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I had PT come to the house yesterday. Just a few basic exercises so far. Nothing to get crazy about. No problem doing anything so far. I can actually do more then they ask. How long are they going to keep you in hospital @danelady. Are you happier there or are you anxious to get home???? You are having therapy in hospital, right?…how is you pain???
I had PT come to the house yesterday. Just a few basic exercises so far. Nothing to get crazy about. No problem doing anything so far. I can actually do more then they ask. How long are they going to keep you in hospital @danelady. Are you happier there or are you anxious to get home???? You are having therapy in hospital, right?…how is you pain???
@Tesjohn. Thanks!! Waiting, as we speak, to hear if they will turn me loose! By the end of the day I feel some pain, but nothing like after surgery!
I am not going to do more than walk to bathroom or kitchen and back again. My neighbors, who have become good friends, made themselves my caretakers although I don't think L need them that much. Next dr visit is on the first and I feel very confident!
Looking good @danelady ! So pleased to see a photo of you standing there all steady and a thumbs up, no less.

glad to read that you will stay slow and steady with this revision. Time to give your body some R&R.
Good to hear you so positive @danelady. It sounds like you are doing well. My follow up appointment is the 31….. you are so right…do not push. Walking around now is the important thing, I think. It’s good to have someone close even if you don’t need them….peace of mind is definitely worth it. You never know. I don’t have much pain either, happy to say. Would be nice to have a simple comfortable recuperation. I am amazed at how well I am doing right now. I am on the cane, I don’t need the walker, already…:happydance::egypdance::yahoo:
The first couple of weeks are exhausting, as you well know. It sounds like you are keeping ahead of the pain, which is good!

I think having confidence in our surgeons and keeping a general positive attitude towards our recoverly is helpful in our healing process.

Try to enjoy your down time. I actually enjoyed mine!
I can truly say that this has been the absolute worst year of my life. The pain started the end of last September and never let up, ever. I thought I kept it hid pretty well, but I learned last night how obvious it was to other people. I was resigned to the fact that my freedom was cut short and I would need some sort of mobility assistance for the rest of my life. The failed revision in January, along with so many unanswered questions, made me want to wander off into the desert and not come back out...I mean, it happens all the time here.

But that was not to be the end. Well, yes it did become the end.....the END OF PAIN!!
THE SURGERY WAS A SUCCESS! I had my first follow up with my surgeon yesterday and when he walked into the examination room after first looking at my x-rays I closed my eyes and said please tell me something good.
He told me it was all PERFECT! I was following his directions to a T and nothing and no one would come near me if they didn't know what they were doing.
This Monday it will be 3 weeks since they attached the new tri-flange acetabulum built just for me and I have already started walking!

Now I haven't been able to walk in a year, slumping farther and farther over the walker and putting all of my weight on my right (good) side. The other day I was lifting myself up from a sitting position and instead of stopping at my usual stooped over position I continued on until I could stand up straight! Last night friends told me they watched me walking with the walker and realized BOTH my legs were working! They said my demeanor had changed and I seemed so much more relaxed! Its a wonderful gift to get your mobility back, to get my LIFE back. I have no pain at all in the hip, but it will take a lot of work to build myself back up to where I was and will probably take at least a year.

Thanking you for so many kind words and wishing a speedy recovery to all of you!

ps. those narcotics made me just a little to goofy so I stopped taking them, didn't really need them much anyway. The ibuprofen works better for me anyway.
Ever so happy for you @danelady
Yes, it will take some time to get built back up ...but just a snapshot in time that you will look back on with gratitude as the beginning of the return to your life!
Good for you for not giving up!
Aww, I'm so happy for you, danelady. I love the words that pour from a grateful heart. Thankfully you're doing great and I hope it only gets better from here on out. Keep us posted, so we can follow your wonderful progress.
Have a lovely holiday weekend!
@danelady I'm so happy to see your update! I've been kind of out of the loop and am just now catching up on everybody. Your post made my day! :happydance:
I was so happy to see your update. I also noticed that funny post has been removed! You should have kept it for remembrance’ sake!
@danelady I've been away from the forum for a month and "ran" over to your page to check in on you. Now I am happy, so happy for you!!

Your update was over a week ago, are you still feeling pretty darn good?
@danelady .... I'm just catching up with you and was thrilled to find that you've come through this surgery with flying colors! Whooo hoo!!!! Good for you for following your surgeon's instructions completely. You go,'re on a roll!
Happy One Month Anniversary!
I hope each week is better than the last. Cheers to you! :cheers:
I had a little OOPS and I'll tell yas all about it but first I want to thank you all for the encouraging words!!!
@Jamie Thank you so much! Hoping you are coming along as well, I'll be over to check on you in a sec! But first....

I am really doing well, but unfortunately I had my first dislocation this past week. My neighbors asked if I wanted to go out to dinner, not very far at all...just down the hill. My friends put out the steps for me and surrounded me as I stepped up and into the back seat of the pickup. I had it all to myself so I could stretch out and not bend my hip at the waist too much. Getting out is easy, I just gently side down. After dinner I got back in the truck to go home but on the was home my hip suddenly felt...weird. No pain at all, just a kind of grinding sensation if I tried to move. When I exited the truck my good leg reached the ground just fine, then my second foot touched the ground but I continued going forward towards and I didn't understand what was happening. We tried and tried to get me back in the truck to get me to the hospital but I just couldn't do it.

My head exploded with the thought that this surgery also failed, I sobbed right there (and I don't cry in front of people, lol). My friends called an ambulance rather than risk causing me anymore damage. Shortly after a bunch of really cute guys showed up and took over! Ok, that made things a little better, lol. I think I woke the street up with my howling as they moved me onto the stretcher for the 25 mile ride to the hospital.

Morphine help me survive the initial x-rays and I was ecstatic to find out it was only a dislocation and the new parts held their place. I guess it was a boring night because almost everyone in the ER either joined us in the room or gathered round the doorway! I got some sort of mild sedation and the next thing I knew they told me I was all back together again!
I'm kind of sore but I am getting around about the same way as before the dislocation. I think what might have happened is that even though I was riding in a new was still a pickup and didn't ride as smooth as a car did, so it was probably a bump that jarred my hip out of the socket.

Thanks again for your kind words, I'm lovin' this new life where I can WALK AGAIN!

Oh, one other dr prescribed me Doxycycline but all it did was make me nauseas and dizzy. I kept up with it thinking my body would acclimate, but it didn't. I was switched to Cefadroxil 500 2xdaily. much better now.
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Hi @danelady
I'm sorry to hear you suffered the pain of a dislocation. I hope its your one and only!
You seem happy and in good spirits. Good to hear from you! Stay in touch. :)
Oh dear.. what a night out! Hopefully you avoid riding around in a truck for the near future.
What a shame but you sound pretty chipper and upbeat now...can't keep a good woman, down, right?

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