THR Holly's Hip Recovery

Most hospitals will let you set up a payment plan. When I had ankle surgery 3 years ago my insurance covered everything but $1800 I set up $50 per month plan.
My hip surgery was all covered except for $150!!! I was shocked.
Thanks @Kanne

Mine is higher than that but still miniscule compared to the actual hospital bill.

The surgeon fee was more in line w what I was expecting.
Hi everyone,
I am back to work. Remote.

It definitely takes more energy to engage w my coworkers than it did to sit w my feet up all day!

The last couple of nights have been cold so I finally turned the heat on.

Seems like an early fall!
That was fast! I am planning to take 2 1/2 to 3 months...
Last year with double mastectomy I took 6 week. Ended up with spasms in my neck/shoulder and could not set there on the phone and had to take additional 4 weeks, and physical therapy so I decided to give myself as much as possible with short term disability and fmla...
Glad everything seems to be going well for you Holly. I had to return to work remotely a week after surgery. I am noticing my energy levels aren't what they were prior to surgery.

I miss sitting in my recliner with my feet up and a big bag of ice on my leg. Those were simpler times.
Hi Ryan,
There is a lot of surgical 'activity' to get from arthritic bone to bionic.

I definitely tire more quickly than before.

The colder weather is adding to it.

Think about the great job these surgeons and pain mgt docs are doing that so many patients feel good enough to do too much too soon.
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Hip update 10/6.

Most of the steri strips have come off.

The incision is longer than I had hoped but *very flat* and almost no bruising.
Not bad at all!

With all of the leg lenghtening he had to do maybe that is why there is a longer incision. I will ask at my 6 week.
Hip update 10/9
I did some driving around our parking lot. It wasn't painful and I have more strength in the leg than I expected.

Next weekend I will do a short drive. Nothing on the highway yet or with too many traffic lights.

Other than the numb area on the leg everything has resolved.
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Happy One Month Anniversary, Holly!
I hope you have a good week as you continue healing.
Stay in touch, we love progress reports! :)
Hi @Layla,
Thank you for checking on me.
The hip itself could not be better!

I still have 1 localized painful spot on the op leg about 1/3 of the way from knee to hip. There is no knot or anything physically. Just feels like one.

I have been sitting w ice on it while I work.
Hip update 10/18
After several days of really dialing back activity, the groin pain is fading.

I also went to bed early the last couple of nights. The energy drain by the end of the day is real.

Not like the arthritis but not something to mess with either.
I'm finding the extreme fatigue a challenge. I don't remember struggling with it that much after my knee replacement. I fall asleep multiple times during the day. Extremely unusual for me.
I'm finding the extreme fatigue a challenge
Just roll with it, even though it's not your norm. It is only temporary and very common, you're certainly not alone in experiencing this.
Our body's energy supply isn't limitless. So when we're in healing mode after major surgery
our energy will be used for healing first, not leaving a great reserve for all the other activity of daily life. It is completely normal to feel tired for quite some time. How long....most likely relates to your body's rate of healing. Making our best effort to get adequate sleep and rest is beneficial.
Our body does the best healing while we're sleeping.
So...snooze away, Abbylayla :yawn: :sleep:

Have a great weekend @HollyNY Hope its beautiful in your area today. :SUNsmile:
Hip update 10/26
It is 6 weeks already! I drove myself which went well. No construction.

I asked about the isolated painful spot. Most anything on the OP leg is normal. Ice and reducing activity is exactly the remedy if it happens again.

Incision looks great.
Nice, isn't it great to drive again!
I think you are on right path, sounds like you are listening to your body.
You know I had posterior approach and recently hadn't even thought to look at my incision but I did the other day after reading here and mine is almost invisible.

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