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Nov 26, 2023
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Hey all,
wanted to say hello and say i am going to have THR (left) on Dec 11. I am a retired Army veteran and my body is now a little worse for the wear I suppose. I had managed to put this off for a couple years doing PT and yoga, but its time.
Anyhow, just looking for any tips or guidance you can send my way.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
@Archer43 Welcome to BoneSmart! One piece of advise is -- get new shoes! Look at the bottoms of shoes you wear a lot - see the wear pattern? That's the old limping pattern that comes from having a deteriorating hip. And that pattern is not good for new hips!

Also here's a list of articles for you and I'm sure others will be along to add their thoughts.

Hip: pre-surgery considerations

Longevity of implants and revisions: How long will my new joint last?

If you are at the stage where you are planning to have surgery but are looking for information so you can be better prepared for what is to come, take a look at these links:

Recovery Aids: A comprehensive list for hospital and home
Recliner Chairs: Things you need to know if buying one for your recovery
Pre-Op Interviews: What's involved?

And if you want to picture what your life might be like with a replaced hip, take a look at the posts and threads in stories of amazing hip recoveries
Welcome to BoneSmart, @Archer43! Glad you found us before your surgery.

The articles that Deb shared above include some very helpful lists. Each of us recovers a bit differently, but the things that I found essential during the first month of recovery were: my walker, a toilet seat riser, icing equipment, a grabber to pick things up when I couldn't bend) and a shower seat.

Do you have anyone living with you who will be able to assist you during your recovery? That will make a bit of difference in the tools your will need.
Hi Matt:wave:
Welcome to Bonesmart. and thank you for your service.

Bonesmart was one of the best recovery tools I found after my BTHR...
Not much longer and Bye Bye Hip Pain:yes!:
@Archer43 Welcome! My advice about recovery? Keep your recovery expectations positive but reasonable. You do this by not comparing your recovery to others, taking it each day, week at a time and giving yourself plenty of time to recover. We recommend 8-12 weeks. You can always amend this if needed later. No matter how tempted you are to "get a move on," slow and steady wins this race. Ice, elevate, and rest will be your best mantra in the first days and weeks. Expect the first days to be a little rough, like any major surgery, but it is manageable and temporary. The surgery is "the frog you have to eat first" to get to the healing side and the return to your life. All the best going forward. Keep us in the loop.
Thanks everyone. I am looking forward to it and i think i have all the kit i need, walker, chair, slip on shoes etc.
Thanks for the comment on slow and steady, its not my way, but i get it. I will do my best to keep it in mind. thanks all.
hey all,
one final question or thought.... my other hip (R) isn't quite as bad but it will likely need replacement as well at some point. Have a friend who did his back to back like 4 months apart, is there any rhyme or reason to the timing of doing two THRs or is it just how the person feels. My friend seems to be doing great and he says it's the way to go, just do it back to back. Any thoughts or suggestions, let me know. Thanks
I had right THR in March 2022 and although I had a bit of a tough time, it was well worth it. I live on my own so it was not easy. Mine was a posterior hip replacement, whereas in the US they seem to do more anterior hip replacements. With anterior replacements. It may well be possible to cope with both being replaced within months of each other. It depends on your circumstances and what help you will have. Re equipment, I found a leg lift strap invaluable, although some people manage with a bathrobe cord.. Good luck with y,our surgery.
I was grateful to get Both at Once, as they were equally bad... but it was my surgeon who suggested I was a good candidate for this.. several factors in play from what I understand.

It does seem like we have had alot of members whose surgeons set their surgeries 3-4 months apart.

I feel like my life got a reset with new hips...
Not too much longer, my friend.
You've got this.
I am one of those people getting them 3-4 months apart. Both of my hips were in equally bad condition, but my surgeon doesn't or didn't want to do a bilateral operation. I had the Anterior approach, I didn't see where you mentioned the approach your surgeon will be taking.

I felt light years better once the swelling went down and I was more mobile. Even thought of putting off the other hip - but once I ramped my activity levels back up, the other hip was back to its normal curmudgeonly self.

If your Orthopedic Surgeon thinks it's time for the other hip to be done and you are recovering nicely from the first one - Go for it!

On another thread one of the members relayed to us a discussion with their Orthopedic Surgeon when they mentioned being hesitant to get the THR surgery. The Ortho said that you are going to have good days and bad days, and the bad days will eventually outnumber the good and that's only going to get worse.

Good luck December 11th! Looking forward to seeing you in the Recovery section.
Hi @Archer43
Thank you for your service!
I am at week 5 after the anterior LTHR and have had to conciously say 'be careful' aLOT!
Before my surgery, I googled stuff like 'getting into bed after THR' and watched Physical Therapy suggestions for picking things up or putting on socks.
Another note is we cannot take the small muscles & tissues for granted.
We only get one chance to heal.
That said I pray that you sail through this!
All the best :flwrysmile:
Hi @Archer43 and welcome! This site has been a great resource for me. I'm glad you found it.

My right hip started hurting me after an incident in March 2020. I limped around off and on until Feb 2021, when at my yearly physical I mention it to my PCP. Xrays showed bone on bone OA in both hips. But my left never hurt me so I ignored it. All the pain was in the right.

Beginning 2023 I had decided enough. Scheduled surgery for right THR on March 2, 2023. Recovery went well but around the end of April, when I had begun increasing my activity and walking, the pain in my LEFT hip started. And it went downhill fast. I went back to my OS to set a date for the left. I ended up waiting until Aug 8 for the left THR because I had a lot of family events in June and July. 2nd hip recovery went even better, after the 1st 3 weeks, and my only regret is not doing this last year. And I also wish I had just had them done together or even closer together!

Best wishes on your surgery!
First off, thanks for all the advice and everything you all have shared.
My surgeon is doing the posterior approach... I hear that is a bit more traumatic on the tissues. We talked about it and I read some research as well that says after 3 months they are pretty similar in recovery. So next Monday it is. I'll see you in the recovery forum. thanks again.
Best wishes @Archer43 on your upcoming surgery. It is true: there is a point where the recovery timelines for each approach intersect and run pretty much the same. That's why we advise people to not get too hung up on the approach as much as to the expertise of the surgeon. They will do the approach they're experienced/trained to do and that is how you want it. It all comes out in the wash, as they say. Lol. We'll be looking forward to your update on the recovery side when you're up to it. Blessings going forward.
Hi @Archer43

Just wanted to stop by to:
- Thank you for your service, and

- While I don’t know anything about replacements, wish you the best of luck on your hip surgery journey! Glad to meet yet another active yogi on the forum. Best of luck with your surgery and looking forward to seeing you on the recovery side!
Best Wishes tomorrow!
Please join us on the Hip Recovery side when you're feeling up to it.
We'll have some Recovery Guidelines to share and lots of support to offer as you're healing.
Hope to see you soon! :wave:

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