Knee Infection* I have been told I have an infection

I have thought of that poster often during this recovery, but especially on those days when the antibiotics and something I have eaten decide to give my tummy fits. Or when the yogurt isn't 'quite' doing its job. On those days I really do feel like I am hanging on by my fingernails!
Okay, so I know this isn't related to my knee, but it is a health update. After 4 phone calls today to my oncologist's office - my insurance denied a PET scan, so I have a CT scan scheduled for Thursday and will see the doctor for results on 11/27. I have 2 bottles of 'yummy' berry-flavored barium to drink on Thursday. Oh, goody.
On the knee front, we are continuing to walk, we are up to 0.8 mile every night. The time switch has made it harder to walk, so we need to work a new, better time of day out.
Why won’t the insurance cover the test your Dr ordered?
Insurance sucks. Unbelievable that they are telling your oncologist how to doctor. .I'm sorry.

I would say to appeal their decision but that would take far too long.
I think it was denied because the dr. ordered the scan based only on a blood test. I'll have the CT scan and go from there. But I DO plan to write this down in my knee journal, so I can remember the details later if I need to. Keeping a journal was something I did when I had cancer in 2009, and I started one in January. I would suggest anyone who is having a serious medical issue do this. It is a great way to help keep track of lots of information. I wish I had done it for the original two knees.
I'm like you...I wish I had kept a journal since my first problems with my knees. All the consultations, what the doctors surgeries, therapies and somewhat recoveries. I'll be we could write a book. I've thought about it. What helped what hurt. You know. The things that we learn here on Bonesmart.
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