on and off with one and none depending on how I felt and how busy I was. I did try a walking stick but it didn’t give me enough support so although I hated it I stuck with the crutch.
I had another work overseas trip at the beginning of October and I managed with one crutch.
My honest advice is not to measure yourself by what anyone else is up to in terms of their “stage” of mobility, but to do what’s right and more importantly safe for you.
I’m just back from another work overseas trip and I managed without a crutch BUT I did find my wheelie suitcase very helpful during the long walks at the airports. I leaned quite heavily on it - in fact I’ve managed to pull a screw lose on the darn thing and now the handle won’t go down!
Work has featured heavily during my recovery. I was promoted to a new role just before my surgery and that put a huge pressure on trying to get “back to normal”. That made it harder in some ways because I was back at the kitchen table working after 2.5 weeks, but took my mind off the obsessing with my knee in others.
My other advice would be even if you decide not to work or you’re retired then you need something to keep your mind active and busy or you will most definitely obsess over the silly joint. It took up way to much of my mind at times.
I still take a long acting pain relief twice a day and I’m okay about that
- so many surgeries have taken their toll I guess. I also have break through pain relief if I need it. Again I would say you should do what’s right for you - I dont think there is a right or wrong way and only you know your body. YOU know your body - you know what’s going on and you need to advocate for yourself.
I’ve still got a long way to go. I’m walking with a limp - I do have a leg length difference though (my left is shorted by 1.5”) but my knee is basically still weak and doesn’t entirely feel like mine. Lots of numbness around the joint. Bending is good but straightening is not fully there yet / not far off but not flat either.
I’ve accepted that it is a full year of recovery and I’m okay with that. Now to start building the strength up again! The physio has talked about the gym - Yeuch. But I guess it has to be done.
Love to everyone wherever you are in your journey. You’ve got this. x
@Scully2005 Great update! Yes, not comparing your recovery to any other is key. Well done on balancing work pressure with the need to recover and accepting this can be a long journey.
Scully, Thank you so much for taking the time to update and encourage others through your words.
My honest advice is not to measure yourself by what anyone else is up to in terms of their “stage” of mobility, but to do what’s right and more importantly safe for you.

Congrats on your promotion and please continue to share your healing journey with us as often as time allows.
All the best to you!

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