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Hemotoma complications - Help!!!

Discussion in 'Knee Replacement Recovery Area' started by jglaze, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. jglaze

    jglaze new member
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    Jun 17, 2006
    I'm a 48 yr old male who had 7 surgeries prior to knee replacement in Feb. 2006. In recovery, I had a subdermal hemotoma (looked like a large blood blister) above my kneed cap. 3 Weeks after surgery it burst, and the black blood from it leaked out of my incision. I was readmitted and they opened me up and cleaned it all out, hopefully saving me from infection. Now, after 3 months of therapy, I still can't straighten the knee, and the remnants of the hemotoma has become a solid m*** above my kneecap. When I flex my quads, it feels like a spasm above the hard area, and the quads can't do their job of straightening the knee. Also, if I overwork the knee, it still aches and I wake up from sleep with a hot burning feeling deep in the center of the knee where I shouldn't feel pain since it's artificial. My dr. has done these for 25 years and is perplexed. He's scheduled me for another surgery July 12 where he intends to go in, surgically remove the scar tissue and/or remains from the hemotoma, and unwrap the prosthesis and look for any signs of infection. He's terming this 'exploratory surgery' which is bothersome. Has anybody experienced this or have any suggestions? Thanks!
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