THR Hippie Chick’s Recovery Journey

I still had swelling 3 weeks post surgery. Log leg was subsiding, but I still had to wear baggier pants.
I still have swelling 2.5 weeks after. I’ve had pretty bad thigh pain for the last few days but that aside, the log leg feeling is definitely declining even with remaining swelling. I have an area round my knee and mid thigh to top is still tense with swelling.
Thank you Momo Lee and ClaireBella! I looked down and it appears my surgical leg appeared swollen- the whole thing! Enough to cause a girl to panic slightly. Thanks for reassuring me! The not knowing is the hard part for me!
I totally understand how you feel. Elevation and icing regularly really helped to reduce the swelling.

During the swollen leg phase, I was literally dragging my leg to walk. Log Leg is real!

Hang in there, it will get better! :yahoo:
Is swelling still to be expected two weeks after surgery?
You can have swelling for many months to come, gradually easing over time.

How often should I be elevating and icing?
Ice and elevate for as long as you have swelling. You can do it for as long as you care to and as often as you like. Make sure to place fabric between bare skin and the ice source.

Since you're not even a month post op, sensitivity in that leg is normal. Try to be patient and give it all time.
A great week to you!
Hi @Hippie Chick I am a year now and depending what I am doing will still experience some swelling especially sitting too long....and I certainly had some swelling for at least the first 4 months.
Thanks everyone! I am tapering off of my stronger meds so I am feeling things more. My OS encourages this at this point. I am very grateful for everyone in this forum!
Just to make you laugh! I lost some weight before the surgery and, knowing some of the post-op indignities I would have to endure, bought myself some Tena pants with built in pads. “No bulky lads for me” I thought as I proudly slipped them in pre - op in a large size. I was vain enough not to go for the XL. Ah, pride!

Well guess what? Post op my thigh was so swollen plus the pressure dressing applied so thick that they wouldn’t fit! Back to horrible thick pads.

All over with now - mostly but Tena knicks now in a suitcase - in disgrace!
Sounds exactly like something I would do! I have developed a wicked shopping habit while awake in the wee hours on pain meds. Nothing too bad really but trying to prepare my sister that I will be receiving packages. Why yes there is a pair of boots in there. It’s good I am tapering off.
It certainly can! So far my fashion choices this time have been sound - unlike last time.

6 weeks as of yesterday. Scar still elevated and some swelling around it but otherwise fine apart from the fatigue which is a real issue this time. As is concentration.

Hope things are still going well for you Hippie Chick!
Shower heaven! Pivoting shower chair with handles for the win! Bliss! Raised tub sides still offer a challenge but doable!

Editing to add- muscles needed to go from sitting to standing not happy. Icing, sigh. If shower chair were only slightly taller.
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Good to hear you're finally able to have an enjoyable shower. It's a shame your chair isn't quite the right height for you, I'm guessing from your post that you don't have a walk in shower and it's a shower over the bath that you're having to deal with ?
Yes- a shower over a bath. My list of if I win a lottery things now includes a walk in shower as well as hand rails where there are none. Someone put a lot of thought into the chair so I am surprised about the height.
There are two items on Amazon that may be of interest to you, to assist in stepping over the side of the bathtub with greater ease and safety:

Butizone Bathtub Safety Rail, Medical Adjustable Tub Grab Bar Handle Clamp Safety Handrail Support for Seniors and Elderly

Vive Bath Shower Step Stool (4.5”) Slip Resistant, Stackable, I door/Outdoor - Safety Stepping Stool, Bathroom Aid for Handicap, Elderly Seniors, Bathtub, High Beds, Kitchens - Nonslip

Have a great day and week, Hippie Chick!
@Hippie Chick

Thanks @Layla I am going to check those out. I never dreamed the things I would need for recovery. The assists really make it an easier journey.
After I broke my ankle 4 years ago we installed walk in shower with lovely glass doors, seat, grab bars, worth every penny. Everyone was saying folks want a tub if you are selling, no tub in my house, if and when we sell they can go get themselves a tub, I'm not designing my house for the next person, I'm living in my house!
Questions again! I can now walk around in the house with trusty walker for a half hour. I can use my single prong cane for a short distance. Probably nerves but feel more secure with walker. Scared of hitting a wet spot and falling- fell before surgery due to invisible wet spot on cafeteria floor at work. Can assemble breakfast and lunch which is also progress. I have four week follow up appointment on Thursday so there are those dreaded outdoor steps with no railing. Does this sound about right? I think about possibly resuming work in 4 weeks and wonder how that is possible. OS wrote papers for 8-12 weeks. Feeling slightly overwhelmed or do things just naturally start working better as time goes on? Sigh- whine and cheese party.
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I think walking around the house for half an hour is good, I'm not there yet, I'm at about 15-20 mins with a lot of standing around thrown in ! And although I'm walking up and down the side path to our house (with2 crutches) I haven't ventured into the main garden as we have two steps with no handrail, so I do feel your concerns. However I can safely manage the bottom step to our staircase which has no handrail on just crutches but the some reason the garden is a step too far.

Also thinking about returning to work at 4 weeks, that does seem awfully early, especially as your OS doesn't expect you to do that. Do you feel pressured to go back to work soon ?

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