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Jan 26, 2011
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I have had several knee revisions and have had problems with ligament laxity. My OS is talking about doing a revision using a hinged knee. Has anyone had a hinged knee revision? I am 64 yrs old.
I have a hinged knee, it works great, my knee is stable.
During pre op the OS said he was considering a hinged knee and another type I cannot recall. I told him I would need a hinged knee. When I saw him after surgery, he said you were right.

The question I would ask with all your revisions, is "Why didn't they give you a hinged knee sooner?"

Hinged knees work as well as other knees, and will work better than the ones you have now.
Will this be for both knees?
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I didn't want a hinged knee until I had my 3rd revision to my right knee. But it's my left knee that really needs the hinged knee REALLY bad. I've read though that infections are really common with a hinged knee. Do you k ow if that's true? I don't know if I would get both knees hinged or not. Depends on how first surgery went.
I've read though that infections are really common with a hinged knee.
This is a question for your surgeon. While the infection rate may be higher for a hinged knee, it still may be worth it for you.
With your present revision TKR's ask your surgeon for braces to stabilize your knees, it will help reduce your pain.
My OS will be talking about my future plan on my next appointment 1/11/2022. My knee is so lax that I am not able to walk correctly and even a hinged brace doesn't make it stable enough. And after I wear the brace awhile, my knee hurts and I have to take it off. Just want to make the right decision.
Just want to make the right decision.
It is always a hard decision, if you say no, your knee is not going to get any better, if you say yes you have a good chance to have a functioning knee, and your life back.
One thing you do want is a surgeon who is very experienced with the hinged knee implant and the balancing that takes place during surgery. If you haven't asked, I'd question your surgeon about how many of these surgeries he does each year. There are many excellent revision surgeons in the Kansas City area and it might be worth your while to seek additional opinions before committing to the procedure.
Is there anything you can't do with a hinged knee? How is the recovery time? I really don't know what to do!
Is there anything I won't be able to do after having a hinged knee? How is the recovery time? Tomorrow I go see my OS and want to give him an answer.

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