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What is a signature?

Your signature is contained in a panel at the bottom of every one of your posts. It has your username, which the system automatically places in the block when you register. But it's an important place to document other pertinent information. Here on BoneSmart, we require members to have their joint surgery information in their signatures. Having this information close at hand is critical when we need to provide information or advice to you.


Here are some guidelines for creating your own signature.

1. Please remember that our membership is international. For clarity and continuity, use the International Date system – October 16, 2019 rather than 16/10/19 or 10/16/19.

2. Members who have already had surgery may also want to add links to their recovery threads in their signature.

3. You can add your first name if it's different to your username and you'd like other members to know it.

4. Don't add extensive information on your medical history or where you had your surgery. All we need is left or right, the type of surgery and your surgery dates.

5. Do not post narratives, images, or links to other sites including blogs.

How do I create my own signature?

To create your signature click on your user name in the navigation bar.

User name nav bar.png

This gives you access to your account settings area. Click on signature.

Account dashboard.png

This takes you to a message box where you can create your signature. It's just like any other posting box with the same editing features.

Please keep the text small so it doesn't interfere with discussions in the forum.

Signature template.png

Be sure and save your new signature!

Updated October 2019
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