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How to create a signature

Discussion in 'How To Use This Forum' started by Josephine, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. Josephine

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    Jun 8, 2007
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    A signature is the panel at the bottom of every one of your posts. On BoneSmart, we really REALLY appreciate it if members would put their surgery dates in their signatures as it's so helpful if/when you post a question about a problem. We have an instant reference when we answer. However, it would be even more helpful if you would remember that our membership is international and for clarity use the International Date system being August 7, 2000 rather than 2/8/00 or 8/2/00.

    Of course, you can add other helpful information like your first name if it's different to your Username, but please, please don't add a chapter on your medical history etc., or where you had your surgery. All we want is your surgery dates, pure and simple.

    There will also be a bar on narratives and links to other sites including blogs though a one off link in a post would be permitted. (I do realise I do have a lot of information in my signature but that's because of the job I do on here.)

    To start with, you mouse over over you name (in green box) at the top right hand corner of the page. This makes a panel appear with a great number of links to a variety of different features in your account. One of these is your Signature (in red box).


    Click on that link and it takes you to a message box where you can create your signature. It's just like any other message box with the same editing features. However, I would ask that you keep the text small so it doesn't intrude in the discussions in the forum


    If you want to preview what you've done before saving it, hit the Preview button and you can see this - the preview shows where the purple box is.


    If all is to your satisfaction, then hit Save.
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