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Jun 17, 2020
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Hi all, 2 weeks from today is my surgery for left hip revision. Like everyone else here prior to surgery I’m getting the jitters. I guess what is really very hard for me is I had my first THR 2 years ago come August. Since then I’ve been using a walker full time and it bothers me that after this time around are things going to be better. From what I understand from my surgeon the stem in my femur is loose so plan is to open the femur like a book, implant a longer stem and put the femur back together with ties? Or screws? It worries me if my femur can withstand all of this because I do have osteoporosis and what if my femur is basically deteriorated? I even asked my surgeon if he could just put a new femur in. He said he has done that before but won’t in my case. I went to another surgeon for a second opinion and he refused to do the revision. Said go back to the surgeon that did the original surgery. I took it upon myself to go to outpatient PT to try and get stronger for the surgery. I believe that will be a plus. I’m also going into this revision healthier due to losing a lot of weight over the last few years but have CKD so that is also a big worry for me. I’ve progressed from stage 3b to stage 2 but am worried that with all of the pain meds I’ll be taking I may regress back to my old numbers. Pain meds are very hard on kidneys. Anyway, as the day draws nearer I know I’ll become more and more anxious, since I’m on meds for anxiety anyway. That’s another worry, is the anesthesia going to cause problems with my anxiety meds. I can’t just stop the anxiety meds because it really makes me feel uncomfortable. Thanks for listening and good luck to all other May Marvels.
Given your history, it is understandable that you are anxious about your upcoming surgery @Charly. But, if you have a good surgeon, try to relax and trust the process.

I also take medication for anxiety and was required to stop taking it for a week prior to surgery. (I was told I could take it again day one post-op). It's my understanding that most of these meds build up in your system slowly over time, so stopping for a few days doesn't set you back to zero. If you haven't already, you might want to discuss this with the doctor who prescribes your meds. Also, have you asked surgeon about using a regional rather than general anesthesia? It worked well for me for both my hip and knee replacements.

Anyway, sending positive thoughts your way for smooth sailing on the 24th! :prayer:
I had a call today with my surgeons PA. She went over what would be happening the day of surgery. Will be a 2-4 hour surgery, longer than normal due to removing old hardware.
Using general anesthesia because of the length of surgery. Also I should expect to have a blood transfusion, again because the length of surgery.

On my first hip replacement he closed incision with sutures. This time staples and she said there would be a purple something over the staples. Don’t quite know what that is?

After my first surgery my leg length was quite a bit shortened causing me to have my shoes needing a lift glued onto the bottom of the shoe. I asked if my length was going to be corrected she said that due to the length of time(getting close to 2 years) he was thinking the sciatica nerve would have gotten shorter and he would not want to stretch it too much because I would lose the use of my foot, don’t want that to happen.
So I’m hoping if I can get some of the length back that would be a good thing, although I have had most of my shoes lifted.
I have to meet with the anesthesiologist on Friday. She also told me they were going try to keep me off of opioids and NASIDS as much as possible due to my kidney disease which leads me to wonder what will they give me for pain?

I will probably stay in the hospital 3-4 days after surgery. I live alone so that may be for the best. I do have a caregiver that has been with me for a while and my son is staying with me at night so yay for that.

Even after all of that info today I still feel anxious and worried about the outcome. Still have lots of bad memories from last time. 8 days to go UsingUsingAfterSoIIIEvenEven:scare::scare:
I think it’s great @Charly that you get to meet with the anesthesiologist a few days before your surgery. Please ask them to protect your nervous system — even though you’re probably undergoing a general anesthetic, I think it’s worth asking about a nerve block too. They should also be able to give you something for your anxiety, so don’t be shy about letting them know how scared you’re feeling. A calmer nervous system will lead to better outcomes, which everyone on your team wants. The anesthesiologist will know much more than the PA about how to help control post-surgery pain as well, so really try to use them as an advocate for you. Wishing you the absolutely best possible experience as you move forward with your revision.
I am certain that this Surgery is making you nervous...but good for you are for your weight loss and going into this healthier.
On my first hip replacement he closed incision with sutures. This time staples and she said there would be a purple something over the staples. Don’t quite know what that is?
Maybe she's talking about Genetian Violet antiseptic? It is used for minor wound care to reduce the risk of infection...
On my first hip replacement he closed incision with sutures. This time staples and she said there would be a purple something over the staples. Don’t quite know what that is?
I hope they’re describing the prevena pressure bandage. I had one on my first THR and have one on this revision. It stays on for 7 days and doesn’t require you to manage any wound care. When it comes off everything is all set. You have to carry around a pump but it’s small and you can wear it around your neck. I loved it the first time and am glad I have it this time.
Thanks for the name of what they are talking about, I googled it and I believe that is what the PA called it. Sounds like a good idea. Good luck to you on your continued recovery. I’ll be going in on Wednesday, don’t have a time yet but hoping my recovery will be better the second time around.
Hi all, really getting close to surgery day. Wednesday, is the big day. The hospital and my surgeon seem pretty sure I will be needing a transfusion so I went to the hospital on Friday and they drew blood sample to get my blood type. Got a call this morning saying to come back tomorrow (Tuesday) and give another sample because there were antibodies in my blood and they can’t do a match???? So they want blood drawn closer to surgery date. Nurse told me because I did have plasma infused back in October last year that was the reason. I’m confused over this and so how can these antibodies be gone from Friday to Tuesday?
This seems scary to me, like what if they can’t match my blood and I get blood that isn’t my type? Maybe someone here can explain this to me. On the plus side my surgeon had a cold therapy system delivered to my home today. The guy told me it is so much better than ice packs and it straps around your waist and thigh so you can walk with it and sleep with it. You pump it up once you have it on and there is compression and cold going on 30 minutes at a time 3-4 times a day. This not an automatic machine. Never used one before but the rep told me that my insurance covers it so I hope it will be a good thing for pain and soreness which means maybe less pain meds. Okay, I’ll check back in Wednesday either before or after surgery.
Fingers crossed for good recovery and ditching the walker, even though it has become my best friend. :loll:
All the best tomorrow @Charly ! Please don't worry about the blood work. Staff will be checking and rechecking every step of the way!

See you on the other side soon!
Can't help you on the blood deal.
I used an icing machine which was covered by my insurance and it was great. Mine didn't strap on, it was like a heat pad but it had ice water circulating through it. It plugged in and was filled with ice or frozen water bottles and ice. It was great I used it any time I was stationary.

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