THR Hippie Chick’s Recovery Journey

Good luck @Hippie Chick I hope everything goes smoothly for you. It must feel quite daunting at the moment, thank goodness you have someone to help you the first week to help settle in back home.
Hope the moving goes well @Hippie Chick it will be nice to be home with familiar surroundings, you’re never alone with us all here!. Take it steadily and let us know all the details ❤️ Home Sweet Home ❤️ Xx
I made it! It is very nice to be home! I managed the steps into the house- clutching handrail for support! I will need to use cane in my bathroom as doorway is small. I will have to make tweaks to make everything flow better but it’s nice to be home. Thanks everyone for sending good thoughts this way! I love being part of this wonderful community!
It's good to hear you made it home ok and I hope that the car journey wasn't too uncomfortable for you. I'm glad you now have a handrail for the steps, are there many to climb to access your home ? I've stopped using my frame now for bathroom trips as recent family events forced me to finally return to upstairs living and I'm finding a crutch works fine as long as I have my trusty grabber to hand in case it falls down.

I hope you have a good night's sleep back in your own bed, and as the saying goes 'There's no place like home'
You'll be much more relaxed at home. Sending all good thoughts and vibes your way from many miles across the ocean.

Happy homecoming.
Thanks everyone! Slept well last night. I have an older cottage style home with five steps in the rear. The builder made the top step a big step but it is doable. One step from mud room to kitchen which is not bad plus two steps off the front which need handrails. Front yard has hill from the driveway so back entry has always been our preference. I have requested my yard to be mowed. My houseplants were still living which is a plus. I am getting ready to make a cup of coffee and get ready for the day. I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday!
Welcome back to your happy place!
Try not to worry about only having help for a week. You will establish a routine and it becomes easier and easier with each passing week. I have confidence you'll do very well. Happy weekend, Hippie Chick!
@Hippie Chick
I am glad to be home. I have had someone do a grocery run for me. Stocked up some essentials. I need to think about other things that need to be restocked. I am mainly using a cane which is nice. I tried to move in too small a space- self corrected but a good reminder to take my time. My boss called to ask about my return date and I responded that my next appointment was next week. Another individual called about project planning and I said that I could not do any extra things. I am not planning to take any calls today. I am still needing to elevate my leg.
How are things going for you @Esmeralda ?
It sounds like you've got everything under control - at home and work - well done !

When you say you are still needing to elevate your leg, I'm guessing it's because of swelling ? My leg is still swollen but less so, and my surgeon seemed to think it was fairly normal at my six week check. Do you have a check coming up soon ?

Are your two doggies back home with you now and are they behaving themselves ?

I am so up and down with my recovery, I had a scare on Saturday when I almost lost my balance after trying to pull a kitchen window closed with my grabber, the grabber broke as the window was so stiff which caused me to go backwards and if I hadn't been holding on to my crutch on my left side I would have ended up flat on my back on the floor. As it was I stepped back heavily on my operated leg trying to keep my balance and jarred it quite badly. I ended up not being able to bear weight on my operated leg the rest of Saturday into Sunday, but it's gradually returning to normal. I do seem to be quite accident prone at the moment - I long for a whole week of steady recovery !
Wowee...lucky you didn't fall but your good leg kept you stable. It must be strong eventhough initially it caused you pain.

That's a positive for long term recovery.
I have had a small fence put in which is working well for my doggies. The installer is going to give me an estimate for handrails and new steps which I hope is affordable. My doctor’s appointment is next Thursday. I will probably hear about returning to work timeline. Still experiencing swelling.
I have had a moment or two of unsteadiness and it is not a fun experience.
@Esmeralda Glad you were okay and didn’t fall!
Hi - almost Happy Anniversary to your return home after a week. How is it going?
My help left today- sorta nervous about doing everything solo. We have prepped the house for me which has helped. Groceries are picked up. Trash taken off. It rained today which is not good for walking in the yard. Mower may come tomorrow so will need to unlock the fence if they do. Received a text from a coworker which was passive aggressive. I opted to ignore it. Peace of mind comes first. I am wondering how my upcoming appointment will go as well. I am going to turn in early tonight.
@Hippie Chick sorry you're getting BS texts from your co-worker, some people just have no clue and have no empathy for anyone. You are absolutely correct, peace of mind and your recovery come first!
:wave: @Hippie Chick

I think you are doing very well.:ok:When I was "left alone" for the first few times, I was nervous too.:unsure:
I am usually pretty Fearless but the shock of forced dependence shook me a bit.
I just was slow and super mindful, but managed better than I thought I would.
Received a text from a coworker which was passive aggressive. I opted to ignore it. Peace of mind comes first.
:sigh: Good for you.

The doctor appointment will be the reassuring boost you need, I'm guessing
Keep the faith friend!

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