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Sep 21, 2023
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What should I do before my total knee replacement?
Hi and Welcome!

If you have a date, let us know so we can make a signature for you.

Here’s some pre op information for you:

If you are at the stage where you have joint pain but don't know for sure if you are ready to have surgery, these links may help:
Score Chart: How bad is my arthritic knee?
Choosing a surgeon and a prosthesis
BMI Calculator - What to do if your surgeon says you're too heavy for joint replacement surgery
Longevity of implants and revisions: How long will my new joint last?

If you are at the stage where you are planning to have surgery but are looking for information so you can be better prepared for what is to come, take a look at these links:
Recovery Aids: A comprehensive list for hospital and home
Recliner Chairs: Things you need to know if buying one for your recovery
Pre-Op Interviews: What's involved?

And if you want to picture what your life might be like with a replaced knee, take a look at the posts and threads from other BoneSmarties provided in this link:
Stories of amazing knee recoveries
Welcome to BoneSmart, @Carol K. Glad you found us before the surgery while you still have some time to prepare.

Please read the articles Jockette shared -- especially the one about Recovery Aids -- to be sure you know what you need.

I personally found four items indispensable:
  • an icing machine (rather than using ice packs) so I could ice round-the-clock during the first few weeks;
  • my Lounge doctor for elevating my leg comfortably;
  • the toilet seat riser with arms, so I didn't need to bend that sore, stiff knee; and
  • a walker. (I actually had 2 -- kept one upstairs and one downstairs, so I didn't need to worry about getting it up and down!)

Let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help.
Good luck on Tuesday! You only have three days left, so make sure you have all your recovery aids either in place, or planned for, as posted above by Jockette and Benne, and have plans for after surgery meals. What I suggest is to keep as busy as possible to keep the nerves at bay and make the last days go by faster. We're here if you have any more questions, and will see you on the other side.
I don't know if you live alone, but in preparation for my recovery I got a full tank of gas in the car so my first drive would be simple. I also moved my car so it was easy to get in it. I did practice runs pretending to have a straight surgery leg. I tried getting into the shower and sitting on the toilet. I also pretended I fell (not that I planned to) and figured out a way to get up without anyone helping me. It made me feel prepared rather than overwhelmed so going into surgery wasn't as scary. I trusted my surgeon and that was huge. You'll get there. Good luck!
Read through everything and remember to breath. Also keep your cell phone with you. That way you can call someone to help you if needed or just to chat. Also I find music to be very relaxing and having your phone you can find YouTube, Pandora or any number of places to find some music to help calm you and your knee down.

You've got this and we're here to help.
Precook or prep and freeze meals you really like. Consider where you want to spend hours every day resting, elevating your leg, and icing it : some of us find it intolerable to be in bed for long at first so consider a recliner or a sofa high enough to get on and off and a stack of plump pillows for elevating.
Best Wishes tomorrow!
Please join us on the healing side once you’re resting at home and feeling up to it.
Hope to see you soon!
@Carol K
Hope everything went well!

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