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started out by taking a 7-block walk
Oh my goodness!!!! I'm 10 weeks out and wouldn't do a 7 block walk today!!! I know it would be just too much. I still have stiffness after I exercise...and before too!! I walk into PT and feel like I'm walking at a pretty normal gate now. Then I get on the exercise bike for 10 minutes. At first I can only peddle back and forth a bit. Then my knees get a little more limber and I am able to pedal forwards...but slowly. Then I get off the bike...and walk pretty funny with stiff legs. My knees don't seem to look swollen either...I just have stiffness...and it's worse after exercising or just standing up. Jenn...I have to say I'm a bit jealous!! I am 10 weeks out and even though I haven't had my ROM checked in awhile...I know that I'm not much past 90 degrees. My knees seem to be getting better week by week...I have much more stamina...can walk at a pretty normal gait...have less stiffness...but I seem to be hitting a wall with the ROM. It's just not increasing for me by leaps and bounds. My surgeon told my husband when they ran into each other at the hospital a few weeks ago that since I was at 90 degrees at 6 weeks...he's not concerned...and my ROM will come eventually. I see my surgeon in two more weeks...the 12 week mark...and it will be interesting to see what he says then.
Hello all! I am now 13 weeks out and just got back from an appt. with my OS. He said I'm doing FANTASTIC! My ROM is only 98 in my left knee...95 in my right. But he said that's fine because I'm making progress weekly. I can certainly tell each week that I can do more and more. I went on Tuesday out to the college my son will be attending for his orientation. I was able to drive for an hour...take a tour of the campus going up and down several sets of stairs...spend most of the day there at the college...then I drove the hour drive home. I was more mentally tired than physically tired...and my knees did great. My OS says he has no doubts that I will finally hit 130 ROM someday. But he said my progress is slow because my knees were probably the worst knees he's ever seen. That made me feel an odd sort of way...because there's a reason for my slow progress. :heehee: My OS and PT both told me I'm to work on getting function back...and the numbers for ROM will follow.
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Pam, to have such an understanding and intelligent OS when it comes to recovery and ROM. When we've gone such long periods of time without good function and terrible knees, no one should expect us to be back to "normal" right away just because we had corrective surgery. And healing and recovery are unique to each individual. So as long as we are progressing, even if only by inches, we will get there. It's just so refreshing to know that you have an OS who "gets" it.

Take care and keep us posted. We care. love my new knees.jpg
Hello All! I am now at 14 weeks post-op and doing well. I've started to notice something in the last week that I had to tell you about. Ever since my BTKR my knees have been the center of my it or not. There hasn't been a single thing I do since my surgery that I haven't been reminded that I had my knees replaced. Sitting, standing, knees have been making their presence known. Finally, this week, I can be doing this or that...and I forget for a little while that I even had surgery!!! :egypdance: That's how great my knees are feeling!! :happydance:I'll be scrapbooking for an hour....or making dinner...or at the grocery store...or be out to dinner...and I'll realize that I haven't thought about my knees in a while!! WOW...didn't see that coming...and it's so nice!!! :yay:
Also, it's nice to only be going to PT twice a week now. It seems like the less formal PT I do...and just live my life and do all the things that a mom of three has to do...that seems to be plenty of PT...and I'm gaining ROM. Between the Memorial Day weekend and other obligations, I wasn't able to go to PT for a week. I still did my stretches at home...but nothing like I would do at PT. Well, when it came time to walk into PT on Wednesday I had no pain and hardly any stiffness. I was running late and came walking through the gym area at a brisk pace...and all of a sudden I realized whoa....I can sure walk fast! And my knees were the most bendy ever! Of course, after PT...and for the next day...I've been stiff and a bit sore....and there went that extra ROM I had before PT. Oh well, I've got to run...ok...walk...and go get ready for the day. Have a good weekend!! :flwrysmile:
Wow, so happy to read your post about "forgetting about the knees" for a while. You hit the nail on the head big time.... Ever since December when I got the news that I was to have both knees done, they too have been the center of my universe and more so after my operation which was March 11th. Your post was so encouraging....

Hello Jenn! You are not too far behind me with your BTKR. I hope that any day you begin to experience life instead of your knees 24/7. We went out to dinner last night...and I didn't think about my knees on the drive there...because they weren't bugging me. You know how it is..usually I have them bent...but then I have to straighten them because they are getting achy...then I need to bend them again...I always feel so antsy! Then we ate thoughts of my knees...then had to stand up...that's when my knees reminded me they are still there with the usual stiffness before I start to walk. For the first time last night I walked my dogs with my husband all the way to a nearby forest and back...about 1/2 mile roundtrip! Knees were a little sore by the time we got back...and my quads felt a bit sore and stiff this morning...but so nice to walk that walk I did...because I was unable to walk that far for at least 6 months before my surgery. You take care!! :SUNsmile:
Pam, I live in Pittsburgh, PA and could not help but notice you are in the PA area. I had my knees done at Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh, and I live and work in Pittsburgh! I am the same way, I get antsy, up and down and then I sit for awhile and then I have to get up and walk around. I am almost done here at work and am running out the door and getting home and elevating and putting heat on my back, it is a little sore.... Knees are a little bit achey, but not too bad. Where did you have your BTKR?
Jenn...I had my surgery done by Dr. Raymond Wolfe (an OS god as far as I'm concerned!!) at St. Francis Hospital in Wilmington, DE. They were so wonderful. They have a joint unit...I got my own room...the entire staff was fantastic. We happen to live just above the PA/DE line. There are other bigger hospitals were Dr. Wolfe could have done my surgery...but wanted more personalized service..especially my own room!
Hello All! Well, here I am about 3 1/2 months out from BTKR. I'm not sure how many weeks I'm out...I've lost count! And, I've been so busy lately that I haven't had a chance to post here on the forum. My son graduated from high school...had a graduation party for him...had family visiting for 10 days...and went to a wedding in New Hampshire and made a mini-5 day vacation out of our trip. Oh...and my knees?? Well, they were along for the ride and doing just fine! I'm still amazed at how I'm doing. I never expected to be able to walk and function and do so much without bone on bone pain in my knees. What a difference!!! I would say my knees are now at the stage where I was at 8 to 10 years ago when my knees were just starting to let me know they were going bad. I have some stiffness when I first stand up from sitting but am able to walk it out. And when I've been crazy busy during the day my knees might be sore when I first stand up and take a few steps...but that soreness goes away too after a few steps. I'm still going to PT twice a week and really enjoying it. I'm at a comfortable 100 degrees now. Slow but steady progress. I take 400 mg of Motrin with breakfast because my knees are a bit stiff and sore first thing in the morning...but forget to take anything else the rest of the day. I'm sleeping so much better. I sleep on my back still and have really gotten used to it. I'll wake up and turn on my right side and sleep for a bit with a pillow between my knees...then wake up and roll back over onto my back. But I feel like I'm basically sleeping through most of the night. The handles on the side of the toilet are gone...I can sit and stand from the potty on my own! I have found that public toilets are pretty low, and I still use the handicap stall to make things easier. The only thing I still can't do is walk down steps step over step...but have to take a step at a time. But the steps at my house are a bit high...because at PT I can walk down the steps from the second floor of their medical office building...a bit slow...but otherwise like everyone else. Yes, I can still overdo it with my knees...but boy can I do a lot to reach that point! And if I overdo it...well a little rest and ice make my knees happy again!
Hello! I'm now 6 months post-op and the knees are doing great! I'm quite a bit just like I was doing at 3 1/2 months above...except my ROM is even better. I graduated from PT at about 4 months with 110 ROM in both knees. When I saw my OS for a follow-up appointment a few days later, he was perfectly happy with my 110 ROM. He told me he felt confident that I'd have 125 to 130 ROM by one year post-op. Now at 6 months I'd guess I have about 120 ROM. The only thing I do a bit slow still is walk down stairs. I can go one step after another, but I just go slowly because I'm so afraid of falling. But if I side-step down one step and bring the other foot down to the same step...I can go really fast down the stairs (holding on to the railing, of course!) I still take 400 mg of Motrin in the morning with breakfast. I tried to quit taking it, but I found that the arthritis in other joints wasn't happy. My knees are still a bit stiff/sore when I first begin to walk after sitting or laying down. But then the stiffness stops and my knees feel fine. I can still overdo it and my knees won't be happy by the end of the day. But nothing that a little rest, elevation and ice can't help. It's funny...I find that most people I know have stopped asking how my knees are doing...because I move around for the most part normally. I was able to travel at 5 months along out to California for my nephew's wedding...and was able to mingle and dance and be like the other guests. Sometimes I think my knees are recovering too slowly. But then I ask myself...."has it been a year yet?" No, I'm only half way through my recovery. I can't imagine how great my knees are going to feel at a year!! :happydance:
So happy you are doing great. I am at 7 months and am so thankful I did this. I don't know if I will ever need the other knee done but reading your post makes me realize I could do it if I need to. Do you ever have moments where you don't think knee,knee... I am at that point finally. Enjoy the day!
Do you ever have moments where you don't think knee,knee... I am at that point finally.
Hi there! YES I DO!! All the time! For example...I go to the grocery all kinds of shopping...check out...get to the car and load the groceries (about an hour has gone by)...and then I go to get in the car and the car next to me is parked a little close so I can't open my door very wide. So it takes a few extra seconds to get in the car because I have to work at bending my knees a bit more to squeeze into the car. That's one of those "knee knee" moments. But during my shopping I had not thought of my knees for the last hour. NICE!! :egypdance: Glad you are doing well too, Midwestmom!
What a wonderful report---it is what everyone dreams of--a life where you don't think about your knees!!!
Your posts are very encouraging. I'm at 8 weeks and it seems like it will take forever but I see from your experience that it won't. Thank you!
Its good to hear your good reports Pam. I am right behind you. I haven't had a day yet where I am not aware of my knees. I am at 11 weeks today and am so glad I did the surgery.

Hello Everyone! one year anniversary came and went on February 28...and I forgot to even post something about my knees! Ooops!! I guess it's because I'm doing amazingly well!! I can stand for literally hours....walk miles....still in shock that I can do those things once again. My knees are still stiff when I go to stand up and walk...but it just takes a few steps and they are ready to go. When I saw my OS at my one year appointment he said that stiffness will eventually go away. He says I still hold the distinction of having some of the worst knees he's ever seen, so it's going to take me longer to fully recover. And here I thought I was fully recovered! :heehee: I started going to the gym about 8 months out from my surgery because I don't have an elliptical machine and I heard it's a good one to use with my knees. It's funny, when I first started using the elliptical at the gym I could only go on the easiest setting for about 30 seconds, then would stop and rest for 30 seconds, then start back up again for 30 seconds...all for 5 minutes total! Even with walking and feeling pretty strong with my knees, they weren't as strong as I thought. Well, it didn't take long, and I was able to build up using the elliptical machine...and I LOVE it! It's such a great smooth exercise for my knees. I'm up to 40 minutes at a time (30 minutes forward motion, 10 minutes backwards motion) on the elliptical and I break into a good sweat and get my heart going. It's great cardio exercise! And, our area has now had the 2nd snowiest winter since they started keeping records...and I can't begin to tell you how many times I have been out shoveling my very long driveway. But I love it! I like the snow and being outside, and I love it when people say..."You can shovel snow after having your knees replaced?!?" Well, of course!! It's amazing how many people I've talked to about having their knees replaced in this last year. Like my doctor and his nurses say...I'm the walking poster child for successful BTKR!! I always tell people who are facing surgery or are struggling afterwards to check out Bonesmart!! And I tell them the most important things I learned from my early days experience was REST, ELEVATION, ICE, AND PAIN MEDS. And...DON'T LET YOUR PT HURT YOU. It's amazing how many people have issues after surgery, and it's because they are totally overdoing it. I'm so thankful for Bonesmart and everyone's wonderful advice. God bless!!! :flwrysmile:
Congratulations!!!! Amazing what a difference a year can make!!!
Thanks for the inspirational story, @Pamx2 ! Since im approaching my btkr date, I find reading success stories very helpful.
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