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Hi danelady!
It is always nice to read an update of yours, especially to learn you're doing well. We do worry about you given your history. I am wondering, is the bump something you're concerned about? I am going to think positive and believe you're fully on the road to recovery, still taking necessary precautions, but...if you did suffer another dislocation, do you have another surgeon waiting in the wings? I understand your feelings about your current surgeon and I agree, but I hope you have your eye on another possibility, just in case it becomes necessary.
A wonderful week to you!
Hi, @danelady… good to hear from you again. Leave it to you to get something rare like a puckered eyeball. That was a new one on me, so I had to do some reading about it. It sounds like a condition that many times can be dealt with without having any surgery, so I hope that’s the case for you. Back in April I had the surgery (vitrectomy) that is used to correct the pucker. I had it for a detached retina, which is more dangerous than what you are experiencing. But I can attest that, done by a good surgeon, it works wonders. So, if down the road you need this surgery, let me know because I can provide some guidance for you.

I’m so happy to hear that you’ve not suffered another dislocation. That is quite a bump on your hip, though. Is it painful at all? Does your hip have good range of motion? Is this bump something new? Did it pop up suddenly? You might at some point want it checked out just to ease your mind that all is okay with this implant. That can be done with an x-ray your GP can do for you, if you have a good GP.

I’m glad you got out for a fun errand, but as you found out, you still have a ways to go to get back to normal. Your poor hip has been through so much trauma in such a short time, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear it’s at least a year more of gradual improvements before things seem more normal to you. Hang in there. The fact that you’ve made this milestone is absolutely fantastic.

Hope you keep posting. I love hearing from you!!
Hi! I’m not often on here, but I’m so glad you are doing this well. The pictures are stellar! Seriously, do you do dogs too? My spouse has retinal issues and the key here is to get the very very best specialist around… yes, how well you know!
Just a quick stop to say hi and give ya's an update. Me? I'm just fine now. I did get the flu and was sick for a week, though. I rarely got sick and NEVER had a flu shot before but I better start after everything my body's been thru. My neighbor's son came over to help me with my dog one day. He had just had a cold but his mom and I assumed he wasn't contagious know what they say about assuming, right? Baha....the dear boy left sick, aching bodies in his wake where ever he went.....his mom and myself included. But that's not the worst that's happened.

My beautiful, beloved dog is deathly ill with pyometra. I got her weeks before my acetabulum broke thru my pelvis and really thought we'd have a great life together. My neighbors tried to get her spayed for me but couldn't get in before their work schedules changed, however I was able to keep her UTD with her shots and got her chipped as well. I made so many calls to find help but to no avail. I wasn't even thinking what could happen to her healthwise I just didn't want to bring another litter of pups into the world. I'm sure Covid had a lot to do with not getting any help.

Last week I brought her to the emergency vet and was given a $9000 estimate to treat her or she would die. They suggested taking her to a 'regular' vet which would be cheaper and when I showed them the $9000 treatment plan for her pyometra was told that the estimate was not a test result and didn't prove anything. They told me it's obvious I can't care for my own dog (probably because of my limp, the cane and not strong enough to control her yet) so I should relinquish ownership because someone was willing to adopt her immediately and treat her. My head started spinning and hasn't stopped.

I have a 3pm appointment with a different vet this afternoon. I just hope that she survives all this. She was there for me thru the worst time of my life and I will be here for her.
Wish us luck. Xoxo
Oh my…..I’m so sorry for you and your treasured pup. I wasn’t familiar with this disease, but you are right to take immediate action. From what I read, the sooner the surgery is performed, the greater the chance of survival. I hope you find a vet who will do this for you immediately and save her life. I’ll be praying for you both.
Thank you Jamie and Hippie Chick. Yeah, this totally caught me off guard but I'll do whatever I can to save her.

I felt the rug pulled out from under me with the devastating news and about gave up the fight.
But then they made assumptions about me like I was a weak, crippled old lady who wasn't capable of caring for my dog. Oh yeah?
Hold my beer.....(figuratively speaking, lol)
You know I'll be wearing my trucking on black, chain wallet and Peterbilt cap.
It is a very good morning here in my little shabby shack in the desert! All totalled I brought Val to 5 vets, 2 of which required non refundable deposits to make the appointmentswa. The second estimate I got was from the vet we went to last time I was on here and that one was for $3,000. I said I needed to do some juggling to see how fast I could swing it

A couple of years ago I listened to a money program on the radio and wound up canceling my credit card. I called my bank and said 'Credit card? I don't need no stinking credit card. I give it back to you'....or something to that effect. I had great credit and with the card I could have taken care of this with no problems. So now what? Someone suggested starting a 'gofundme'. I looked at them with horror and said I will NEVER do that, it's not my style...and I meant it! For the rest of the day I felt torn. I cannot beg. I also cannot bear to let my baby die.

I broke and that night I opened a gofundme account. And by the next day I had $1500, both on gofundme and directly to me. AND I found a vet who would do it for $1,100! I guess they charged less because the animals went home the same day.

To say I was in shock doesn't come close to describing how I felt. Here I was, alone and liking it and then these people come crawling out of the woodwork to help my dog. A couple of truckers I knew helped but the majority came from my old friends from the great dane group I joined so very long ago. We all helped each other out when someone's dane got sick or worse. While we traveled the country in the big truck I had an open invitation to stop by for a visit if we're ever in someone's neighborhood...and I did! They loved following Earl's adventures on the road and helped soften the blow and heal my heart when he passed away in his sleep. Come next month Earl's been gone 10 yrs but I guess the word got out I needed help and...sheesh, I'm crying now.

We left the house at 6am yesterday morning. Oh my, not only were there a lot of dogs, the place was filled with those trap and release cages with very angry feral cats in them voicing their displeasure as they waited to be sterilized, lol. There was no way I could walk her thru those doors so the techs brought her in and she loved the attention. After 9hrs my hip was voicing its dispeasure but it was all worth it because right now she's doing quite well and laying at my feet. I have a whole new opinion of my fellow human beans, lol. I hope you don't mind my long, drawn out manifesto. Love you all.
So happy to hear the great news about the pup! People can surprise you when you least expect it. I think your trucking community is kind of like a family. The military was much the same way, have brothers and sisters all over the world! :friends: :loveshwr:
Just jumping to say that there is no other place like this. I live in Australia and there's nothing here like this community.

I don't overload my family or friends about things because they start to fuss and my head says go away and stop talking. I tell them I'm ok and then turn to this forum to join in others conversations and it's comforting and reassuring to be a part of this group at this moment in time when you need it most.

Especially when you have doubts or not sure if what you are experiencing is normal.

We'll never meet but right now this here is one of the most important aspects of recovery for mental health.

So glad I'm part of this and am involved in other people's to all..
Such sweet sentiments! As part of BoneSmart staff, I can assure you we never tire of reading messages such as yours. We appreciate you taking the time to share with all members how reassuring the forum has been for you. The camaraderie is what keeps so many of us coming back in the early part of the journey and even returning with questions or updates when we’re further along in our recovery. It is encouraging to be part of a group that truly understands through personal experience. Thanks for joining us and also for returning for a second time. That says a lot. All the best in your recovery!

Hello and Happy Wednesday! I hope the week is going well for both you and your furry friend. With any luck you’re both enjoying some well deserved rest as you each continue healing. May today be a good day! :SUNsmile:

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