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Hi all!
Here I am, 5 weeks out from surgery. My boss was a bit put out that I didn't come back after 4 weeks. Well too bad, is what I was thinking. I just can't move that much yet-my job involves a lot of sitting and standing and walking around. And canes aren't allowed at work because they are a tripping hazard. My boss got special dispensation from the Safety Officer to allow me to have the cane ONLY in certain rooms. So heck with that. I'm staying home as long as I can!

Yeah so, I don't use the cane much around the house except for using the steps. For walks and outings I still need the cane. I don't limp quite as much as i did before surgery. I know I should be patient but I am so tired of limping
I am just now today at 5 weeks. your post is very reassuring to me! I am still limping and having to use the cane. I keep wondering if it is just me or if something could be wrong. I guess I just have to be patient!
Happy Four Month Anniversary!
If you’re reading this, please leave an update if time allows. We’d love to hear how you and your new hip are doing.
Wishing you a happy, healthy Autumn! :)
Hi all,
I would like to hear about anyone's experiences doing martial arts with a hip replacement. My doc okayed me to do Tae Kwon Do but no sparring or contact kicks with my bad leg.
How have people adapted their training?
I do kickboxing and still kick bags. Not sure why your doctor is overly concerned about it. Google John Wayne Parr and his hip resurfacing. He is a world renowned Muay Thai fighter and he fought in a match about three months after surgery.

There are other examples on YouTube with martial artists resuming their skills after hip surgeries. Haven’t heard of any issues with it.
Hi there:wave:
You can try typing in key words such as Martial Arts or Tae Kwon Do into the SEARCH at the top right to see if it’s been mentioned on any threads.
If you’d like your thread title changed to reflect your question, please let us know and we’ll do that for you.
Take good care!

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