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THR I was doing so well

@Frances101 Did you buy new shoes after your THR? Wearing shoes with an old wearing pattern can cause all sorts of aches and pains. We always recommend only wearing new shoes post op.
No actually it was the new pair that caused the pain. The old pair of trainers stopped the pain
Hi @Frances101 handy this tagging thing ! It is quite pricey going private could buy a decent car for the price of 2 hips I went down the private route originally as I run my own business and getting the timings with the surgery right meant that if it went to plan I would be out of work for our quietest period and have locum cover so it would balance out against loss of revenue however having to cancel first op due to a cold has made that plan not as effective. My daughter was treated at ROH about 18 years ago for spondyolethesis they were brilliant and I have heard very good reports about Mr Treacy problem is I have already paid for my first hip but may be able to get a refund think I might review plans will have a think over Christmas. Glad you are getting on better now sure you will be very happy with results. All the best.
Hi mcopt,

Just saw your post here. I’m in US so I’m only sort of knowledgeable about care in the UK. Wow! That’s incedible that Frances101 got her SuperPath done free! Wow. I can sure understand why you might reconsider ROH. Do you think they would accept you? How long is a waiting list for a Dr who is highly rated? I can see it would be a frustration to wait. I had to wait 3 months to see him and then another 3 months before the surgery. He’s the best and in high demand. I’m doing well with the anterior so far. Franeces101 is having an amazing recovery!
@lucinda007 I only had to wait for the first appt. That was 6 weeks. At that appt the surgeon told me the date of surgery would be when he came back from his holidays! He is a top surgeon and I got his whole team on my side for the THR for free. This is why so many other countries are so envious of our healthcare. It is top notch. I wasn't up to date with my insurance, it didn't matter if I worked for anyone special, it didn't matter if I owned or rented my home, it didn't matter if I was unemployed - it was free.
He is the best in the uk, according to his fellow surgeons, one of whom I'd met and who told me to hold out for him. I don't regret the 6 week wait, then the further 8 weeks to the surgery. I'm just so glad I live in Britain :egypdance:
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@mcopt I also work for myself. I wanted this done and dusted before Christmas trade took up my time and I managed that - just!
To get an appointment at a particular hospital in the UK, all you have to do is persuade your GP to refer you and arrange some travel/accommodation for when you're not in the ward itself. I also had to find out when my surgeon had his clinic, so i could get an appointment with him specifically as the appointment system is random.
"oh, I'm sorry, but I can only come on a Wednesday morning!" That little nugget got me on Mr Treacy's list. :)
@Frances101 - I had my 2nd SuperPath a little over 3 weeks ago. On the first hip, I occasionally will have a little twinge in the incision area (just scar tissue to massage) or muscle pain in thigh but, for the most part, don't feel it or think about it.

It never hurts to check it out if pain gets worse or doesn't go away, but I usually put my minor twinges that go away with movement or aa little time to the same sorts of muscle aches and pains everyone has - whether or not they've had a THR. We just have the THR on the brain and are concerned with anything that could be related. If going back to your old shoes solved the issue, it may just be that the new shoes put your feet as a slightly different angle and you just needed to adjust.

Hope all continues to go well for you!
@SaraK I rather think you're right about the foot angle. I shall try the shoes again in a week or two to see if it's any different. It's still only 10 weeks since my THR, so I shall forgive my leg for giving me a fright!
How is your new hip behaving?
@Frances101 - About 3-1/2 weeks now and the hip feels good. I haven't used the cane much in the 10 days and very little limp. Still some range of motion issues (it takes some contortion to get socks and shoes on) but that will come with time. Starting to get closer to my pre-surgery exercise regimen (which only started after the first THR) but it will take another month or two to get to that point. I'm just enjoying being pain free!
I think the sock put-device and long shoe horn were my last devices to go. It got me used to using leg straight, then it started bending up (if that makes sense) then one day it magically seemed like I could go back to normal.
@SaraK Do you know if you have a cemented or uncemented joint?
I just wonder if there is a difference in the healing process
I couldn't say whether different recovery times for the two types. Mine are uncemented with 1 screw in acetabular cup. I read the op notes (yeah, I'm weird that way) - love how they talk about the implant being "impacted" - surgeon speech for "I hammered the device to within an inch of its life."
I think I needed to ask more questions. I won't see anyone now 'til next October unless something goes wrong. I shall make a list!
@SaraK Do you know if you have a cemented or uncemented joint?
I just wonder if there is a difference in the healing process
No, there isn't a difference.

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You will be shopping for new shoes soon, it just takes time.
A good pair of soft trainers are great

Good luck.
I ran today. After dancing my socks off to rock music for a couple of hours on New Year's Eve, I got on the treadmill to see what I could do. Only slow speed, but I ran . I don't ache or have any pain anywhere.

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