TKR From 30 - 90 rom and wanting more

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Hospital called said $91.00 to print all pages . They want to only give me four or five pages . I am tired of pain tired of this ordeal .
You will only need the surgeons report (notes) of the surgery, and the sticker sheet. No more than a few pages.
You dont need to spend 91 dollars for all the hosp notes.
The new OS does not need to read about every little detail of your stay, just what the surgeon did during surgery.
Yes, I meant the actual operation notes which should include the stickers as Pumpkln said. Usually it's no more than one page, perhaps two with the labels.
Thanks I will be sure and get them . I may ask new gp tomorrow to order them too . Someone said if gp gets the records they do not get charged . It can not hurt to ask .
Today was to be my appointment with ortho. They called as I was going out the door and cancelled. The person that called from his office said he would not be seeing me because "my problem is out of his realm."

This one was more experienced than the one that operated. So I know just doing my TKR was out of my former ortho's realm. I am to find a total joint specialist in Pittsburgh. That was where I was going to have surgery. But I decided go with the ortho I had for over 5.5 years.

Currently I haven't an ortho or a GP. Having this TKR was not a good decision for me. I still have constant pain limited ROM.
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Good luck finding a revisionist in Pittsburgh, I would imagine there are several to choose from.
I just reread your thread. I am amazed at the level of patience you have had. You certainly need an excellent OS to help. It sounds like you have had many issues besides a "normal" tkr. I am praying you find one soon that can help and I believe he is in Pittsburg somewhere! You need someone that will listen to you as well as fix you. Life will get better and we are here to support you!
Thank you @Jozilla ,
Your kind words mean a lot to me . I am so tired of this I feel like the Doctors do not want to be bothered with me .
I will continue to look for a joint specialist. Yes, Pittsburgh has a good selection of Doctors and hospitals . I am researching them .
Going to see a PA today my leg has been swollen ( think it is side effects of Mobic . Bith legs swollen , tkr leg red and still painful . One day i hope to be able to say pain free.
Good luck, ask for a blood test for inflammation.

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I did not see this before appointment . @Pumpkln
I had bllodwork done several weeks ago forgot to ask today if ir showed anything . I actually forgot to ask everything i needed to. She runs on so fast I do not get a chance to tell her what i want to . This was second time i went there. She says leg is red from swelling . Well other leg isnt red and they were both swollen this time . I think it was the Mobic because i have not taken it since sunday . She is trying to get another ortho to review my records for an appoinment . Tired of all this , feel like i keep getting the run around.
Glad you got into see someone, hope they can find another ortho to take a look.
Call the lab and ask for a copy of your results, you will want them for your records.
Good Luck!
@Pumkln thanks i will try calling lab and ask for my results . I did not think of doing that .
I have been without an ortho since Jan . When second one saw me but did not take me as a patient . I tried going to see second one waited almost two moths only to have them call day of appointment and cancel it . He will not see me " my problem is out of his realm" Had my new PA fax records and talk to another ortho May 25th . Today i called PA office they said call ortho and see if He is going to see you . I called they said no " dr does not feel tre is anything additional he can do to help teat me " so I am angry , depressed . No help . Pain . Tkr was not a positive for me .
Sorry to hear you cannot find an OS to see you. I am thinking you are going to have to cast a wider net, into adjoining states.
Thanks , @Pumpkln not sure insurance would cover that . It stopped covering my drs. In next county some years back .
You may have to call your insurance company and tell them none of the OS on the plan will see you, as they say they are not qualified to help you, and will they approve someone outside of the network at network rates so you can have follow up for your TKR.
Check with your States insurance commission they may be able to help. Most states require insurance companies to provided an adequate number of qualified providors.
Good Luck,
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