THR Hippie Chick’s Recovery Journey

@Divipops That sounds frustrating! I had gotten more active a few years ago and had to stop due to what was probably hip related. Going from activity to no activity is rough. I am doing self led PT. Hang in there!
Hope it works as well for you as it has for me. Let me know how you get on :)
@Divipops So sorry to hear what has happened to you, how frightening to have all those problems after a simple fall. It's also very disappointing to hear that they haven't got any suggestions on helping you with your knee problems apart from physio - which hasn't been forthcoming either. Fingers crossed you will get a physio appointment soon.
Thank you Esmeralda, can't believe how easy it happened, just tripped on my way to pick my grandson up from school. Crash bang wollop then having to wait two and a half hours for an ambulance with just the fence holding me up :dancy:. Hopefully physio should help when I get an appointment, there is always someone a lot worse off at least I am mobile. :)
@Divipops I also have Osteoporosis and the thought of having a fall does worry me, especially as at my last bone density scan my risk level had increased an awful lot. I'm hoping that once I'm in a good place with my new hip I will be able to work on improving my core muscles and balance which I feel has deteriorated over the last couple of years.

Also, if I was you I would try to chase the physio appt. up just in case you might have dropped off the list somehow, as it's almost 6 months now since you're been waiting.
@Hippie Chick I was using my walker until around the 3 month mark and then switched over to cane for a couple of months. You need to do what makes you feel comfortable and safe. And, with you having problems with your other hip as well it would probably be good to use it to get yourself built up before putting it aside. I also kept it next to my bed for midnight trips to the bathroom for another couple of months.

As I think it was Layla that said watch about going back to work early. I went back after I had spine surgery to what was supposed to be phased in return at my pace per surgeon's instructions. Yeah, that lasted about a week and a half, something happened at work and they looked at me and said can you jump back up to your regular hours please? We'll try our best to pick up all the extra slack. Yeah, no!

And I found out a few months later just how quickly you can go from indispensable to not. I was a government contractor and came in to work one morning just like usual. About 10 am myself and a work partner were called into the conference room with our lead. Our two bosses were standing there with letters stating our services were no longer needed due to contract changes. We were given an hour to clean out our desks and brief our military counterparts on what they needed to know. I did actually go back to work for this company, I know, silly me! But when it came time to have my THR I felt absolutely no guilt and took the entire 12 weeks.
@Elf1 I think I have that exact type of support. I need for the words and actions to match up. My class involves loads of different materials for each class and no preparation time between classes. My recovery is slowly teaching me to prioritize my needs. I was going many days without taking a lunch but now I’m seeing how that is not going to work when I return. I was the last instructor leaving in the evening which no longer works for me. I have no desire to sign up for additional duties after school as I was running myself into the ground over many years. I love and enjoy what I teach but I cannot accomplish what I could when I had a helper each class to gather and distribute materials. Sometimes you need to say it out loud so you can recognize the need for change.
Totally agree Hippie Chick. The enforced rest has made me re-evaluate stuff too. I’m no longer prepared to work as hard as I did. My recent Appraisal was great although it was strange my boss did not discuss the rating in my Appraisal . I was subsequently rated a “3” lower than last year! When I questioned it I was told that all of us were being rated a 3 as a higher grade sparked a bonus and the Uni couldn’t afford it. So what was the point! I have refused to sign it off.. Lesson learnt…. I will get a 3 grade next year for the “right” reasons and not out so much pressure on myself!
I worked in corporate for 20 + years and had an excellent job and 900 employees. I dedicated my 40's and early 50's to this job, company was sold and even though we had great profits during my tenure my position was "eliminated." Crushing. 60 hours a week and on call many of my days off. I swore of corporate America after that and started working in my friend's little Italian restaurant 3-4 days a week. I loved it, no responsibilities other than serving my customers and cleaning up later. Great $$$ too! And way less stress.
Had to "reinvent" myself at 54 years of age. Food service has been in my blood most of my adult life so becoming a server again wasn't a big stretch. In addition to my corporate job I also had to oversee the food service end of the business and many weekends wound up in the kitchen expediting.
My DIL and I started a cleaning business as well, we ended up with some high end customers and I did this during day and server at night.
If I didn't break my hip I'd still be a server, I love it so much and miss it. Especially the $$$!!! Once Covid hit my DIL and I weren't cleaning houses anymore and I definitely don't miss that! I clean my own house and often ask my partner how did I ever clean 3 houses in one day??? Yikes!
So ladies put yourselves first during recovery! We are stronger than we give ourselves credit for and can overcome adversity in many forms.
We are evaluated similarly. You need to have something to work for they say encouragingly. When new hires score the same you start to realize that the system is not accurate. I am moving forward with working to live not living to work. I have also pondered what all of my work stress is doing. Stress eating has also got to go!
Hubby gets his this month so we can reevaluate our finances. He is still working and not likely to give up as he runs his own small company..
I am at the 6 weeks mark. The muscles in my surgical leg will occasionally decide to tighten when I move it. For instance when I change sitting positions when reading in bed. It’s very short lived so am I correct that they are still adjusting?
Sitting up from reclining I notice groin pain. Ice helps with this until the next time. I am on Tylenol now with Celebrex for the other hip. I think I am feeling more things being off the stronger meds.
It sometimes seems I take two steps forward (more walking) and one step back (increased soreness). My logical self realizes that this is normal but you still want reassurance as well.
I’m just where you are! So I hope we can reassure each other. I’m laid up on couch now after a busy pottering day with guests and boy I am sore. Muscles of thigh feel tight, buttock is aching and I have radiating pain down into my lower leg. I have taken paracetamol and half codiene because I just can’t kill the pain with only paracetamol.
The radiating pain sounds dreadful! If you do not have a nice, thick chair cushion it is very helpful- I can still feel it but much less. Reassurance is much welcomed. As soon as I think I have an understanding, something else seems to happen.
@Hippie Chick you sound like you're experiencing those normal roller coaster feelings of recovery. Every time you think you have a pain or zip/zap figured out a new one emerges and has you wondering again. It does get better and sometimes you don't even realize you've crossed a certain line in recovery until something kind of pops up that makes you realize hey, I'm not feeling that anymore! Hmmm, I'm actually starting to feel pretty normal! :friends:

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