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Hi @danelady
I'm so glad to see you making baby steps...
Eggs, peanut butter...great sources of protein and needed for healing.
I'm sure you feel better about being able to do a bit for yourself.
It's been the same here....1 warm day a week, then the rest of the week cold and blustery with snow or rain or snow AND rain. The reason I watch the weather so intensely is because my body feels less pain and wants to wake up when it's warm, lol. It was in the 70s for one day and I felt great
Sorry about that....
I ordered in the weather so you would be okay with a bit more resting:friends: and then when spring will be feeling Fine as Frog Hair:froggies:

Seriously, I am so sorry for all you have been through but am rooting for you. I certainly can understand your feelings about your Surgeon:sad:

Hugs, friend.
Hi @danelady
It's great to hear you want your independence back, and I would feel the same. You are an independent woman indeed. But as the recommend, slow and easy is the best, and then it will happen.
Enjoy your cooking - and - spring will definitely come, so hopefully, it will make you feel better.
It's good to hear from you, danelady! Was getting a little worried, but I am very happy to read that you're are taking it slow and easy and allowing others to help you. I am sure that feeling of dependence is difficult for you and it sounds like you're taking baby steps toward being self sufficient again. Just remember, people do like helping other's when they're able, even though it can be difficult to accept their kindness. I hope you feel loved and cared for as you begin the journey back to normal. The road may seem long, but you will get there and we'll be here to encourage and support you along the way. Happy Wednesday...I hope its a good one!
This is very good news! Slow and steady.

There is nothing at all wrong with a diet of eggs, PB&J, and soup. Just try to make the soup “vegetable” now and then and maybe slip in some fruit when you can.

I understand your feelings about having any surgeon come near you again. I’m not completely sure that you should write this last doctor off, though. I’ll have to read back through your posts, but I thought he was actually pretty good and it was more the hospital staff that was the issue. I definitely would not go back to that hospital where you got such awful treatment. It’s possible that your current doctor may not have privileges at any other hospital, though, so that’s all part of things to consider down the road.

One step at a time.
@Layla Thank you so much Layla but I need to set something straight....
I'm moving slowly because I don't dare more too fast. That would cause my foot and leg to wiggle and my screams would then be heard across the river, lol.

Yeah, it is still extremely painful, but only if am not holding my foot perfectly straight. Small steps so I don't over work the muscles.
I don't dare go very far, just around the room....with a chair or bed nearby to fall on should I lose altitude real fast. Haha.

Hope you had a good day at least, Layla, because this is turning out to be the coldest winter in So Arizona that I can remember. 50-70 mph winds, snow this afternoon and it's gonna get colder!!!

Loved and cared for. Hmm. Nah, the rug's been pulled out from under me too many times this past year. I'm sleeping with one eye open....just in case. Lol.
@Jamie Hey there, how ya doin' Jamie? I'll head over and read your posts in a minute.

When I think on the beginning of last year, I don't think my surgeon knew as much as they were letting on that he did. Either he never dealt with a protruding (and broken) acetabulum or he was just unable to communicate to his patient what to expect.
I noticed he wrote in his notes how we talked in detail about the risks and benefits but I know that's just to cover his butt with the insurance companies....because we didn't talk at all after that first revision in January that failed and then for months after that. He just left me hanging while I felt frustrated. Maybe I scared

Around September we started talking more and formed an OK working relationship.. This was during my dislocation days. Uccch. He's ok, I just NEVER expected ANY of this.

I just don't understand what the purpose was of going back in and changing the femoral head, when there was nothing wrong with it and he said so right from the start.

So Jamie, I've rescheduled 2 appointments now. Yes, it's true....I don't want to be bothered by them anymore and there is just no way I can do it yet, not that many steps. Even if I could make the 40' down the ramp and out the gate, there's no way I could get around where I have to go. No way at all....right now. Next week I might be able to.

But here's the thing.....I still have my stitches in. Maybe I should take them out myself.
I remember my partner joking that he could go in the garage and grab a wire snipper and take the stitches out himself. Later that week when he accompanied me for the two week post op stitch removal (I always had him come in with me during appts just in case he had a question or I forgot to ask something), he was joking with the doctor about getting his needle nosed pliers out to remove the stitches and the doctor told him he probably could have as long as they were sterilized! We all got a good laugh and that was that.
Keep the faith, you know we are all here concerned for you and hoping you recover from this horrible chain of events. Much love!
@danelady …. Do NOT remove those stitches yourself!! Under no circumstances should you do that due to the risk of infection and/or not removing all the stitch material. Nurses go to many years of school to learn how to do this properly. Instead, call your GP and arrange for a Home Health service to come do it for you. This should be covered under Medicare. Home Health is wonderful and it will let you be seen by nurses, occupational and physical therapists, and aides who can make life safer and easier for you.…all should be covered by Medicare.
@danelady , Hi luv!! I'm so sorry you are feeling boxed in by so many things. Especially the pain. I am also proud of you for staying strong and taking good care of yourself. You are pretty amazing.

I like the idea of getting a home health nurse to come to you for stitch removal and a general well being check up. It's possible.. it has to be.

Hang in there.. you will beat this.
Hi everyone, thank you for thinking of me thru all this. We've had a most unbelievable winter for southern Arizona....cold, snow, rain, strong winds, snow again....cold again. It just seemed never ending and I believe it had a lot to do with how bad I felt.

The hip pain had been off the charts and I stayed mostly in bed, just using the wheelchair to get to the bathroom and to the kitchen. I noticed the pain had subsided a bit this past week so I started creeping around the house with the walker. I haven't been out of the house since I came home but today I'm going to attempt to go down the ramp. The temp is supposed to hit 70° and I feel better already.

I still have my stitches too, I've just been ignoring messages to call my dr. I don't think they understood how much pain I was in and when I think about how PT wanted me to get OUT OF THE BED while I was still in the hospital I could scream!

I don't remember if I mentioned this but I told my insurance about how I was treated at the hospital and they filed a grievance against the hospital, and it turns out there's another complaint as well.

Hope you are all well or healing on schedule. I'll keep you posted on whether I make it down the ramp or not. xoxo
Thanks for the update, danelady. It is so good to hear from you! Given all you've been through, I believe many of us worry when you haven't updated in awhile.

Thankfully you've been resting, I am happy to know that and I am sure other's will be relieved to read that also. I do think getting outdoors for a little fresh air and sunshine can do a body good. I only hope you're not attempting to go anywhere else quite yet, driving alone is what I am getting at, until you're much stronger and have more healing under your belt.

I am wondering when you're feeling up to it, if you will look over your signature so we can make sure it reflects all procedures / surgeries. Please let us know if we missed anything. There is the possibility we've fallen behind as things were changing with you rather quickly. My sincere hope is that this time is the charm and you heal fully and perfectly. You know we're rooting for you always!
Hi @danelady, I'm glad the hip pain has subsided and you're getting outside. Not only does that help physically - I think it's also good for one's mental health.

I think it's also great that it's getting warmer in Arizona. I'm in Lincoln, northern England again. Here it's barely above zero, and in Germany, it's not much warmer either. But I hope this will be the last cold spell and that after that, it will get continuously warmer.

Love from Constanze
@Layla Thank you for the well wishes, dear Layla. I really do need to feel the sun on my face regularly to feel good... even before this hip fiasco, lol

I did look at my signature, well I had to look for it first, and noticed it needs a revision as well, lol. I'll get to it.

When I really noticed improvements in my femur I knew for certain my body was taking care of itself WITHOUT the help of all those wannabee caretakers who thought I was helpless without them.
Thanks again, Layla. :SUNsmile:
@Constanze Hi Constanze! Nice to hear from you again! I agree, the weather SHOULD start changing now and my bones are thankful! Everyone is saying all the snow and rain will produce a bumper crop of wildflowers, making the desert even more colorful than usual for those few weeks!
Thanks again!
@danelady, so pleased your insurer got involved! A complaint on your behalf simply had to be registered.

I've followed the weather in AZ and wondered how you were faring. Be sure to keep your phone with you as you take your inaugural walk down the ramp!!!

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