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Jun 4, 2023
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Hi I am reaching out as I hope someone will be able to share their similar experiences with me. When I was 7 I was diagnosed with viral septic arthritis of the hip and spent over 3 months in hospital in traction. The infection wasn't diagnosed immediately which meant my hip joint was eroded to a degree.

I lived a normal life for 35 years but developed arthritis in the joint. To be honest this never stopped me doing what I wanted to do but after an extended period of exertion I would have to do very little for a couple of days for everything to settle down.

I fell down the stairs 8 years ago and fractured my back in 2 places although I was in pain there were no lasting complications and went back to work after a day or so. I suffered with back and arm pain but battled through leading a normal life.

My hip started to get very sore a year ago after a trip to London where I walked miles every day but when I got home I rested for a few days and went back to work a few days later. I thought it was coming from my back or that I had hip bursitis at this point and went to see a physio.

Around November last year my hip started to get very sore again and I struggled through until beginning of January when I had to admit a degree of defeat and worked from home. To be honest I was in agony at this point and all I could do was shuffle around the house. Even going to my makeshift office was agony. I haven't been able to go to work, out shopping etc from early January.

I made a private consultation beginning of January and had xrays and blood tests which showed the hip had collapsed and was infected. I had an aspiration which showed the same infection I had as a child. 4 or so weeks ago I had my hip joint removed, cleaned out and a spacer with antibiotics fitted. I was in hospital for 4 wks in the worst agony of my life on iv antibiotics.

The spacer is still agony and kicks out like a mule every time I move. I was told that the spacer would bed in and the pain would lessen after 3 wks but it hasn't happened to any significant degree. I can't even get myself out of bed as the muscles in my thigh have been temporarily cut.

My leg is 3 inches shorter than the other and although the physio says I should be able to put weight on it the pain is still terrible and if I try and put weight on it it's like stepping into painful space!

I went home for 3 weeks on Friday and I'm still in terrible pain and on a very aggressive oral antibiotic protocol. The plan is to do a hip replacement in 3 wks which can't come quick enough.

I'm crying as I write this as I feel so down and the last 6 months of chronic pain have really caught up with me both physically and mentally. I feel as if I'm the class dunce as some of the hospital nurses have said I should be walking by now and off the longtec and shorter but I'm still in terrible pain.

I wonder has anyone else had this experience or similar? My poor husband is looking after me and going to the loo and having a shower feels like climbing mount everest! I was a very fit independent person and feel like a child at the moment. Thanks for listening! X
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Hello @Libbyjo3 and Welcome to BoneSmart!

You have been through a very tough spell with your hip and I am so sorry! I have a couple questions for you so we can get a signature made that will show at the bottom of all of your posts.
What is the date of your THR (total hip replacement) and which hip is it, left or right?
It would be helpful to have a list of your previous procedures, also with dates or at least approximate dates?
We've had several members here on the forum who've struggled with infections, and a spacer- hopefully you will hear from them shortly.
It's not the majority, but infections can and do happen so if you go to the search option at the top right of this page, you can type in infection or maybe spacer and see what you can find.
For now, try to keep your spirits up the best that you can, you've had a lot thrown at you in the past year.
I'm sure you husband is happy to help you just as you would help him if the roles were reversed.
Thank you for your kind reply. I am conscious that I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself which is to be fair unusual as I am normally a positive person. I know i need to be in a better place mentally to cope better.
My hip replacement is scheduled for approximately 22 June although I don't have a firm date yet. My original draining of the septic arthritis was summer 1974 and I had the hip aspiration Feb 2023 and the removal of the hip joint and insertion of the spacer on the 3 may 2023.
Best wishes
Meant to say it's my right hip that needs replacing!
So sorry for what you have been through, it's certainly depressing and life changing.
Thank goodness you have a loving partner to help you get through this challenge.
I have no solutions to offer just a friendly hello and hope things begin to improve for you.
All my best.

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