TKR Having Mako robot assisted TKR, anyone had it?

Official countdown has begun!! 1 week from today all will be done and dusted. Nerves have also set in but in combination with a bit of happiness knowing it isn't long before I will be on the other side. Plenty of support too. Hubby plus brother in law and both kids within 1/4 mile of me. Knee pain has been a bit of a challenge since I had to stop the Mobic the surgeon gave me. The past couple of days I have needed a cane because I can definitely tell the old knee isn't tracking right and it hurts like the dickens. All in all, will be glad when it is done, despite the normal fears associated with it. I think the most aggravating is it seems like the NP that works with my surgeon is trying his best to scare me into using an epidural. He keeps saying that it will be more painful if I don't get it, yet they do an adductor canal block which I have read does good alone. The reason I don't want to have the epidural is 2 fold. 1) I have degenerative disc disease L 3-5 along with nerve compression. 2) I had an experience where I came too during a short operation in 1990 and had recall so I would probably have an anxiety attack if I woke up and heard things. Even the anesthesiologist told me general would be better.
Any feelings on the pushing for epidural would be appreciated.
Oh dear. I wouldn't want to wake up so Yes to general .... my understanding as a patient with several surgeries with various anesthesia combos over the decades is that surgeons defer to anesthesiologists, so the NP is ouranked!
Anesthesiologist asked me if I would quote freak out if I woke up and I said probably. He said then we will do general. But even after that meeting with anesthesia the surgeons assistant or NP kept trying to get me to say I would do epidural. I still don't get why it should matter to them as long as I am out for surgery and comfortable with my choice.
I have all kinds of low back issues and I don’t ever want an epidural. No one hassled me back in 2017 when I requested, and was granted, general.
Ty Jockette. Im glad no one gave you any issues. I had general with my other 3 joint replacements with no issues from surgeon. However, this is a new surgeon and hospital and even the anesthesiologist said he preferred epidural. But I think it should be what makes me comfortable not the surgeon. He isn't the one having the surgery.
Spinal plus sedation is the preferred anaesthetic simply because it is an easier recovery with less complications. Many people (including me) struggle with the side effects of GA.

If staff are offering you the choice, go with what suits you. Not long now!
Unfortunately, this was my 4th surgery in 4 1/2 years. My surgery before my knee was supposed to be under 2 hours and went to 4-hours while under a general. I was nervous about getting the spinal. When comparing the two-I didn't like waking up and not being able to feel my legs and feet but I was alert. It took about 3-hours to be able to walk and I could do this by myself with my walker. After the general in recovery, I was awake within the hour, and I slowly became alert, but I was able to walk in the evening. In the end you should do what you most feel comfortable in doing. Your surgery won't be as long, and you will be awake and walking in no time.
The reason I don't want to have the epidural is 2 fold. 1) I have degenerative disc disease L 3-5 along with nerve compression
I was in a similar position regarding lumbar degeneration and like you I opted for a GA. There was no pressure either way from the anaesthetist.
I had a lot of local anaesthetic around the joint - so I didn't have any immediate post op pain but I couldn't move my leg for several hours which was a bit scary ( it was overnight and I started panicking about nerve damage...). I didn't have any post op nausea and I felt otherwise fully well post op. I think GAs these days are much better than years ago.
Well really need some prayers that this test will be good. UA came back still showing wbcs and rbcs so had to come back to hospital to have a cath UA done. If this is good, surgery is still on. If not, they mentioned me going to a urologist. I already have one I go to so should be quick to get in. Praying that this one will be OK and no need for further tests or dr trips. Will let you guys know when I know.
I checked my UA and it appears to be normal. Only 0-2 wbcs and rbcs which I looked up and that is considered normal. Will get the word from the surgeon tomorrow when I go to my preop appt tomorrow.
One weekend between you and the road to recovery, mystikfairy
Stopping by to wish you all the best on Monday. I will be watching for you on the healing side and hope you'll join us once you're resting comfortably and feel up to sharing an update. Hope to see you soon!
I am at the hospital. Nerves have kicked in a bit but not terribly. I am so glad we have a bed that had adjustable head,feet and there are also additions to the legs to make it easier to get up from sitting position. Got it all set and ready. They are doing a 23 hour stay so if all goes well will go home in the morning.
Best Wishes! Hope to see you on the healing side soon.
I had the Mako robotic surgery on my right knee December 2022. I'm at 8 months post op. At 12 weeks post op, I had my life back. I have my left knee scheduled for this December because I thought I'd give the first one a full year to recover. My scar is 5.5 inches long and there is very little redness/pinkness left. I can't compare this technique to a traditional TKR or other techniques but I'm happy with the results. I didn't have an extraordinary amount of pain nor terrible swelling or complications. I don't regret the procedure and wished I had done it sooner!

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