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Such sweet sentiments! As part of BoneSmart staff, I can assure you we never tire of reading messages such as yours. We appreciate you taking the time to share with all members how reassuring the forum has been for you. The camaraderie is what keeps so many of us coming back in the early part of the journey and even returning with questions or updates when we’re further along in our recovery. It is encouraging to be part of a group that truly understands through personal experience. Thanks for joining us and also for returning for a second time. That says a lot. All the best in your recovery!
This! Couldn’t say it better and it’s such a boost to be appreciated!,

@danelady I really felt the lows and sadness when catching up here after a long vacation, then kept reading onto the happy ending!,, So very happy for you and your beloved dog.
Hee hee, Peter Bill hat! Maybe a ball peen hammer hanging from your belt loop or a tire thumper?.
Great to hear about your doggy. I have a new lab puppy and it’s been more challenging than I thought it would be. He’s already 90lbs at 6 months, I must get up from the couch I work on like 50 times a day.
Whoa!! Are you sure you there isn't a bit of great dane in your 6 month old lab? Lol!

Well hello, nice to meet you! Yes, this place is just what a hippie needs when the rest of the world just won't do.

Thanks to all of you. Your kind words and support work miracles.

I'm going to be honest here.... I'm starting to get worried because I'm not improving and under no circumstances will I see my old surgeon. These past two years of living thru constant poking and prodding, 2 years of being told 'this will fix it' or 'what did you do to it?', after 2 years of constantly catching my breath over the waves of pain that wracked my body by just standing up, leaves me unable to trust any of them anymore.
My primary care says I have to get a check up in a few weeks...guess I'll go and make an appearance. Lol. I'll see how I feel by then and decide what to do. This is Val snoring in my ear, lol
Love you all. 20230927_054853.jpg
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Val is precious! The BoneSmart recovery guidelines help reassure me that I am on track when I start stressing. I heard a lot of feistiness in your post- take care of yourself and keep posting!
I'd be more upset if something happened to my pets than someone in my my case my mother... she's not worth my time but that in itself is a whole other story.

But my pets are so precious..two ragdoll cats...just like Val is to you. They just love you back.

She's a gorgeous girl!.
What a sweet girl. Boy, you can tell she loves her Momma. I hope she’s continuing to do well.

I do think it’s a good idea to see your GP, but agree about that surgeon. You’ve been through so much, I wouldn’t be surprised that it might take you longer than you expect to get the progress you want. I would still like to see you find another surgeon in one of the larger practices in Phoenix for a consultation. I can try and help with that when you’re ready.
Thank you Jamie, Val is doing great.

A while ago the thought has crossed my mind to see my original surgeon who is in the Phoenix area since that surgery went so well. Now I'm thinking the primary THR might have only gone as well as it did because my hip wasn't in bad shape to begin with. He also told me he wouldn't touch me till a year had passed after seeing Dr Quakers and it's only been 5 months. But my original surgeon also saw the real me, he saw a hard working truck driver who just wanted to keep working, not an old woman in a lot of pain and barely able to move. I feel like he would believe me instead of the pack of lies Dr Quakers wrote about me in my medical reports....that I was a terrible patient and he would no longer work with me. But who knows.
You beloved Val is a sweetheart, so happy she is recovering and doing well!!
Hang in there and hopefully Jamie will have some good suggestions for you..
Wow Jamie, thank you! My primary THR was done January 2017 by Dr Vishal Ganesh of OrthoArizona in Peoria, AZ. I was able to walk out of the hospital the very next morning, attended PT regularly and went back to work, pretty much forgetting that I even had the surgery...until around 3 years later when I started getting sharp pains in my lower back. I asked Dr Ganesh to take a look at my hip, which was doing well, so he suggested I see Dr Eric Rebich, a back surgeon who also works out of the same Peoria OrthoArizona practice as Dr Ganesh. I learned there was a cyst pressing on my sciatic nerve and in February 2020 Dr Rebich performed a fusion and decompression. By that time I was living where I am right now and 3 weeks after my back surgery I was off painkillers and was able to drive the 300 mile round trip to my first follow-up. As per dr's orders I could not bend or pick anything up heavier than a half gallon of milk and had to take 3 months off work. I followed his orders to a 'T' and returned to work the end of May 2020 and problems at all, but the trucking industry and life on the road in general had changed dramatically due to Covid, so on June 25, 2021 I walked away from a job I truly loved. I was 66 years old, strong as ever and eager to start new adventures. Then a few months later I felt a serious pain in my groin and by the end of October 2021 I was on crutches with absolutely no idea how much worse things were about to get or that I'd be spending many nights screaming in pain. I never imagined that my life, my independence, my happiness and quite possibly in the next year or so, my home, would be gone. This go round would be far different than the last 2 surgeries done under my company's healthcare. I was now signed onto Medicare Advantage however I would not be receiving the same professionalism and quality of health care from the new surgeon I finally wound up with after 2 board certified surgeons passed me down the line. The up and coming surgeon seemed more concerned with saving face than saving his patient's quality of life....even going so far as to lie in my medical records. Right now I can hobble with a cane but not too far. At home I use a walker and a wheelchair but that's still better than losing my joint in the Girdlestone procedure, which my surgeon told me is my next option.
I am so sorry you are experiencing this. I would stay far away from someone who was untruthful in comments in my medical records. Nor would I go to anyone in his practice.
@Hippie Chick
Aww thanks. The surgeon said I was non-compliant and he could no longer work with me so he would send me back to the surgeon who sent me to him.

FOR REAL? I mean it never even entered his mind that maybe he should ask me first. Of course I totally agree with you, I want nothing to do with the drs in that building.
I received a message from DaneLady and she’s back in the hospital. Hopefully she’ll be able to post soon and let us know what’s going on.

God bless you, hon….and hang in there!!!
@Jamie Thanks for your help, Jamie.

Waving from my hospital bed. Had my 9th dislocation Friday. I made sure they all knew I did not want my previous surgeon touching me. Had Surgery on Saturday and my femoral part was removed. In 4 hours they'll take me down and remove that custom acetabulum and the rest of the hardware left in there, it's infected. Thursday they'll go back in and put a spacer in. Looks like antibiotics the rest of my life.
It is what it is.
Oh my….I’m so sorry about infection in that fancy component that was used. Be sure you have an infectious specialist on your case. If you don’t, ask for one to be consulted. It’s important….and especially for you with all the problems you’ve had. I am glad to hear that your previous surgeon has had no involvement in your case this time. What is your new surgeon’s name? I’d like to do a little checking on him.
Yes, the infectious specialist has been popping in regularly.

My surgeon now is Dr Jordan Smith. He's the surgeon who passed me off to the one who did all my previous surgeries. What can I say...I needed a surgeon and he came. But I gotta tell ya, the man exudes confidence. He hardly spoke to me at all before but now he is being open with me, I don't have to pump him for information, he knows what I've been thru and he says he wants to get me past this mess. We don't talk about the past, he tells me what he has in store for my hip and I trust him. I try to keep a stiff upper lip and crack jokes all the time so at least I have a good rapport with the regulars here in the hospital.

Even though it's still a few hours away I got wiped down for surgery. Will check in when I get my post-op cup o' joe.

Bahaha! I wrote 5his a few hours ago....forgot to hit post.
Pretty soon now...

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