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Sep 6, 2017
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My daughter Brynn is 12 years old. When she was 9 she was in an accident. She hurt her femur, tibia and her knee. She broke both the knee socket and the femur on the left leg, she also lost all blood supply to the ball of the hip joint.

She was in a spica for 3 months after having 2 plates and 12 screws put into her knee and hip. She had a external fixator on her hip for 4 months and then one on the tibia for 2. She was in traction for a while too. Her knee/tibia is now fixed but her hip is causing a lot of pain and trouble. She is having a total hip replacement in a few weeks. Do you think this is the right thing to do? It means she will have spent the best part of 2 year immobile.

Brynn was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at 1 and Gastroparesis at 6, and has many issues leading to longer hospital stays. Her last surgery she was in for 13 days instead of 5. I am not sure if it is right to put her through another surgery and another long stay because of her stomach and CF.

Do you think as a parent it is right for me to put her through it? If we go ahead and have it done she will probably be in hospital about 15 or so days.

Thanks Jemma
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@Jemma Welcome to BoneSmart! I'm going to tag our admin @Josephine who is our very knowledgeable orthopedic surgical nurse. I'm sure she can give you the best read on your daughter's situation. We have had several young patients who have had hip replacements and have done very well with them.
Hi @Jemma
Bless your daughters dear heart....precious little girl!
So much to go through at such a young age. So heartbreaking as a parent!
Hopefully @Josephine will be along soon to offer you some advice.
Prayers for resolution.
Oh some accident, Jemma! Bless her heart!
she also lost all blood supply to the ball of the hip joint.
This is a condition know as avascular necrosis (dead bone because of no blood supply) and is a very good reason to have a hip replacement. I understand your concern as she is very young for this but be assured it's the only and best solution to her hip problem right now.

I expect that with CF, she is small for her size? Your surgeon will have taken this into account and made sure he gets an especially small implant for her. And it is likely that she will need to have it redone in a few years time but please don't let that prospect rob her of the quality of life she will have after this surgery.

We've also had a few 15yr olds that have have had hip replacements for various reasons. You can read their recovery threads in here Teenage hip replacements

Please let me know if there are any more questions you want to ask.
Thinking of you and Brynn @Jemma in light of Josephine's comments.
Please stay in touch so we can support you through this.
Prayers going up and sending a hug!
@Josephine, yes she is very small for her size (4 ft 8 and 30kg at age 12) and the avascular necrosis has gotten worse over the last year. Thanks for the comment I feel a lot more reassured about going ahead.

@Layla and djklaugh thanks for the comments, I will definitely stay in touch and me and Brynn feel a lot more confident with the next step.
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@Jemma I had both hips replaced due to AVN. So glad you are moving ahead with your daughter's THR. She is far too young to sit on the sidelines and watch others enjoy life.

Please keep us updated!
Hi all, Brynn had surgery 2 weeks ago for a PEG feeding tube to be inserted. This is partly through to the fact that with her CF she needs an extra 2000 calories per day and because her gastroparesis is so bad.

Anyway tomorrow she is going to have her total hip replacement in Great Ormond Street Hospital due to her extra needs. She had her feeding tube put in at GOSH as well. Brynn will probably be in for about 3 weeks due to new PEG as well. Just updating you all on her progress.

I am still not sure about the surgery though because at age 11, she has spent over 2½ years in total in hospital. I am really not sure if it's good for her. But then again she will be used to it. Thanks for your support

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Oh Jemma,
I'm so sorry for your dear, sweet daughter, Brynn experiencing so much at such a young age.
It must be extremely difficult for you as her mommy putting on a brave face as you journey
through this with her.
Many prayers for you and Brynn for strength, peace and comfort.
Prayers for a successful surgery, healing and recovery for sweetheart, Brynn.
Please stay in touch......
Jemma, I’m so sorry your daughter is having such a hard time. So very young to experience this. I hope her hip replacement goes well and she feels better very soon. Saying prayers for Brynn and for the rest of your family.

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Sending prayers, love, hugs and best wishes for Brynn today.
Please keep us posted @Jemma
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@Jemma sending healing thoughts and prayers for Brynn. I have a lot of faith in Josephine's advice. She worked with some of the top orthopedic surgeons in the early days of hip replacements and then for many more years after that so she is very knowledgeable. I wish there was a way we could all send a card to Brynn to wish her well. Getting mail always seems so uplifting. But in place of that, I will send get well wishes via BoneSmart to Brynn. I'm sure she will do well and be so glad to get ride of all that pain. It is amazing. Sending happy healing thoughts your way, Brynn, along with a few happy images :hi:. :loveshwr: :wave: :flwrysmile: By the way, Brynn, I LOVE your name. My youngest granddaughter is named Brynn, too!
Hi @Jemma
Thinking of you and Brynn...
Hope all is going well.
Sending a warm hug and best wishes for a good day.
Hi @Jemma Brynn sounds like one very strong youngster, with one very strong mama! You and she will come through today very well. I trust the UK people when they say that you're at the best place for this surgery.

I am hoping that this link works-- I made Brynn a card... You can view your card here.

Also prayers for you both :prayer: chris
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Brynn, I agree that you are one strong and special young lady. Like many of the others here on the forum, I had a hip replacement as well. The first few days can be a little tough but it keeps getting better and better each day. Sending sunny :SUNsmile: happy:egypdance: thoughts your way across the seas :kayak:
Have a fantastic day!!!
Hi I have never been a parent so I cannot answer your questions or address the fears you have. I can however tell you I have a grandchild and taught 3rd grade religion. My sister like your daughter had many medical issues through her life including 8 major operations in 12 years. I learned by what I saw and heard that a life of length is nowhere near as important as a chance at a healthier life in the end.

I can't imagine how you must if you're playing God right? No pain ...or much less for her in my opinion would be the best way to go. I would ask her too she has a mind , hopes ,dreams let her add her two cents.

Still my heart goes out to both of you. No matter if you go for it or back out it's Okay really is, we all do the best we can do when we make these decisions.

I just had my second hip done. It hurts but much less than before.

Please show Brynn my dog. I have a cat too. If you go ahead with the surgery I hope you allow her to help reply on the site. I know the friends I made on here helped the whole process go much easier


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