THR Holly's Hip Recovery

Update Day 12
The 3 steri strips covering the locator pins from the left side of the pelvis fell off.

Zaps/zings when standing are almost gone.

Still a numb patch on the outer thigh.

I took 1 pain pill to get to sleep last night but that was first need for them in 2 days.
Go Holly! Sounds like you're moving right along. That numbness may last awhile. Then again, maybe not. Mine lasted several months, slowly shrinking until it was gone. You're doing well. :yay: I hope you have a nice weekend.
Thanks for the update!
Good morning everyone,
No zaps/zings or pain. Just the numb area on the outer thigh.

My right foot is in a much more natural position now than before surgery. The back pain and even neck pain I used to get have not been not bothering me!

I had to remind myself yesterday not to raise the front of my recliner to retrieve the plastic cap that hid from my grabber.

Tomorrow the small bandage comes off and I see the scar and incision for the first time.

I did not look at it when the doc replaced the pico w the smaller dressing. But he said the picos are large compared to the incision.

I have been worrying about the scar appearance. But I said to Rob last night that is not being fair to this surgeon and the absolutely outstanding work he has already done. There is no reason he would be so meticulous in every other aspect of the surgery then cut corners on closing the incision.
They always looks much worse than they end up in 6 months. Good luck at your appt tomorrow. I had my surgery thr same day. My first os appointment is on Thursday, I also get to see incision for the first time. The zaps are getting alot better for me but the whole incision area is really tender.
Don't worry about your scar. Everyone heals differently and there isn't much the surgeon can do about that. I've worked loosely with surgeons in the past and I can't think of one of them that doesn't take pride in closing a wound nicely, resulting in a minimal scar.
Except apparently for my OS :snork: My leg looked like he opened it with a spoon. And then he closed it with glue. Which looked like a four year old squished a bottle of Elmer's on it. Add the multiple hued bruising and it was quite a picture.
But a year out, the scar is a big zero. Just a light line that probably will continue to fade. So, I think OS actually used his big boy scissors, knife, and glue gun after all :rotfl:
Hip update 9/28.

What a difference! 8/30 (my pre-op) I had to use the cane and still had the evil osteoarthritis limiting every aspect of my life.

9/28 I use the cane outdoors but in my house don't need it.

The small bandage was changed. I leave this on for a week then remove it myself. He said to watch the top steri strip on the incision. If it does not close it usually happens there.

The numb area may hang around for a while.

I am so glad to have my life back. The new hip is just perfect in the xrays. I don't want to screw it up!

Thanks to all of you for the empathy, wisdom and humor from the start!
So happy to see you are doing so well:) :-) (:
I had a significant patch of numbness on my right thigh that I had almost deemed to be collateral damage that I could certainly live with better than chronic pain.
Like Layla, it slowly returned to normal.

Hope the rest of your week is Sweet.:flwrysmile:
Yep @Mojo333 numbness is not pain so I will live w it if I have too.

But the arthritis - be gone demon!
I have been worrying about the scar appearance.
Me too. I fear my blossoming career as a fifty year old international buttock model may be over before it has really begun. But, I do have a back up plan…. Fifteen years ago I had emergency surgery for peritonitis - obviously at the time the priority of the surgical team was removing the infection, so I did have quite a big scar. A year later I had it covered with a beautiful cherry-blossom tattoo: no-one knows it is there, apart from me and my husband. So if my hip scar displeases me, I will just cover it with more secret flowers.
Don't wig out too bad when you first see your wound...
Our body's healing power is amazing!
17 days post op

I year post op
I have been worrying about the scar appearance.
Me too. I fear my blossoming career as a fifty year old international buttock model may be over before it has really begun.
@Tuppence71 I almost spit out my coffee laughing!

I discovered a pair of 3lb weights reduced to being a doorstop in my bedroom.

When I was doing the aerobic classes regularly the classes were 1hr.
45 min cardio (no extra hand weights) then 15 min hand weights/cool down.

I used 5lb weights one in each hand. They were no joke. I used to be quite strong.
I used 5lb weights one in each hand. They were no joke. I used to be quite strong.
Before this op I was really trying to work on my upper body, as I know I would be unable to do much using my legs for a while, so I thought having a different focus might stop me getting too depressed. However, the surgery seems also to have robbed me of any strength I had (and I was never very strong in the first place), and I am having to use really tiny weights for my little workouts. I am hoping this is a passing weakness, or I will be too embarrassed to go to a weights class at the gym ever again.
Muscles have good memory @Tuppence71.

Even small weights will help. Better small weight, more reps than too heavy
Glad you are doing well Holly. I waited a good 6 months to be able to switch my insurance to go with a surgeon that only does the anterior approach/robot assisted. I am hoping it was the right choice but so far so good. Excited to follow your recovery.
Hi Ryan,
I have been so fortunate thus far.

By my pre-op 8/30 I could not walk without the cane. And nothing could touch the pain of the bone on bone hip.

I could not sleep because any pressure on the hip was terrible. I could not even sit in 1 position for any length of time.

The 9/30 difference is staggering already. I don't care if the numb area never fades. Numb is not 10/10 pain.

With any of the approaches, once they are in they have to dislocate the hip, saw off the femoral head, insert the stem, replace the acetabular cup and relocate the hip.

And it has to be done at least 2x! Once with temporary components and once with the final bionic parts.

When surgeons used to take their best guess on the sizes of the temporary parts now there is no guessing. This saves a lot of time and is less traumatic on the patient.

The robot is going to be a game changer.
Hi looks like you are doing great. we share surgery date but you are ahead of me. I am still on the walker in the house. Started today practicing with the cane 5 to 10 steps everytime I get up. I am a lefty and the ca e feels shaky in my right hand. Should be better in a day or two.
I quit the walker and then the cane way too quick. Wish I would have been on this site before my 7th week post op. I think it prolonged my pain so dont rush! Also I pushed activities to much too.
Hi @Kanne,
Pre-op my 'short' leg was on the right. The leg length difference was so bad I used the cane in my right hand.

Post op I now use the cane in my left hand.

Making that switch I still sometimes have to consciously think left hand!

I do use it outside the house mainly in case there is a crack in the sidewalk or pavement. Also lets others see that I still need some extra space to manouver.

I don't walk fast. Yet. But there is no pain in the op leg. Everything will come in time.

I also have not tried to walk on grassy areas. Likely will not try this until spring.
NY winter = ugh
Does anyone have advice for not freaking out over the hospital bill?

I have pretty decent insurance and everything was in network.

Do I just cling to the out of pocket maximum and focus on that?
In network also... just looking at out of pocket max too.. mine is 3k

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