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The toolbars at the top of every page contain short cuts to all areas of BoneSmart. Knowing what each of the links does will help you navigate the forum more efficiently.

Links in the dark blue toolbar

Nav Bar Full copy.png

Knee, Hip, Shoulder, and Other Joints links. The dark blue toolbar (1) has short cuts that will take you to each of the pre-op and recovery forums for knees, hips, shoulders and other joints (a catch-all category for the less-frequent types of joint surgery). These forums are where you will do most of your reading and posting as you progress through your joint journey. Take some time to explore what is in each area.

Pain Management link. The Pain Management area contain several sections that detail a wide variety of pain management techniques. Everything from the drugs used during surgery to natural pain remedies for post-op is covered here.

Wound Care link. Much like the Pain Management area, when you click on the Wound Care link you'll find a wealth of information about your surgical incision, what happens in the hospital, how healing actually works, and tips to minimize scarring as you heal.

Surgeon Locator link. If you are in the USA and in the process of trying to find a surgeon, use our BoneSmart Joint Surgeon Locator to begin your search. This is a new feature for BoneSmart and we're still in the process of building our database. Eventually you will be able to see critical information like whether the surgeon does bilateral surgery, if he or she accepts high BMI patients, what specialties they have, whether or not he or she works with infections or does revisions.

If you've had surgery, you can rate your surgeon here. And, if your surgeon is not listed, we'd appreciate you letting us know so we can add the doctors you're familiar with and want to leave a rating for. Just send an email to [email protected] with the surgeon's name, clinic name and address, and the office phone number. We'll take care of getting them added to the Locator.

Donate link. BoneSmart is a non-profit organization and, as such, we depend on donations from members like you who use and benefit from our services. If you are in a position to do so, we will always appreciate a tax-deductible donation of any amount to help us with our operating costs. While our staff is made up of volunteers and a few senior staff who take small stipends for their work, our real expenses are the forum and website licensing and operation itself as well as production costs associated with our annual education program, Joint Replacement Awareness Day each spring. Your support means the world to us and it enables us to continue to be available day or night for those who need us.

Links in the white toolbar

New Posts.png

The white toolbar (2) contains additional links to help you move around BoneSmart easily. This toolbar is not always visible, but can be brought up by clicking on the Forums link in the dark blue toolbar. You may have to scroll to see the Forums link. You can either click on the down arrow and bring up a drop down menu with all these links or click on the word Forums and the white toolbar will appear.

Help & Information link. This is an administrative area for forum operations. It contains a place to report problems or "bugs" you come across. It also houses our tutorial forum, which is where you are now. You can find our forum rules, staff information, and an area for important announcements about BoneSmart.

New Posts and What's New links. Most members want to see who is posting when they start their visit. The "New posts" and "What's new" links are highlighted in red above. Click the "New Posts" link and you'll be given a list of threads that contain all the posts you have not read.

New Posts List.png

You can recognize a thread that has "unread" posts because the thread title will be bold on any of the forum's index pages.

The “What’s New” link will also open a list of threads. These are the most recent threads that have new content. The list may contain threads you have already read.

Posters Avatar.png

You can tell which threads you have posted in previously, as a miniature of your avatar will be overlaid on the avatar of the person who created the thread. You can see this on all four of the threads shown in the above example.

There is lots of information in this display of thread titles above including:
  • Who created the thread and when
  • What type of reactions members have had on this thread
  • How many hits the thread has had (how many members viewed it)
  • How many posts (replies) are on the thread
  • Who made the last post and when

Recovery prefix.png

In the pre-op and recovery forums, any index page showing thread titles will also include colored prefixes on most of the threads indicating what surgery the poster has had or is preparing for. The prefixes make it easier for members who want to connect with others who have had, for example, a bilateral replacement or revision. You can also do a search of other threads with the same prefix by clicking on one of these colored tabs. That will bring up a list of all the threads with that prefix.

What if my "unread" threads list gets too long to sort through?

If you get to a point where you want to "clear the decks" and start again with your list of new posts, click the Mark All Forums Read in the white navigation bar (2).

Mark forums read.png

This will give you a fresh start on a New Post search so that you can more easily manage what you want to view.

Library link. Our BoneSmart forum Library is a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about preparing for surgery, recovery, nutrition and scientific articles. Here you will also find some general information on BoneSmart. Spend some time exploring the Library for a wealth of information.

Jump to.png

Jump to new link. You can find this link at the top right of every thread you are reading or posting in. It's located just below the thread title area. and is a handy tool to use on threads you are following. Click on this button to and you will automatically jump to the first post you have not read in the thread.

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