THR Hippie Chick’s Recovery Journey

I also think half an hour of walking is really good. I’m only at the point that today I am going to start outside walking to try and build up strength and stamina. Although I am pottering a lot in side I am stopping and starting, sit/stand etc. No prolonged walking/striding.
Thanks Esmeralda ! No my HR had hinted prior to surgery about not using 12 weeks but coming back at 8 weeks. My mind is wondering what I will feel like at 8 weeks. I was not staying in the present yesterday. At almost 4 weeks I am easily tired after walking and need to rest almost immediately. I am going to have to cut back on some of my extra duties and that is not going to be well received. Yesterday was not my best day as worry and fear were running the show. Thanks for sympathizing about the steps- my caregiver does not understand how much I hate going down them. I should be stronger than when I did them at 2 weeks so it may not be as bad hopefully. My patience muscle needs some work. I plan to veg Netflix today and trust that everything is working as it should. Thanks for helping reassure me!
Thanks ClaireBella! My walking area is from family den to kitchen with stops to turn. The dreaded steps are keeping me inside. I have two big dogs that are still immature that I will need to start caring for that also has me concerned about stamina. Today I plan to watch Netflix and not worry. Thanks for commenting as it helps reassure me.
I do understand navigating the steps as a concern. Is there anyway you can have a railing installed, IF you own the home and you envision yourself there for years to come? If not, while uncomfortable, practice may be the only way you gain confidence in using the steps.

Regarding the return to work, eight weeks is a bit ambitious. We normally recommend a phased return beginning at twelve weeks, but understand that is not an option for everyone. You mentioned HR "hinted" at not taking twelve weeks, but if your surgeon feels you may need that time, hopefully HR will understand you are recovering from major surgery. Phased return to work

Realize also that once you return to work, your colleagues will likely think you're good to go and ready to take on your work load, which you may or may not be prepared to handle. On a positive note, it is a month from now and you may be surprised by the difference another four weeks will make in your progress.
Take it week by week, it's all you can do.
Best Wishes! Enjoy your day chillin' with Netflix!
@Hippie Chick
Thanks @Layla ! I needed to hear that! I am recovering at my sister’s house- she is promising to have one installed prior to my next THR. I am going to try not to worry about my return and trust OS advice. I am seeing this time as a chance to step back from having taken in too many non-job duties. Yesterday was too stressful. I just finished breakfast and am ready to binge Netflix. The BoneSmart forum is so much help during this crazy time!
Hang on in there Hippie Chick. I am in the same situation re work and am expected to do a phased return after 2 calendar months.. that’s ok if I can work from home but I am no where near driving yet!
I had a doctor’s appointment today and had to battle the stairs once more which made me very stressed. Very stressed. The universe has a wonderful way of sending encouragement when we need it although it is not always as noticeable as today. The PA who saw me had on a jacket from my son’s university which was gently reassuring. While I was walking back around the house I had lots of little light blue moths flying near my feet. Could be coincidence but it definitely lifted my spirits.
Sorry to hear that you had navigate the 'stairs' again. How did the doctor's appointment go, were they pleased with your progress ?
I will never ever look at stairs the same way. I saw a PA- rules reviewed, start next step in bed and standing exercises, and incision check. All is going well. I asked about my gait and I am moving correctly which is a relief. After my other hip is fixed, I may have a totally new walk. I had never noticed my walk changing as my hips worsened. Next appointment is at 8 weeks with OS. Thanks for checking!
Excellent, that all seems very positive, you must be pleased.

Re steps, I ventured further down into my garden yesterday, and went down the two steps without a handrail with no problem but when I went to go back up, I was completely floored as I hadn't had to deal with that before but luckily I figured out what to do eventually. Wasn't too keen on walking on the grass with crutches, although I must say our grass needs cutting (job for hubby at the weekend) but our lawn, and I use that term loosely, is also rather bumpy which didn't help.
@Esmeralda Glad you had a good experience too! The back steps are wooden coming off a new deck so they are built to newest specifications. The ones on the front are on a stoop- the rise is higher. I am thinking of getting trekking poles for outdoors or elbow crutches. I am a firm believer in assistive devices now.
Question- my knee on surgical side seems stiff and not very excited about walking around. Occasionally it will pop or adjust itself which makes it better. I am trying to walk heel to toe, core engaged, shoulders back so not exactly relaxed walking. Using a Walker still.
Is this to be expected at this point?
I don't know if your stiff knee is the same as mine was, as I didn't have any popping or it adjusting itself but mine started off with just the front of the knee and the immediate muscles above the knee feeling stiff, then it progressed to feeling stiff behind the knee and into the back of my calf as well, at this stage it was more uncomfortable than my hip when moving. I mentioned it to the physio, who examined it and thought I was moving too stiffly and not bending it enough, so she gave me a loosening exercise to do, which has worked very well.

Did you mention your knee problem to the PA you saw the other day ?
No- it seems to have just stiffened up. Could you describe your loosening exercise?
One of the rules I heard was knee couldn’t be higher than the hip. I think I have been trying to do this sitting up in bed maybe too much. I was doing heel toe walking better at the doctor’s office. The pop is not very frequent at all nor painful. Pre-op days, if you had been standing up all day this might have happened and one would say oh that feels much better now and not thought another thing. Much like riding for hours and your ankle pops. I am grateful not to burden someone with getting me to PT plus OS does self PT at home. It would be so nice to see the PT briefly when you have follow up doctor’s appointments so they can offer constructive feedback. I am holding it too stiff and not sure how to fix the problem. Suggestions please?
No- it seems to have just stiffened up. Could you describe your loosening exercise?
It's really very simple, the physio had me sitting on the treatment bed which was raised high enough so that my feet were off the floor and had me gently swing my leg backwards and forwards by a couple of inches keeping my knee bent. So what I do at home is I use my shower chair at it's highest height and sit in it with my feet dangling and gently move my feet backwards and forwards for a minute or two, approximately 3-4 x a day. I hope I've explained this clearly enough, I'm not very good with words. It has really helped me as the tightness around the knee area was becoming quite uncomfortable and now I hardly notice it.
Hi all interesting to hear about knee problems after hip surgery, my situation is a bit different to you as I had hip pinning after a fall. It is now three years yikes and still having problems with my knee just collapsing. I am now walking unaided but still limping and achey most of the time. I had fallen on my knee which then shunted the bone upwards and broke my hip right on the ball joint. I have been referred back to physio (April still waiting) to concentrate on exercise to try and strengthen the knee muscles. They also diagnosed osteoporosis, gave me medication and it felt as if they were saying get on with it, it is what it is oh also you have osteoarthritis. As I was a very active person before this fall it has hit me like a ton of bricks, frustration and patience being the main problem probably but I though I would be well back up and running by now. Never mind keep smiling, take care all, we will get there :chuckmarch:
@Esmeralda That is an excellent description! My surgical leg knee is tight and does not want to go back so that sounds like a n easy way to loosen it up. Thanks for sharing that!

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