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Stay safe devorah, there is much love and wishes for peace winging their way to you from the international Bonesmart family x

thanks a lot @Carriemay60 . I've seen it and like it a lot. a great example of Israeli youth. (altho my favorite version of that song is still the one by jeff buckley. )
and thanks again everyone !! looks like there's a ceasefire. unfortunately, the main feeling here is not jubilant. we're of course glad not to have rockets raining down on us, but most people feel like we sold out to terrorists and that the next round is not far off. I hope I'm wrong. again I want to say how supported and loved I've felt from this group. (especially after my hesitation to share my feelings).
I wish everyone full and easy recoveries.
thank you, devorah
@dickinson Still holding the thought that this becomes a distant memory very soon! The Jeff Buckley version is beautiful! I think my favorite version is K.D. Lang from the 2010 Olympic Opening Ceremony - so moving.
@dickinson, an outstanding article and very, very enlightening. I plan to share it with an many people as I can. Thanks for sharing this with me.
@dickinson , I thought of you last night when I heard about the cease fire. I pray things stay stable there. Please do keep us updated.
@dickinson Hopefully, this new ceasefire will be it..... I am amazed at all those awful tunnels. Very treacherous....
Stay safe!
hi @Hoppy Nanny . I was going to get back to comment on your own thread at your one year anniversary. mazel tov :). so sorry about the knee.
yeah, it's more or less quiet. thanks. we'll see. things are far from solved, like in the rest of the world.
Thanks for checking back here @dickinson ! There are many of us who are thinking about you. Glad things have calmed down a bit.
wow, how nice. and thanks @Jaycey, it's always so strange when it all suddenly stops. makes one wonder. but I'm certainly glad it's quiet. i'll try to check in from time to time. holiday time now. oh and....mostly I'm feeling great. a little creaky sometimes, especially after sitting, but basically, miraculously, fine.
Hi Devorah, @dickinson - thanks for your kind words on Jaycey's post op thread... I am so thrilled that you indicated you are doing well - we would love to get a more detailed update xxxx
hello all
just stopped by to say hi and happy holidays to everyone
I'm fine and barely notice my hip anymore, which is just so amazing. getting over a badly sprained ankle so I can appreciate all over again the wonder of walking pain free.
things over here are quiet, today....let there be peace on earth and goodwill toward men
Hope you get over that sprain quickly Devorah @dickinson.........Peace on Earth.....what a lovely phrase! I'm wishing so hard for that.......Thanks so much for catching up on my thread...lovely to hear from you..Chrissie. Xx

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Lovely to hear from you Devorah @dickinson - yes peace on earth would be very welcome. We have had a terrorist siege event here in Australia. It lasted 16 hours and ended with 3 dead...

Stay safe :)
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