TKR gel injections after surgery

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Jul 22, 2011
Springbrook, WI USA
I had a patella femoral replacement June of 2011. Went in today for my 1 yr check up. Dr. said he was sorry that the procedure wasn't more sucessful. I'm basically in as much pain as before surgery. He now wants to try gel injections in the knee first, if that doesn't help, then he will scope it. Anyone else have luck with gel injections?
I had two Synviscs shots (6 months apart) after falling off a retaining wall trying to save my then 16 month old grandson from falling off that wall. I saved him but my momentum kept me going and off I went. After two shots I don't have hardly any pain in that knee. Had that knee x-ray'd lately and no replacement needed there for awhile.
We all have different experiences with the Synvisc. It did not help me in either knee, but then again I was bone on one, and had 6 bone spurs in the left one. I guess i expected a miracle but it didn't happen. After wasting so much money, it wasn't long before I went ahead with knee replacements.
It all depends upon the condition of your knee along with a sizeable chunk of luck!
So he has no idea what's causing the pain?

I think your doc is trying to address this by trying the lowest intervention first, which makes practical sense. I hope it works for you.
I had the Suppartz shots a couple of years ago, I did not find them particularily helpful as both my knees are(L)/were(R) bone-on-bone - until it was time to get the insurance company to approve the knee replacement surgery - they wanted to know that absolutely everything possible had been done before would approve the surgery - which I guess makes sense. But I know someone else who had the shots and thought it was a miracle cure...I think it depends on the individual and the condition of your knees.
There is a tried and tested truism in medicine, Mary - "little guns first"! :wink:
c-strap knee brace 005.JPG c-strap knee brace 001.JPG
I am going to try again and if my computer kicks me off one more time I am going to scream! Well, wait a minute, Its like that old saying "If you scream in the woods will anyone hear you?" Anyway, back to the subject, Hello, I am wearing a c-strap knee brace because my patella is not tracking correctly. Has your doctor tried any brace ideas? This brace holds the patella in place with the blue gel insert. I am going to attempt to upload two pictures again, but if I get kicked off, my cable company is going to hear from me!:whistle:

Warning: This is my actual leg, and not the leg of a model! Sorry that I couldn't find a sexy guy wearing one of these!:rotfl:

It also has metal in the sides that bend as you move your knee to give you more stability! I guess I should make a you tube video of me in the anti-gravity machine, but that would be too funny!
Thanks for the replies. He said my x-rays look perfect. Everything is in its place, patella tracks in its groove. For some reason when walking or riding my bike I get a burning under the knee cap and my knee continues to swell. If you place your hand over my knee cap and I bend my knee you can feel it going over what I call "speed bumps". My ROM is perfect. Dr. thinks I have scar tissue or bone spurs. He wants me to try taking Osteobyflex supplements for 6 weeks to see if that softens the bad stuff in knee, if that doesn't work then he wants to try Synvisc type gel and then if that doesn't work, he said it will need to be scoped. I'm thinking lets just scope it!!
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Ah, yes, fools and dreamers and their money are soon parted. It never ceases to amaze me that people believe all these claims although there's not any research to back them up. I mean if all those weight loss pills really worked, there would be no obese people in the U.S. And if the arthritis pills worked, OSes would be out of business.
Lynn, my kneecaps are deteriorating and am scheduling for BTKR soon. But I did have a Synvistic One shot last January. And now I can see that it did help more than I initially thought. This is September and it's still better than the knee without it. I asked a couple weeks ago if I could get on in the other knee but they said I have to be shots-free for 3 months before surgery so can't get the other knee. If you can afford it it's worth the try. It does take time for it to 'gell' and take affect and like others have said it doesn't always work. Good luck
I had the 5 shot series twice a year for four years. It takes about a month to get full benefit from them. Their purpose is to lubricate so everything glides easier, which can have a side effect of reducing inflammation and therefore pain. The cortisone directly reduces inflammation and therefore pain. The Hyalgan is given as either 3 or 5 weekly injections, the 5 lasting bought me time.
I had the synvisc shot twice in my right knee 7 months apart and it did the trick for that knee. My doc said it use to be a series of 3 shots, but now it is only a single shot. You know, he never did give it to my in my replacement knee. Guess that one was a lost cause.
Well I got a hold of the radiologist report on my knee and I have bone spurs on the medial and lateral side of my knee and narrowing of the space medial side. So, now do I do the Synvisc injections or just insist on being scoped????? I just want my knee to feel better!!!!!!
If it were me, I would insist on the scope! I had one of those spurs break off and lodge in the thigh muscle, :shocked: I kept telling the doctor I had torn my thigh muscle, because it was so painful everytime I took a step. I was in surgery for a replacement a couple of months later. (I think I had to wait a couple, but my brain is fuzzy now.). Anyway, the point is, you don't want those suckers breaking loose and attaching to your muscles. They have barbs like a thornbush, and hurt like crazy!
They told me the whole back side of my knee cap had bone spurs. I didn't know they could break loose. :yikes:

Yes they can and they do! :yikes: If you think you have a little pain now, just wait until one of those suckers breaks off. Your body is busy forming false bone (osteophytes) and they have barbs on them. They are big calcium deposits, think kidney stone only this rascal will lodge in your muscles if it gets the chance. My OS told my husband and Mom he didn't know how I was able to walk with all the pain I must have been enduring!

So it's a good thing you are taking care of yours before they break loose! :)
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