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What a heartfelt and inspiring post above, danelady! It’s good to hear from you.
I hope you’ll continue to take it slow and easy. Big hugs!
Hi lady! Thank you! Oofta! My muscles are still SCREAMING at me after 8 hours of driving thru stop and go traffic yesterday, but I'll get better. When I went back to work after 3 months of recovering from my spinal, my muscles screamed as well! I never realized how many muscles I used just climbing into the truck! Even my diaphragm hurt when I breathed, lol. But I didn't want to undo everything the dr did so I didn't do much, lol.
But it passed...shew!
Only thing I'm going out to do today is get a few avocados from our little local store that carries them. I've developed quite an addiction to them, lol.
Big hugs right back atcha!

Do I finally get out from under that huge, red, glaring Hip Infections banner? Lol.

Dr Dinky had a really hard time stitching me up, maybe it was all the scar tissue. The first time the incision opened he told me to put a band-aid on it and see him in a week. Hah! I saw him a few days later in the operating room with a fever of 101° and about to get first hand experience about anaphylactic shock, lol.
I had to wear a maxi pad on my hip in March and April and I gave up telling him about it after he started getting snippy with me when he had to redo his stitching. He must have finally passed the 'How to stitch a hip' class because not one drop oozed out this time, no more huge, pink wet spots in my bed or on my clothes. Lol.

I kicked these infections and Dr Dinky will never touch me again!
I like to sleep on my non-operative side (with a pillow between my knees) and one arm resting on my operative side. I could swear I woke up thru the night wondering why I felt something wet on my wrist...then I went back to sleep. This morning I took a closer look at my incision and I hope the tiny spot where the skin is not perfectly together is not another leak starting.....
I'll keep an eye in it.
Oh I so hope that was part of a dream that you were having or it was sweat!!

Catching up with your thread...

The only tip I have for Dr Dinky is to get a REAL medical license, not one off the Operation Game box. Oops, was that too catty? Or was it petty? I was shootin' for catty, lol.
And this had me laughing so hard!! Meow!!
I bet, if I go to my dictionary to look up the definition of spunky, your picture will be there!!
So happy to read your updates.. thank you for keeping us updated cause well,,,, you know that we worry and will always leave a light on for you.
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@danelady so good to hear from you! Fingers crossed that the tiny wet spot you felt was something as simple as drool from a deep, peaceful sleep. :fingersx:

Please continue to take things slow and easy and drop by often to let us know how you are. :friends:
If you have a part of your incision that appears to be slightly open and it was draining, you should see some evidence of the fluid on the surrounding area or on your sheets. Of course, you should keep an eye on your incision, but from what you’re describing, my guess is you were just having some dreams related to all you’ve been through. Hang in there. Things really do seem to be going as they should for you this time.
@Jamie Yes ma'am, that's what I thought too and hoped I was just dreaming the other night but this morning I saw a stain the size of a silver dollar on the sheet. Tonight I'll attach some gauze over the incision and see if anything shows up.

Just a side note.
The other day I went into town to get a part for my pickup. I didn't want to order it online and risk getting the wrong part so I went way down in town because the computer told me that particular store had one in stock.
After giving the guy all my truck's info I got the part and drove home. My mechanic informed me this morning it was the WRONG part. I swear, I can't plan this stuff. Lol.
Today I found a store much, much closer where I could return the wrong part and get the right one...and got a courtesy discount for my trouble. Thank you, I'll take it!

Sending high 5s to everybody!
Hi @danelady
I was thinking about you this evening and came here to check in you. I hope your silence means you are busy enjoying life outside of a hospital!
Would love to hear from our feisty hip warrior. (You)
Hello! Hope you are well along with everyone else. This past Sunday I celebrated 3 months since my last dislocation. Today is 3 months since my last surgery...the one when I refused to allow my surgeon to perform the Girdlestone procedure which made him mad and he lied in his notes when he wrote that I caused all my dislocations and he could no longer work with me. GRRR. Last time I saw him was when he took the stitches out and I tried to explain that for the first time the hip felt 'right' it seated correctly and I believe it finally is! One day I felt the hip slip out a bit but then it stopped and went back! Like it was supposed to do! It hurt for a about a week then it stopped. Yay.

I do seem to have reached a plateau.....not getting any better, thankfully not getting any worse. Standing longer than 5 minutes is extremely painful and I use the walker around the house. Depression swept over me like bitter wave but I continued playing with my pencil.

Well, I have been commissioned to do 2 portraits...and from 2 different people, no less, lol. So my mental state has been given the boost it desperately needed. I also need to finally get the new glasses I desperately need, lol. The lines are kinda goofy but I was just sketching for myself, the lines need to be perfect if I'm drawing for someone else, lol.
These sketches are nowhere near finished, just put on hold while I work on another one.
Screenshot_20230810_080314.jpg Screenshot_20230810_080200.jpg
Well hello there @danelady !! ?what great news about hitting the 3 months mark. I am sooo happy to read this!
Hey,, of course you are discouraged, but I am guessing in another 3 months you will feel improvement.
My head still spins when thinking of all your body has gone through.
You will get better, it's just a patience thing now. ((hugs))

As for your sketches? Wow! They are fantastic, how long have you been doing this? Amazing, truly.

So happy to see your update.
It is so nice to hear from you. You have to realize when you're gone for a long time it's easy for us to worry that you may have suffered another dislocation. It it so wonderful to read how well you've been doing and to see the talent we were unaware of through your beautiful sketches. So happy to read this have given you a much needed and deserved mental boost. Please stay in touch and may this slow return to health and happiness long continue!
Thank you for such encouraging words.
As far as being able to draw, we'll it's always been so easy for me...I got really good as a teenager. But then life happens and I haven't picked up a pencil in decades. I can guarantee you that if I could get around like I used to I never would have picked up a pencil again. I'd be roaming up and down the hills with my camera....a wanna-be Arizona Highways photographer, lol. Life sure is funny though, my art is a great distraction and is helping me deal with 'stuff'.
Oh thank you Layla! I always thought of you guys here and told myself tonight is the night I'll come say hi, but it doesn't take long to wear me out and I'd wind up zzzz zzzz in bed, lol. Notice I'm writing now with my first cup of coffee! Lol!
It’s so great to hear from you, @danelady and even better to know that your hip is behaving like it should. I’ll second what the others have said and tell you that it’s going to take months to begin to feel like “you” again after all you’ve been through. But you can get there!!!

I’m amazed at your artistic talent…..those sketches are beautiful. And it’s exciting to know you’ve received requests to do a couple of portraits for others….and get paid too!!! Who knows, this may work into a bit of a second career for you. At any rate, I can see how the quiet and intense concentration of sketching would help get you through the days. Good for you for finding something that works. It’s important to take your recovery very slowly so that everything has a good chance to settle in and heal.

Update when you can….we LOVE hearing from you!
Thank you!! Funny how things work out. I guess that old saying is true....when one door closes another one opens.
Much love to all of you. :)
Hi @danelady , Your sketches are beautiful and I think you've definitely got talent. Great that you've been commissioned to draw for people. Yes, maybe this will come to a new career. Good luck.
And I'm also glad your hip is a bit better, and that you put your foot down and refused to have that Girdlestone procedure done. Keep us up-to-date.
Wow, danelady.
What wonderful drawings...:roseshwr:
After all you have been through, I am sure improvements will feel slight and slow...
Keep the faith and maybe your beautiful art will provide distraction while healing keeps happening

Hope your weekend is Sweet:friends:

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