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How to register on the BoneSmart forum

Discussion in 'How To Use This Forum' started by Josephine, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Josephine

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    Jun 8, 2007
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    There are 4 places on the web page you can use to start your registration.

    On the website, you will find this tab
    1 register aa.JPG

    On the page you will find 3 options

    All will take you to this page
    1 register a.JPG

    but make sure you use the 'Sign up' button, not the Login or Sign up button
    1 register b.JPG

    Then you get to the page where we will ask you for a LOT of personal information. But don't worry.
    NONE of this will show on the forum except age (please show), location and country which also shows your national flag


    However, do comply with the "required" fields as your registration will fail otherwise
    Also the CAPTCHA question which is our way of preventing those horrid spam-bots and trolls getting it!

    2 registering page.jpg

    The tick the T&S agreement which is this

    4 T&Cs.JPG

    Once you've signed up, there is an email verification to be attended to. This means it is essential that you use a valid email address

    5a email confirmation.JPG
    5 other stuffb.JPG

    Once you've clicked on the link in the email that sends our system a confirmation, then your account is up and running and ready for you to use.

    The next step though, is choosing the right category to post in. You can see all the options on the HOME page

    HP 1-vert.jpg

    or from the Nav Bar (navigation bar) across the top of every page

    navbar 1.JPG

    Some tabs have a hidden list. To see each one, mouse hover over the tab and see what's available

    navbar 1 knees-horz-horz.jpg

    1. here you can see all your preferences - here's the "How to" on it Where can I change my profile or preferences?

    2. is the inbox for your private messages - you'll get a number in red show up when you have a new message How to use Personal Messages (PMs)
    3. we have a tagging system in this forum where you can call somebody to your post if you need to or wish. we call it "tagging" though it shows up top as "Alerts" How to tag another member; how to answer when someone tags you


    Here is where you log out - top of the page at the right hand end of the nav bar or at the bottom of your personal drop down menu

    log out 2.jpg log out 1.jpg

    If you have any difficulties registering, please feel free to contact the forum admins using the "Contact Us" tool at the bottom of the page (very small print!)

    contact us.JPG

    contact us 1-vert.jpg

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