THR I am worried, very worried

Good to hear! Isn't it funny we have up and down days/hours.
I felt great the last 2 days and today I feel like I have a bone (knot) protruding out of my incision. Think it's suture/tissue reaction. I almost had myself thinking it was the stem coming out my leg, I can walk so doubtful its that :sos:. I do believe just a few days ago I was telling you not to worry :swoon:lol
I am accepting that this will be a long while. I am just a little depressed. Not being able to do much is getting to me and I am just in the beginning stages.
:heehee: Sounds like me. Hates sitting around and not doing anything. It gets boring and those days seem long except one day you suddenly realize the time flew by. I didn’t notice a lot of progress then the next day I would leap. That’s how my healing goes. Stays the same stays the Same then leap and repeat.
Just an update. Yesterday was the 3rd week day. Still using cane. I still have pain, especially when I put weight on leg when walking. It has gotten better. Let's see how it changes in a few days.
If all else fails, please consider stepping away from PT if you’re still engaging in regular sessions. It may be the answer for the pain you mention, but you won’t know until you try it, unless you already have? Good to hear you’ve found some relief. Thanks for updating and stay in touch.
Has anyone here have a psoas problem after hip replacement?
I have no pain except for groin and buttocks. I did have this same pain pre op. I wonder if I also have a muscle problem.
@Dduck1968 Hope you're having a laid back Sunday. You're coming up on a month from surgery but that is still very early on and considering how much manipulation they do during surgery we're going to have muscle and soft tissue pain.

I believe we've had some here who have had a psoas release but they were a good year or so into their recovery. There are a couple of items in the hip library that talk about psoas and illiopsoas. You can read these for information but really think you're much too early on to be having either issue yet. Just my opinion but left you the links for your info.

Elf1 thank you for your response. I am going to give it time before I look into it. I will see my surgeon 3 weeks from now. If it is not better I will tell him if he could investigate.
Dduck 1968 Since I am having almost the same problem I wonder if it is due to muscles being weak. I have low back pain now that I didn't have before surgery. Feels like all my upper weight is pushing down into that hip. Slight improvement today. We are pretty close to the same surgery time too. Mine did feel better with ice so maybe muscular or it was just so frozen I can't feel it :)
Dduck, in the last 2.5-3 yrs I've had both hips(posterior) replaced and both ankles replaced after 40 yrs of basketball. First hip was prob 6-8 weeks of discomfort with walker for 2 weeks, then crutch for 2 and finally a cane.

2nd hip, I was walking with no assistance or limp by day 8. Some soreness sure but no cane etc..So ur going to hear a 100 diff scenarios on here.

I will tell you the best rehab for me was the pool. In the beginning neck deep and doing high steps as best u can and walking with the longest stride u can both forward and backwards. Also swung the leg like a pendulum back and forth as well as side lifts outwards with straight leg. U need to start getting those muscles stretched out before u begin strengthening them. So if u take some time off from rehab find a pool for those days and try it out. GL
I wonder if I also have a muscle problem.
I am starting to walk a few feet without cane. My hypothesis is when our hip was bad it was causing these muscles to ache and that was part of what we thought was bone pain. I am hoping you are starting to see glimpses of improvement too!
A belated Happy One Month Anniversary!
I hope you have a nice weekend!

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