THR How were you at 4 weeks post op? (Anterior THR)

@llurbs @Kazza22 @Mojo333 You guys are in for the best lives going forward with many adventures ahead! I’m the old timer her, me thinks, as I’ll turn 70 in December. How happy I am to have no excuse now for not gobbling up life! We have a three-week cruise/land tour for next summer from Barcelona to Athens and a few shorter trips before then to test our energy and stamina. No, this gal will not go away quietly! Still much to do!
That trip sounds amazing! You are going to have a wonderful time:yahoo:
Happy Four Month Anniversary!
It is getting close to counting down the weeks until Lefty gets a new hip. I hope you're hanging in there.
Have a great week and stay in touch!
:wave: Hello @llurbs
Stopping by to say Hi and wish you all the best for your surgery tomorrow.
You'll have a week and a half behind you at Christmas, and if you celebrate, hopefully they'll be some extra presents under the tree for the patient in recovery. One can hope, right? :wink:
Will look forward to hearing from you once you're resting comfortably and feeling up to it.
Sending you healing hugs in advance @llurbs :friends:
See you on the Healing Side.
Tomorrow is your big day, when you becoming a double hippy. Best wishes!
Hi @llurbs
You're hitting anniversary milestones.
Happy Seven Months, Righty and Happy Two Months, Lefty!
Hopefully you're doing well, the hips are working nicely together and you're getting back to all you love.
We'd like to hear how you're doing as time allows and hope you're enjoying steady progress.
Best Wishes!
@llurbs - great analogy with childbirth. I can definitely identify with that even though for me it is about thirty years ago.
@myglasshalffull - I think the mental healing is just as important as the physical healing and I’m only just at two months post op realising it.
I am three weeks out, and starting to feel a little better. I was absolutely fine just after the surgery but then came home to find myself incontinent, which lasted for about a week and was horrible.
I am completely back to normal now in that respect. My physio said it is not at all unusual.
I am off the Oromorph now, and able to do a little more.
The exhaustion has been like hitting a wall….but hey, the suns shining, I feel OK. No real pain, so let’s give it a go…….
Sorry for the bumpy start.
Glad you are feeling better.:friends:

That Energy Drain when healing is happening is a Real Thing!
All Temporary, dear hippy.
Get some Sun and fresh air... the Best Therapy.:SUNsmile:


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