THR Hi! Post THR recovery

Latest…….still not sourced a masseur , don’t think that’s gunna happen soon , although I have agreed to a reference back at the hospitals orthopedics.
No football lately , jarring causing lower back ache pain post / day after still niggly aches on daily basis ,but not hindered in gym and generally feel lot better afterwards although day after have an ache,I am 70 with early shaky shaky maybe it’s something to do with the Parkys.
I will post result of any x Ray I have ,but that could be a while.
Meantime good luck everyone
Hi JW,
It is nice to hear from you. I am sorry football causes your lower back to ache and that you're still bothered by daily discomfort. Thankfully you're able to tolerate the gym and find it beneficial. I do think the Parkinson's could be contributing to some of your symptoms, but that's just an assumption. Your physician should be able to offer an educated opinion on that. I'm happy that you're seeking advice through the hospitals orthopedics. I wish you only the best. Please stay in touch and let us know what your hear.
Hello everyone, yes I’m still alive (oh no I hear some) writing whilst awaiting x ray on new ( 2 1/2 years) hip & still having achey problems. Just seen surgeon & he gave me a though examination & suspects Bursitis, but having an x ray to be sure. I m also thinking my Parkinson’s maybe taking an effect. Still doing gym regularly and a bit of football (soccer) can’t run though just bark out orders!
Can’t really walk any distance without discomfort but exercising pain free is confusing, uncomfortable in bed, but Parky’s didn’t help. I will confirm surgeons pre x-ray suspicions, otherwise Parky’s is a ball acher and slowly getting worse unfortunately, but hey brown stuff happens!!!
Best wishes everyone, reading up on bursitis again now.
@JohnWilky Good to see you but sorry it's all about pain. Bursitis can be a bear - but it is treatable. Very common after THR - especially for more active members. Here's an article from our Library Trochanteric bursitis with THR.

Has your surgeon mentioned an injection? Please keep us updated!
All intact, looks good fitting. Surgeon did suggest injection which I declined (don’t want anymore ‘surgical’ treatment) see how exercise goes, he’s recommended stretching!
Something tells me it’s not a science, we will see.
he’s recommended stretching!
Since bursitis can be caused by excess exercise be sure and keep things gentle. It can take awhile to calm down. Some people have very good results with the injection. But I do understand your hesitation.
FWIW I strained myself back in Jan. and had x-rays and all was good. Muscles got better but then stalled and still had nagging pain every day. I was going to the gym and it was OK but it hurt walking and I would limp at times. I'd turned down the injection in Jan but decided it would be worth a try so I went for it. No big deal just a deep shot and for 2 days I was pain free. Then after some pain came back but it has slowly disappeared. Hoping it is promoting healing and the pain stays gone.

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