I haven't slept for 8 years.

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Hi @2 for Jeff - Good luck tomorrow, it'll be fine. And don't worry about us, lol...just post when you come home. I'll be thinking of you! You're in really good hands at HSS. Definitely bring your iPhone or iPad and charger with you. Let your wife hold while you're in surgery and then she'll give it to you when you get in your room!! You'll need it. this way, you won't be charged for hospital phone usage. They have outlets by the bed, so no worry about charging!! Remember to leave early, don't want to be stuck in traffic on the big day!! Best Wishes!!
Hi @2 for Jeff - I have a question...where and how much was it to rent the ice therapy machine. If you don't mind me asking. Thanks
@2 for Jeff


Keep it on continuous most definitely. Don't forget you will probably need to change out those frozen bottles for fresh ones as they last about six hrs or so! I ate a ton of food the night before surgery as I knew I would wake up starving. Yes you can take an IPad but you will need the extra long charger cord in rider to plug it in the wall. They will not let you take a power cord......

I am so excited for you, I wish you a safe journey my friend as you are good enough, strong enough and tough enough....You deserve to live your life again!!!


Can't let tonight go by without wishing you good luck tomorrow. Tomorrow's the beginning of the rest of your life -- how's THAT sound -- original though it is not.

Ok, don't feel pressure to let us know your progress until you're at home, but must admit I'd love to hear from you while youre still drugged!! LOL. I know all will go well... and happy you're at peace with it. Don't forget the benefit of prunes. Take care. Break a leg... hahaha!!
@toohip Hi toohip,
Yes I will leave early, remember my meltdown on the George Washinton Bridge on my way to the pre-op class.
Yes I'm nervous but There's no going back now.
I can't wait to graduate and join the rest of the class of 2014, and all those before me.
I never rented the cold therapy system. The price was decent but you have to buy the universal pad.
After doing the math my wife said just buy it, you have 2 hips to do plus the whole family can use it if we ever need it. Anyway there's a company in South Carolina called Source Orthopedic Solutions. The website is www. Sourceortho.net
The one I purchased is called the Arctic Ice Therapy System w/ universal pad. Enter that in the websites search field.
Only $125.00
I paid $138.00 with shipping
Utt! Ohh! Let me run, I'll be back in a bit. My wife wants me to scrub some red stuff on my right hip after I shower.
I'll be back

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Oh! No! I forgot about the enema :o(
Just when I thought nothing could break my spirits.
Just kidding, I'm ok.
I never mentioned before Wifey is a nurse.
I'll talk to you all later. You know me, I'm awake anyway.
I haven't slept in 8 years :o)

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@shrinkette I forgot those prunes. Thanks for reminding me.
Lately in the wee hours of night I just sit in the recliner in the dark. I don't know, some would call it meditation but I just call it sitting in the dark. It is peaceful when I do this.
I can't believe it's November 21st.
Well everything is packed and it's just time I'm waiting on now.
And you know what? Yes, maybe, it's possible. That's what I told Chloe as I gave her a kiss goodnight and answered her question "Daddy maybe now after tomorrow, one day can we go to Disney World" I told her Daddy will have brand new legs and we will be able to do lots of things.
I just have to be brave and get through this.
Before I lay down and try to get some sleep I want to thank all of you for getting me here. I truly don't know how anyone can manage the amount of stress and anxiety without having someone to lean on that made the journey them selfs.
Who ever it was that came up with this website is doing a heavenly service.
As I close my eyes now, I can't stop thinking about the tv series Vikings.
There's a scene when a little boy of the age of 12 or 13 wants to go with his father to raid and pillage other lands. He tells his father " Come on father, let me come with you, I'm a man" and his father laughed and said what do you know about being a man ? What does a man do ?
And the little boy said "A man fights, and protects his family".
That's what I feel I have to do in a few hours.
Fight and protect my family

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What beautiful and thoughtful words. It brought a tear or two to my eyes reading them. You are a beautiful person and so deserving of this wonderful life that lies ahead of you. Go into tomorrow with a big smile....you've earned those new hips! God bless you.
@2 for Jeff


Absolutely love that show Vikings! In the olden days of 16th century, we had lots of Vikings in Newfoundland Canada near where I was born... You know that episode called "broken wings" could be the title yet it was the one where Ragner kills the rival clan leader by slow sacrifice to rip out his heart through his shoulders! I couldn't believe anyone could be that strong and not bend through the worst of pain. He didn't show any fear as he wanted to get to Valhalla and honour his families name.

You my friend are that guy but you just haven't realized it yet. You will reach your Valhalla when you have two new hips and are living pain free .

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Jeff, I'll keep you in my prayers tonight and tomorrow. I look forward to seeing your first post from the other side of this surgery. I know you'll do brilliantly.

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I'm here at the hospital. I'm gona miss you all even though for just a little while. I will pretend you guys are all behind me talking to the doctors and nurses.
Talk to you soon.
Good enough, Strong enough, Tough enough

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What beautiful and thoughtful words. It brought a tear or two to my eyes reading them. You are a beautiful person and so deserving of this wonderful life that lies ahead of you. Go into tomorrow with a big smile....you've earned those new hips! God bless you.

I concur!
@2 for Jeff ,
Wishing you good luck Friday and I can't wait to see your post-op thread when you are on the other side!
All... I apologize for jumping in on this thread with nothing to contribute.
Mr. Silvers... I just watched your recovery vid and the similarities between us were shocking. I am due for surgery in a little over a week. I am only a year younger than you. Might I trouble you for an email? I've got tons of questions.
I looked all over the site to find a better way to contact you, but obviously missed it, hence my message here.
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Hi @rob3dr ,
Have you thought about making a pre-op thread and I can answer your questions there so that others may benefit from our discussion? I can contact you directly but I would hate to think that there maybe concerns or questions of yours that others have that are in similar situations such as yourself. I'll send you a follow up email too.
I had not...but you are right. Perhaps my post will benefit someone else as your experience has for me. Will post tonight with my situation/concerns/questions. Thanks
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