TKR Having Mako robot assisted TKR, anyone had it?


Dec 6, 2013
United States United States
I am scheduled to have a Mako robotic assisted TKR on July 26. I had my other knee in 2014, conventional. I would like to hear from others that have had robot assisted.
@mystikfairy61 Several of our members have had Mako TKRs. Your thread title should prompt them to come and chat with you on this thread.

If you type Mako into the search function (top right of any page) you will get a list of threads and posts that mention Mako. Most of our members who have had this surgery aren't posting any long as they are off living life again.
I am having it on 6/20, will post an update after.
Greetings M61,

My TKR surgeon used the ROSA (Robotic Stereotactic Assistance) Zimmer Biomet system for my right knee in 2019. Went fine. The only downside is that I have two additional wound spots (where the Robot tracking devise or whatever was mounted) about a half inch above main incision. They are two approx. 20 MM dots. So I had two of those special bandages post surgery.

Three years later for my left TKR the same surgeon opted not to go Robotic. Wound over all is about half an inch shorter. My surgeon said he saw no advantage in using Robitic assist in my case.

With both of my TKR surgeries I experienced no complications or infection.
I am scheduled to have a Mako robotic assisted TKR on July 26. I had my other knee in 2014, conventional. I would like to hear from others that have had robot assisted.
I had a partial knee replacement using Mako in July 2012. I am going back to the same clinic, though I now live in Idaho and my doctor is in California, to have my other knee done in October. I suspect this one will be a TKR. It will also be via Mako. I have had very good results from my first one which is why I’m traveling all the way from Idaho to have the other one done. Just be sure you have a physician who has done a lot of them.
Getting close, next Wed is the day! Nerves are an issue but so tired of hurting that I am beyond ready. Found out my surgeon does Adductor canal block and robotic assisted so I know this will be a welcome change from the conventional I had 9 years ago. Had a rough night last night. Walking strange due to knee pain has caused the calf muscles to cramp up at night. The good thing I have found out is they are going to do a 23 hour observation with release the next morning to be sure pain and nausea are under control which makes me feel better. Hope the others ahead of me are doing good in their recoveries. Will be joining you soon.
I‘ve moved your post above out of the Monthly team thread. That thread is reserved for surgery date information. Having this monthly team thread allows members to see who else has surgery in the same month as they did. All other comments and discussions should take place in a pre-op or recovery thread, such as this one. Enjoy interacting with and learning from others who are on the same journey as you are, here in this thread.

This time next week it'll be all over but the healing! You already know what to expect so you'll do just fine!
My nerves had already kicked in and this morning I got a call from my surgeons office. They said they had a cancellation and I will be moved to first surgery of the day and to arrive at 5:45am on Wed. I know that's good because since no one is ahead of me, there is no chance of it taking longer and me having to wait. Just trying to remind myself that this is something I have been thru before. Even though each surgery is different, I have an idea of generally what to expect.
@mystikfairy61 My second op was more nerve wracking for me as well. Not sure why. Maybe it's just that you know what to expect. In any case, being first on the list is great! You are done and dusted and will have a night lunch while everyone else is still waiting.

All the best tomorrow! See you on the other side soon!
Best Wishes for tomorrow.
Will be watching for you on the bright side! :SUNsmile:
Sorry I didn't get on yesterday and let everyone know. I was so aggravated I didn't even think. I got to surgeons office for preop physical on Tues and found out that when I did my preop 2 weeks prior that I had a UTI and that it would increase risk of infection. Not sure why they didnt treat it then, but they didn't. I didn't even know I had it. So now on Bactrim, have to go get another UA on Monday and back to see them on Thurs to hopefully get a new date. They told me they would move mountains to get me back in and that it should be in 2 to 4 weeks. So back to square 1. I talked to my boss and they agreed to let me come back to work and will rework my FMLA paperwork once I have the new date.
Oh, what an aggravation. Someone should have had you on the meds immediately. Maybe then your surgery would have been over it today. I pray you can get it done quickly.
Thanks and I agree. But God always has a reason and it is not always for me to understand. Just taking it as it is and not going to worry. It will happen when it is time.
I added you to the August list. Best Wishes!
Great news, mysticfairy! Thankfully it wasn't too long of a wait.
I hope time flies and you're able to manage any pain well in the interim.
We'll be watching for updates to cheer you on. :)
glad you didn’t have to wait too long. My preop testing didn’t require an urinalysis this time. Everything else is the same. Chlorhexidine showers 3 days in advance and Ensure presurgery drink. And a “ bunch“ of instructions to read! :) :)
Thank you Layla for the kind words. 2 weeks and counting. Mutti goodness, 3 of those showers. I have the special wipes I have to use after my shower the morning of. I haven't been told to do it but the night before and morning of, I am taking an antibacterial soap shower like I did before my other joint replacements.

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