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Sep 20, 2023
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I had a really successful hip replacement in 2013 and Bonesmart was a great resource so now that I need a shoulder replacement, I’m back! Btw the hip is still fabulous and going strong.

I will be seeing a surgeon on October 9 after the regular shoulder surgeon said it could not be repaired. Oh swell. Knowing that surgery was in my future I’m trying my best to learn to do everyday tasks with only my left non-dominant hand. Practice makes perfect.
i don’t know what approach they will take, there Is a large amount of damage in there, really crunchy.
Welcome back to BoneSmart, @Designista! Glad to read that your hip is doing so well!

I hope you get better news from the new surgeon about your shoulder. Please keep us posted.
@Designista Welcome to the Shoulder section! Shoulder replacements are a bit easier than hips or knees IMO -- shoulders are not weight bearing joints so you won't have any mobility issues. You will be in a padded sling for about 6 weeks following the surgery. Not uncomfortable but those slings are awkward. Yes it is a very good idea to practice now doing things one handed. It is especially difficult to do things with the non dominant hand/arm. And it is going to take physical therapy to get the shoulder back to best possible range of motion and strength. For me (with 2 replaced shoulders) the only things I can not do are the crawl stroke while swimming and hook a bra behind my back (front closure ones work fine).

Generally speaking the standard replacement is done when damage is mostly from arthritis though there can be other problems such as bone spurs, bone cysts, calcium deposits. The reverse replacement is most often done when there is damage to the rotator cuff and/or other muscles or tendons plus arthritis. Each of these has their own limitations and your surgeon will be able to explain those to you.

Best of everything to you. Do please let us know what the surgeon says and what the plan is for you.
I met with my surgeons PA today and it’s confirmed that I will be having a reverse shoulder replacement, I will get an exact date as soon as I speak with the scheduler. This will be done on an outpatient basis with possibly using a nerve block since I’m allergic to Opiods. This may be around early December and I’m actually looking forward to skipping all the holiday duties this year. Someone else will take over I’m sure.
They went over some of the overall restrictions and was told there’s a 15% decrease in range of motion from a standard shoulder replacement but I’m really fine with this since I’m living a really limited range right now. I cant lift my own arm right now.
I hope you get scheduled soon, too. That's funny about being okay with skipping the holiday hooplas- even if you get a November surgery date you can still beg off. Gotta have some perks from having a shoulder replacement, right?

I know two people who have had both shoulders replaced, one the regular way and their other one was a reverse.
They both say that the differences between the two in regards to ROM is minimal.
@Designista - good luck on your surgery. We’ll be here for support when you’re ready!

The nerve block can be very helpful but be ready with alternatives when it wears off (mine lasted about 24 hours). Ice can definitely be your friend as it helps control pain and inflammation. Have you discussed other alternatives with your surgeon? They may have limitations on other anti-inflammatory or pain meds.
I have a date of January 16 for my surgery. I really wish it was sooner, but I’m extremely happy with my choice of surgeon and I will wait it out. Lately my life has been flying by.
I am having a reverse shoulder replacement with my dominant arm on 12/11. I am still doing PT to be in the best possible condition I can be in.

Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated. I had a TKR in May 2018 so I’m not a novice to surgery lol.
@lbliny Welcome to BoneSmart. Please start your own thread so that we can address your questions without taking over someone else's thread. To start thread go to the top of the main listing for this section (shoulder pre op) and click on the orange "Post thread" button.
i have an updated surgery date of January 30. Evidently changing insurance plans the first of the year creates problems. It’s sad they added this two weeks to the wait because my shoulder/arm pain has risen to new levels lately.
Oh dear, that’s such a bummer!!
Try not to be too discouraged, time does seem to pass by fairly quickly, maybe the holidays will help.
I hated waiting for my first THR, it seemed like it would never happen, so you have my deep sympathy. :console2:
Sorry to hear about the delay in your surgery. But you’ll find it will be worth the wait. My shoulder works great (it was a regular shoulder replacement). I doubt you’ll notice much difference in terms of shoulder functionality with the reverse procedure. The good news is that recovery is many times a little easier for a reverse shoulder. Good luck and let us know how you get along. Go ahead and blame your bad shoulder for bowing out of all the holiday work. It’s important that you not go into surgery with an inflamed joint.

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