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This is a completely unrelated, random question for any of the forum members who have dealt with long term numbness around the area of their incision from a total hip replacement.

My right hip was replaced nearly 5 years ago and it was a fairly easy, uncomplicated recovery----and completely life changing. Best decision ever!

Following surgery, I had about a 2 inch area around my incision that after healing was basically numb. That didn't change until about 1 1/2-2 years after my surgery, when some feeling returned. I'd been told feeling should return by 6 months to 1 year at most, so the return of some feeling was pretty late.

However, I still do not have complete sensation in the area. I haven't also had shooting pain (or any pain) that some people describe, so it's not really a problem---just something I am curious about. Is this a fairly common occurrence? Is it just from nerves being cut that didn't repair?
@Debru4 Nice to see you here again!

The numbness you are describing is very common - especially post anterior approach surgery. In some cases the feeling returns. But it does take one year or longer (not sure why you were told 6 months - 1 year). We do see members who have long term numbness. Nerves get damaged or traumatised.

If it's not bothering you I wouldn't worry about it. Sounds like your recovery was a complete success despite this issue!
Yes, occasionally I have some numbness in the area. My ankle surgery was almost 4 years ago and my three last toes go numb as soon as I sit down, fine as long as I'm up and moving. When I saw my ankle surgeon about a year ago he explained some nerves just never reconnect properly and the ankle was broken in 3 places and required hardware on both sides plus rod though back of ankle to stabilize so lots of stuff in there. I did have rod removed about 6 months after original surgery that improved my range of motion. I have a screw in bone part of the ankle that sticks out a bit and last year he mentioned taking it out...nope, not bothering me so let it be.
Hi Debru,
I recall, Josephine, I know you remember her, mentioning she had an area of numbness for years. She lost focus on it at some point and mentioned five years post op she realized it was finally gone. I realize you’re at that point now, but possibly that numb area will not come back, which I’m certain you can comfortably live with.

I did a little bit of research on this topic awhile back and found the following -

Small sensory nerve fibers are cut with the incision. These nerve fibers run from the inside to the outside of the hip and cutting them causes the hip to feel numb after surgery. It is a temporary sensation that normally resolves over a period of six months to one year post op.

You’re not the only member that’s complained about numbness lasting beyond a year. I guess it may be one of the complications we risk in scheduling surgery, albeit a minor one compared to some other misfortune we’ve read about here. Glad to read all else is well and you consider your THR the best decision ever!
Not anterior THR but I had 2 prior hip operations way before having a THR. The incision for those was lateral and it's been over 50 years and the spot is still numb. I don't think about it but your post made me rub it. I had knee surgery about 20 years ago and the surgeon told me pre-op I might have numbness but in that case it went away.
I had anterior 7 months agao. My thigh and upper leg are still numb. I had shoulder surgery when I was 27. I can honestly say it is no longer numb to touch but it probably took 15yrs.
Quick "numbness update"----On my 5th hip replacement anniversary, August 3, I was stung by a wasp right in the area that had formerly been totally numb, and later had progressed to decreased feeling. Well, I felt that wasp sting big time! The area still has decreased sensation, but obviously enough for me to recognize pain....who would ever think I was excited to have some pain in that area?!?!:heehee: Each year on my "hip anniversary" I celebrate--even this year with my wasp bite. So glad I had the hip replaced!:loveshwr:

I had a chance to do some hiking the in Rocky Mountains and Snowy Range this summer---mostly easy to intermediate, but some had pretty good distance and elevation increases. Happy to report I did just fine, with no increased pain from the hip replacement.....just a little regular hiking burn in my legs that quickly left when we finished the hikes. :) ----That is amazing that feeling did return after 15 years. I'm sure it was a slow, gradual process, which seems to be happening with my thigh as well. When it was still totally numb after a couple of years I just assume it would be like that forever. I am pleasantly surprised to note that feeling is returning, even though it still has that weird "sort of numb/different" feeling to it. The whole process of how we heal is fascinating!

@Eman85 --Funny, but when I just read your post about how you rubbed your numb spot after reading about mine, I did the same thing. :heehee: I understand that anterior surgeries are more likely to have lingering numbness--is that the area your previous surgeries were in prior to your replacements?
Hi Debra!

Lovely to see you here. My left hip is doing fine. Right hip still has numbness around the scar 5 weeks out but guess to be expected..
Hi there @SurreyGirl ---good to hear from you as well! You had your left hip done about a week before I did---always fun to see a familiar name pop up.

Even though my recovery went well overall, there were still so many things that popped up that I felt unprepared for since it was my first replacement and I appreciated the support of the staff and members here on the forum. Sometimes just having someone commiserate can be so helpful.:friends:

I believe you were a musician and had to commute a distance to work? Are you still doing that? When will you return to work with your "new" hip? Were your surgeries anterior or posterior?

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