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Heel slides and how to do them properly

Discussion in 'Exercises, therapy, walking aids' started by Josephine, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. Josephine

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    NEVER cause yourself pain doing this, only mild discomfort
    Do these every couple of hours during the day so you don't overstress your leg which is very easy to do. This is what happens when you do 10-30 reps in 3 lots 3 times a day. That much intensity is unwise. You get a much better effect doing them little and often.

    On bed
    1. put your leg flat and gently slide your foot backwards towards your bum (it's okay if your leg needs a little help at first to get it going!)
    2. make sure your ankle is flexed all the time as in the picture
    3. when you are as far as you can get, try getting it a bit further
    4. hold for a count of 10-15
    5. slowly extend your leg again and stop with the knee slight bent - your leg may need help going flat so it doesn't drop down and cause pain
    6. repeat about 5 times only


    On chair
    1. sit more on the edge of the chair than in this image
    2. put your foot forward a little
    3. slide it back towards you, aiming to slide it under the chair
    4. when you are as far as you think you can get, go just a little bit more
    5. when you are at your limit, lean forward forcing it to bend a little more and hold for a count of 10-15
    6. then sit back up and slowly slide your foot forward to the starting point again
    7. you can also enhance the bend by hooking your good foot onto the front of your ankle and using it to help it slide back - but don't ever cause yourself pain!
    8. repeat about 5 times every couple of hours throughout the day


    You can also use various devices to make the slide easier: suggestions have included
    a paper plate
    a tin plate
    a sheet of paper
    a sheet of tinfoil
    a skateboard
    a wheely plant pot stand
    I had a little board my brother put wheels on but rarely used it

    Never EVER use bands, Therabands, ropes, cords or anything similar to pull your foot back.
    If you can't do it without, just do it as much as you can (without it!).
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