Rotator Cuff Repair Gecko in recovery

@sarahK, @beachy, Still strict rules, on sling wearing and no putting pressure on the repair, all movement has to be assisted with other arm when out of sling for bathing (special cloth sling for bathing) and dressing, physio just makes sure I have movement and not a frozen shoulder, and only once every 2 weeks
I certainly sympathize and empathize. RCR is very painful. I found these to be the most helpful: Wearing a cryo shoulder ice cuff (A LOT); using an adjustable bed --this enabled me to sleep, as the exact angle of elevation I needed changed frequently during the recovery; rolling/folding a towel and placing it in the bed under the elbow in the sling; placing something thin between your upper body and the upper arm (washcloth? gauzepad? my nurse got me boxes of 4x6+ gauzepads/non-adhesive bandages with a very comfortable nonstick layer over them); wearing very loose clothes (beach dresses and tank tops with huge armholes) that didn't touch the shoulder or sling at all.
RCR has a daunting recovery, in my opinion, but at least for me, once the
repair and reattachment healed/took hold, the pain ended. So
be careful and patient.
Best wishes.
@SaraK physio was a little uncomfortable but not to bad, he took control of my arm and gently did some movement some hurt a little and some believe it or not felt good, he adjusted my sling as he felt it was holding my arm in the wrong position.
I had seen my Dr for wound check prior to physio, and she gave me a scipt for imediate release pain relief , I took one after physio visit and have been comfortable ever since infact it actually feels looser not so tight
Being a health proffesional I am super aware of not masking my pain too much with medication, But I really appreciate your reminder and all the advice given on this forum :thankyou:
I'm glad physio was helpful. Probably the most important part was getting the sling adjusted. I was lucky to have a friend that is a PT come over and adjust my sling when I got home. The nurse in recovery wasn't sure how to do it and called in 2 other nurses. One insisted she knew how to do it and proceeded to set it up completely wrong (even I knew it wasn't correct). When I said something to the surgeon at my first appt about needing to train the nurses, he got indignant and said he'd put it on personally in the OR and couldn't understand why they would have even touched it. He got a little sheepish when I replied that it was probably because I needed to get dressed before I could leave the hospital. Details, details!
@marieltha Thank you so much for all your great advice most things I have implemented, thank heavens for my adjustable bed even though I only moved back to it from my recliner last night, I actually put rolled towells under my fitteď sheet so I can relax knowing it will aide in my not rolling onto my repaired shoulder
Thanks Chris
@SaraK They are so funny arn't they , I totally think it was the sling because I also had Chondroplasty physio said the position of the sling meant that the raw bone was rubbing together, 11 days:groan: I should of went in earlier but I live 2 hours from my surgeon and 45 minutes from my Dr and physio, all fixed now thank heavens
Thanks again Chris
@beachy just wanted to say it is great that we have reconnected in the shoulder forum, its good that we can all support each other in all forums .
I have had an added bonus with this one because I cant use the arm in order to get into my bed centrally I had to kneel on my knew ķnee's and they work Ha! Ha! feels a bit odd but getting used to it , what!!! it's only taken 4 years to trust them totally

Thanks Chris
Congrats on kneeling! You're ahead of me on that! The new knee (4yrs old) is a bit uncomfortable to kneel on, but can be done on a padded surface. Usually double up my yoga mat. Forget the other one!
I'm glad we reconnected too. I will never forget that you dressed up like a gecko for your Halloween knee replacement:rofsign:
We kneed (get it) A bone smart reunion with the old gang:rotfl:
How's that shoulder feeling now?
@beachy been a bit of a tough week, few family concerns
But I am going ok still sore only taking paracetamol and Ipubrofen for pain now. physio says assisted range of motion is good, did you have any pins and needles in your fingers and hand? Its a bit annoying , sleeping better and in my bed almost laying flat.
Hope your thanks giving went well Chris :)))
Hey Chris, good to hear your update. Sounds like your recovery is improving.
Hope all works out with the family stuff, that's a tough one.
I didn't have pins and needles, but we had very different surgeries. What did your doc say?
Thanksgiving was a great day, thanks!
Do you have a holiday similar to that?

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