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BoneSmart is the world’s largest online joint replacement patient community - supporting members both before and after surgery. Our members share experiences, knowledge, and stories and talk to forum staff about their specific needs. Along with information and education, our members receive emotional support, helping to ease the fear and anxiety of facing surgery.

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Once you have registered on BoneSmart, the next step is choosing the right area in which to post. You can see all your options on the Forums (HOME) page.

Note that BoneSmart has certain areas where posting is permitted and others that are "read only" such as our forum Library and administrative areas under "Help & Information." If you find yourself in a place and cannot see any way to post a comment, you are most likely in one of these informational areas.

Let’s look at how the forums are organized:

Our reference Library is a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about preparing for surgery, recovery, nutrition and scientific articles. Here you will also find some general information about BoneSmart. This is one of those areas where you can not post.

Reference Library.png

If you are considering surgery or waiting for an operation you might want to post your questions or concerns in the pre-op areas of our forums including knees, hips, shoulders and other joints (fingers, thumbs, hand, wrist, elbow, ankle, foot and toes). In the hip and knee forums you will also find special monthly team threads you can sign up for that groups you with others going through or recovering from surgery right along with you. Sharing this experience with other members is a real comfort during recovery.

Once you have had your surgery, post all your updates and questions on your own recovery thread in the recovery areas of these forums.

Knee Area.png

Hip Area.png

Shoulder Area.png

Other Joints Area.png

Need help using BoneSmart? The help and information area contains all you need to know about using BoneSmart and our rules. Here you can also report technical problems. And do watch this space for announcements from our admins. This is another “read only” area.

Help and Information.png

And for all other discussions not related to joint replacement, visit the Social Room. Discuss your favorite book or craft. We even have our very own cycling club!

The Social Room also includes the Games Room – simple games to keep you entertained during your recovery. It's a great way to pass some time with your fellow BoneSmarties.

Community Area.png

You can also access all these areas via the toolbars (navigation bars) across the top of every page:

Nav Bar 1.png

Some tabs have a drop down list. To see each one, mouse hover over the tabs with arrows and see what's available.

Pain Management Drop Down.png

From time to time BoneSmart partners with companies to offer our members products that might be of benefit before or after surgery. Information about these products will be displayed in an area called a banner just above the title of any page on the forums. This area is also used to announce special events or let you know if there is any scheduled maintenance planned. Click on the banner for more information about the topic indicated.


On every page you will also find sidebars on the right hand side. Sidebars offer information and quick links to areas that are frequently accessed by our members. Information on our sidebars includes:

Staff/members online – find out which members of staff are currently active on the forum as well as what members are logged in.

Who is online.png

Forum statistics – this area tracks the volume of threads, posts and members. It will also list the latest member to register on BoneSmart.


Latest posts – this area lists the most recent posts including what member posted and in what forum. Click on the blue thread title to go direct to that post.

Latest posts.png

If at any time you're out in the depths of the forum and want to return to the home page, click the link at the top of any page that says "Forums" (above any page title). You will immediately be taken back to the Forums (Home) Page.

Back to home.png

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