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TKR Hard Decision


new member
Mar 13, 2023
United States United States
I am scheduled to have TKR on May 11, 2023. This has been a very hard decision for me to make. I have had TKR of my right knee in 2020 and for the most part I can say that the surgery was very successful and surprisingly I wasn't very nervous about it. However, for some reason that I can not explain I am very nervous about this upcoming surgery. For one thing I am not looking forward to the very long recovery process. I guess one of the other concerns is whether or not everything will be okay such as no infections or blood clots. I I think that those are my biggest worries. I hope that I don't change my mind before the surgery but as of right now I am not to sure as to whether or not I want to do this. Even though I know that it is totally my decision, I would welcome any feedback that anyone would want to give. Thanks
@LadyDeb04 Welcome to BoneSmart!

I was in the same space waiting for my second THR. For some reason the nerves kicked in and my imagination ran wild. Maybe we suffer this because we know more about what we are facing?

We really can't predict how this recovery will go for you. But if you had an uneventful recovery with your RTKR you might just have the same experience. Discuss your worries about infection and blood clots with your surgeon. There are so many protocols in place these days to prevent these events.

Think of it this way - once that knee is replaced you are done and dusted and you can focus on getting back to active living again.
I had my left knee replaced in 2019, at the time my right knee needed replacing but here in Portugal we are required to wait 2 years between surgeries, unless its an emergency. On my left knee I was not at all well informed, I knew nothing of what recovery would be like, it was certainly a huge eye opener, but with the help of fellow BoneSmarties and with time, I recovered really well, so in 2021, I bravely went ahead and had my right knee done fully knowing what lied ahead, like you I dithered, worrying about all the if's but the thought of getting a normal life back, I went ahead, yes the recovery was similar to what it was with my left knee, but the plus side I knew what to expect so it wasn't quite as alarming, I also was far better prepared with what was needed or not.
My advice to you, is that once it is done, do not compare the knees, I stupidly kept going back to see what stage I was with my previous surgery, I can tell you, no two surgeries or knees are alike, my right knee took longer, ( maybe more damage,) however, once I stopped comparing I healed better and I was far less stressed.
I'm now nearly 3 years post left and nearly 2 years post right and can honestly say I made the right decision. The awful daily naggy pain has gone, & I can enjoy life once more.
I do still get the odd niggles especially when the weather changes or I do far too much, but I can walk miles and on the whole I forget I ever had, had my knees replaced.
Hopefully this has eased your mind xx
@LadyDeb04 you sound like my twin LOL
I was the same way for my second tkr. I actually cancelled the first hospital date in Sept '22. Eventually rescheduled for Jan 11, 2023 and went ahead with it.

Same as you.....worried about the long recovery, blood clots and infection always in back of mind. Not to mention pain control.
All the "what ifs". But, the knee was only getting worse. I actually waited too long. Should have done it the year after the first one.

Jump in and do it. Talk to your doc first about clots, infection concerns. All concerns. Prep for your recovery and accept that it takes a good while.
I'm 8 1/2 weeks post op now and really glad the worst (hopefully) is behind me.
I really appreciate the feedback. I already feel a little better about going forward with the surgery. It's good to know that I am not the only one who has had doubts about whether or not I was doing the right thing. I am happy that I found this site because it is really helpful. Thanks to everyone for taking the time out to share your thoughts with me.
@LadyDeb04 Just keep coming here and posting. It does help ease the pre-op nerves!
Thank you. I will continue to post and read all of the feedback. This is a great place to be able to share your feelings with others who have gone through this experience. The feedback is like therapy. lol
Best Wishes for your surgery tomorrow!
Please join us on the Knee Recovery forum once you’re resting comfortably at home and feeling up to it. We‘ll have some Recovery Guidelines to share with you and lots of support to offer.
Hope to see you soon! @LadyDeb04
Thank you. Everything went very well except for a bad rash that I developed after the surgery. I guess it was probably due to the tape that was used over the surgical site or some other solution that was used however it's hard to pinpoint exactly what caused the allergic reaction. I am working on clearing up the rash. It's a lot better than it was. Thank you for the encouragement

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