TKR I’m cold!

I'm sorry to read that you are still struggling with pain, @Cathyjbeck.

Have you tried cutting back on activities as the other staff members suggested? The fact that your "knee pain gets worse as the day goes along" is probably as sign that you are overdoing it.

I know it's frustrating, but try to be patient. You can't rush this recovery. It. just. takes. time.

Some say I’m not doing enough while others say I’m doing too much. Most 3 month patients are walking blocks and are doing regular workouts. I barely do anything! Walking from the parking lot to the store entrance has me in tremendous pain. The pulling and tightness starts from 5 minutes after I start walking in the morning. I can’t do daily regular tasks without developing pain. I made an appointment with my surgeon today. Can’t get in until the 30th. Is anyone else experiencing what I am? I feel so alone.
Most 3 month patients are walking blocks and are doing regular workouts.
I felt pretty much like you do, when I was 3 months post op. We don’t all have the fabulous recoveries that we hear about, sometimes because those fabulous recoveries are mythical, or exaggerated, or people forget what their recovery was really like.

Sometimes we have a more difficult recovery than someone else because our doctor had to do more work during the surgery and disrupted more tissue than on other people. There are so many reasons why our recoveries vary.
I feel so alone.
Your body is healing on its own timeframe, and that’s ok. 3 months is generally 25% healed, in this year long recovery. Try to relax and give your body the privilege of sorting itself out. It will, if you give it time. :console2:

You are not alone, we are here for you.

Hang out here with us, Bonesmart has a wealth of advice, information and support.
We will offer helpful suggestions, :idea:

Cheer your accomplishments :happydance:

And send hugs when you are feeling down. :console2:

Best wishes!
I feel so alone.
I recovered mostly alone. Bonesmart was my lifeline. I was on here morning, noon, and night. Being on here kept me from feeling so alone. I met some wonderful friends on here, and am still friends with some of them! That's an over 5-year friendship that started on Bonesmart and the bonds we had and have were because of our joint replacements.
I wasn't doing "workouts" at 3 months, but I could take walks. The walks were fairly short and not without some stiffness. But month by month it got better. :console2:
It’s been a year since my TKR. I have never been without significant pain. I can still not walk very far before my lower leg goes numb. I’m having revision surgery at the end of August. The OS says I need a larger spacer because my knee is unstable. But I also have a lower back pain and I’m not sure what pain is caused from my knee and which is from the back. Does anyone know if a thicker spacer. The lower leg numbness and unable to me to walk long distances?
Hello Cathy,
I am sorry that you've struggled with pain since your surgery. :console2:
I am wondering if you sought a second opinion from a revision specialist? If not, is the surgeon that will be performing the revision your original surgeon and does he do many revisions? I think your OS will likely be the best one to answer your questions. Consider calling his office, or scheduling a second opinion with another surgeon unrelated to your current surgeon's practice, if you are lacking in any confidence in regard to your surgeon. Please share your exact surgery date once it's scheduled and we'll add it to your signature.

Please notice that we have moved your post above from an inactive thread to your own thread. Having your recovery information contained in one place will make it easier for you to reflect back on. It is also helpful for those stopping by to be able to review your history before advising or commenting.
Please post any updates, questions or concerns about your recovery here.

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