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Forum etiquette: being polite when posting

Discussion in 'How To Use This Forum' started by Josephine, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. Josephine

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    Jun 8, 2007
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    Posting on a forum is like any conversation in life. There are rules of etiquette and politeness. There are only three rules and they're pretty simple but make for an easier life for all

    1. don't derail another member's thread.
    Let me explain: a thread is a conversation between two or more people. You post something, I reply, you post back and perhaps someone else joins in. That's a conversation and the topic under discussion is the "thread of the conversation".

    Because of the nature of this forum, we take this one step further. In the Pre-op forums, things are fairly free and easy because everyone's a little wound up and seeking support and encouragement about their forthcoming surgery wherever they can find it.

    But in the Recovery side, we are a little stricter. Each thread has a prefix stating what the creator of the thread has had done which makes this thread his/her recovery thread and everything s/he posts about their recovery - achievements, concerns, problems, questions - should be posted in there so it's all in once place, a bit like hospital notes if you like! Other members are more than welcome to post in there and even to discuss certain issues that arise, but another member should never post a question about themselves in these threads.

    Were you at a party and standing with two or three other people who were discussing something, it would obviously be very rude if someone suddenly butted in and started discussing something completely different. In forum-land, that's known as 'derailing' a thread.

    Unknowing new members, unaware of how to start their own thread, may often chip into an established thread and ask a question about their own recovery. This post and any replies posted, will be moved into a new thread to avoid derailing the other member's thread. If you ever spot such a new member's post, it would be very helpful if you would report it thus bringing it to our attention so we can move it.

    2. DON'T SHOUT! Posting a whole passage in upper case (capital letters) is regarded as shouting and just as you wouldn't shout at people in their own home, you shouldn't shout on a forum. Of course, sometimes people accidentally hit their Caps Lock button and then everything they type is in upper case. But it's not rocket science to notice this and put it right.

    3. avoid use of abbreviations and "texting language." Remember that BoneSmart is an international forum. What is a common abbreviation in your country or area may be totally unknown to others who come along and read your post. By the same token, not all parts of the world are familiar with the abbreviations used commonly when texting these days. The abbreviations for joint replacements (TKR, PKR, BTKR, THR, BTHR) are acceptable but pure text-speak such as
    u for "you"
    w for "with"
    r for "are"
    and so on are not acceptable here.

    4. read and abide by the forum rules: this is the best way of keeping out of trouble! Forum rules and warning protocol.

    If you have any queries about how to use the forum or posting, most you can find in here which is the "How to Use This Forum" area.

    There are also other points to being a good forum user such as this

    1. Use of multiple tags or alerts in posts
    2. Don't use the "quote this message" unnecessarily. For instance, you don't need to do it in order to reply or just post. Just scoot on down to the bottom of the page where it says "write your reply" and get typing!
    3. Don't automatically make a person's name a tag (adding an @ before their name) when you're just mentioning them in the course of conversation. ONLY if you really need them. This applies mostly to members of staff but especially to Josephine or Jamie!

    If what you are looking for doesn't appear to be in there, you can either post a question in the "Bugs, Errors and Techy Questions" forum or you may send a private message to any member of staff.

    You can find the list of staff here The staff of the forum.
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