Revision TKR Four Months Out and Still Can't Walk

True. I can do virtually nothing as, when I am upright with my walker, I am basically balancing on one leg! My toe touches the floor for a bit of stability, but I can't put weight on it. Thanks! In the meantime, loving my snuggly blankies!
I had my tkr in June and froze all that summer, and I'm in Virginia, a hot summer area! I think the icing also makes us colder. I bought a heater throw that really helped.
I was also very cold for months after this surgery, and so was my friend. We were both usually overly warm before the surgery. I think its pretty common.
I really appreciate your experiences. I had found nothing else that seems so similar to my condition, and both of us 66. It reminds of a saying; something like "people often mislabel someone as a cynic, when they are just someone who sees things clearly"

I am 11 weeks now, still on crutches and any tiny exercise or even being on my feet for 30 minutes causes me pain for 2 days.

I tested negative for infection last week. I know it's stupid, but I was almost hoping it was positive in order to get a definitive diagnosis.

Like you, I have been on serious painkillers the whole time, but now every painkiller including even a simple tylenol gives me a rebound headache that lasts all day (better ID'd as medication overuse headache), a big problem.

Best wishes for your surgery and recovery, please keep us informed.
I tested negative for infection last week. I know it's stupid, but I was almost hoping it was positive in order to get a definitive diagnosis
It’s not stupid. I’ve been there too. At least there would be a definitive cause that could then be addressed.
My experience over the years with CPM use has been 100% positive if used properly. I always started on a low degrees and worked up slowly though. I've noticed some PT's encourage too rapid of increases in the degrees every week though.
Hello @Mensamama
I am wondering if you had your revision as scheduled on May 15th?
If so, I do hope you’re doing well. Please update us as time allows. We’d love to hear from you.
Wishing you only the best!
Best Wishes for tomorrow! :wave:
Let us know how you’re doing once you’re settled in back home.
Hope to hear from you soon!
We’re missing you and would love to know how you’re doing.
Hope to hear from you soon!
A happy month of June to you! :SUNsmile:
Hey, all! I had the revision of my right knee replacement (done November 3) on May 15th. The surgery was shorter than expected and so far, so good. It is extremely gratifying to put in the work at PT and see some results--FINALLY! As a quick reminder, my knee basically froze in a bent position the day after Christmas, after pain at PT from week 3, and I was basically hopping on one foot with a walker from Christmas to my revision.

What I want to address here I saw on another post, but comments were closed, and that is "post op depression." The night before my revision, my husband's cousins, who are both lifelong nurses, had dinner with us. I explained my fear of the post op time, as all I did was cry for months on end, and felt hopeless and helpless and just, less. One of them mentioned opioid dysphoria--that opioids make some people euphoric, hence the illegal use, but also can make some people dysphoric, the opposite of euphoric. That resounded with me.

After surgery on Monday, I was given an opioid pain reliever. I was also still recovering from general anesthetic, but was a bit teary and timid, definitely NOT the usual me. I took the evening pain med on time, then took the Tuesday morning pain med on time. A couple hours later I was trying to use the torture device as advised by my surgeon, the Elite Seat, and was again frustrated into tears. A light bulb went on. I was back on opioids and back to crying and helpless! I did not take another pain med and at about 5 pm, I was back to my normal self.

I bring this up just as an eye opener for others that may have this "condition" and have no idea they have it. I certainly did not expect the pain meds, which are meant to be helpful, could be so hurtful. In addition, I had pain from week 3 until the revision, so I took opioid pain relievers from basically November through the end of January. I quit on February 5, as I felt my mind spiralling in a way that was not healthy. I then went through 10 days of flu-like symptoms, likely withdrawal from the pain med. That was a long, rough road. As I read texts and emails from that time, I can so clearly see something was wrong.

So, patients, family and friends of patients, PT therapists, be aware that what appears to be post op blues or depression may actually be a reaction to the opioids in the pain medications prescribed. It's sure worth giving another type of pain reliever a try.

I am in a good mind space now, PT is progressing well, I am on track with a 60 degree bend right now, and hope that when I go to the doc on Wednesday that I get out of this darn brace! Sitting is a real chore with the leg braced straight at this time, and car trips are not fun! I am also out of the walker and to a cane, which I don't use much at home, but always when somewhere unfamiliar. That has been liberating.

Thanks for "listening." I feel it's sort of a personal mission, now, to let people know that the pain meds can mess with your mind and emotions, so it might not be just isolation or disruption of routine or physical limitations that get you down.
Thank you for taking the time to share the negative effect the opioids had on you. That’s awful, I am sorry you had that experience. Hopefully that reaction is rare. There is a thread on the Hip Recovery forum Depression / Post Op Blues
that you can post on as other knee members have. Check it out.
I hope you have a happy and wonderful Summer!
It’s been one month since your revision. Happy One Month Anniversary!
I hope you’re having a good week and I wish you a wonderful weekend.
Stay in touch!
Update on this darn knee! I did make some progress after the revision, but got "stuck" at about 90 degrees of bend. I do have full extension, which is good. So, I had my THIRD MUA on August 9th. Again, at first I got some good improvement, but about a week in, the knee started hurting and my foot started swelling. I had started back at my desk job the week of the 7th, maybe it's just from sitting in an office chair.

I am now 2 weeks out from the MUA and am again "stuck," although at about 101 - 104 degrees of bend. I am in daily PT until I go back to the doc on the 30th. At this point, I think this is as good as it will get, bending-wise. I am hoping the stiffness and pain may abate after the aggressive PT necessary after the MUA.

Would I recommend a replacement? Will I get one on my left knee, when needed, as it's about 2 years "behind" my right one? I just don't know. I sometimes regret having the surgery, but who knows how I'd be walking without having had the surgery. I am just trying to stay optimistic about further recovery, at least as far as swelling, stiffness and pain.

Again, thanks for this forum in which we all can share each other's experiences, joys and disappointments. It's always a bit easier to bear when you feel you aren't alone in the fight.
I just retired from ” sitting down” job In June. Your knee is basically flex at 90 degree while sitting. Your poor knee has been “ thru the mill” the past 9 months. No wonder it is swollen and painful.
Can you walk every so often while working. A lot people think a desk job is easy but it’s quite the opposite. It’s physically draining, and increases immobility. I pray for a full recovery.
@Mensamama , you've had five surgeries/procedures in less than a year. The soft tissues in your leg have been thoroughly abused and need rest. I think you need to give it a year at least of easy motion to let it all heal.

I have less than 90° flexion and can sit at a desk just fine as long as I prop my leg up on a box or something like that. I have boxes and ottomans scattered around the house everywhere I might sit.
I am now 2 weeks out from the MUA and am again "stuck," although at about 101 - 104 degrees of bend. I am in daily PT until I go back to the doc on the 30th.
Your problem is you are taking PT daily and the knee doesn't have a chance to settle down and let the swelling go down. All this PT is keeping it inflamed and swollen. You can not bend a swollen knee, the fluid is in the way and has nowhere to go. The knee won't bend well with all that in there. I suggest you stop all PT and exercises and let your knee heal, not only from the TKR but now from the MUA. You are setting yourself up for a permanently inflamed knee. You do not want that. Please let it heal. It has never had a chance to. Ice and elevate every chance you get, even if it's all day long. You will see an improvement if you just let your daily activities around the house be your exercise.
I agree with all of the above! The daily PT is doctor's orders, but when I go on the 30th, I am going to discuss that. When I stopped for a month in March, leg was still frozen bent and I had to use a walker, but at least the pain went away.

As to my job, I can, and try to, get up every hour and just walk around our small office, and there is less swelling on days I can actually get up and around. PT advises elevation and ice, as well, but I can't do that at work, then I have PT daily. I do ice some and elevate a lot at home.

It's sometimes a tough choice whether or not to follow doctor's orders.
The daily PT is doctor's orders,
But, it's your knee, not his. He can not force you to do this. He is not the one dealing with the pain.
then I have PT daily.
This is a choice and if you step away and allow your knee to heal from all of the trauma its endured, the swelling will likely go down and your ROM will improve.
It's sometimes a tough choice whether or not to follow doctor's orders
Totally understandable, but where has it gotten you so far? What you're doing doesn't seem to be working. Maybe time for something different?

Pain Is Your Body Asking For Change. I worry that with an additional six days of this, before your visit, you may be in a worse state than you are now.

I hope you'll give stopping all of this some serious thought. I wish you relief from the pain.
You have no obligation to "follow orders" especially when it's repeatedly yielding the same bad results. Your body is telling you it wants rest, ice, and elevation.

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