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Jun 11, 2013
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Many members come to BoneSmart just after having surgery or in preparation for it. They want to read stories about people who've had the same type of procedure or are in a similar situation. BoneSmart has several places where you can read about recovery from knee, hip, shoulder, and a host of other joint surgeries.

For knees and hips, one of the BoneSmart Forum Library articles addresses "Amazing Recoveries." Here are the links for those two locations:

Stories of amazing knee recoveries
Stories of amazing hip recoveries

Using thread prefixes to find recovery threads

Within each area (such as knee, hip, etc.), you can sort the threads by "Prefix." If you look on any of the surgery forums, you'll see most threads have been assigned a specific prefix that categorizes the procedure that has been performed (TKR, PKR, INFECTION, etc.).


If you click on one of the prefixes (such as PKR), you will be given a new index page that has all the PKR threads from that forum. That way, you can read recovery journeys for BoneSmarties who have been there before you with surgery and recovery. As you're reading older threads, be aware of when the last post was made. While telling a great story, some can be quite old and it wouldn't do any good to post in those threads as the member has probably long ago gone back to their normal life and wouldn't see your comments. You may find that some older threads have even been locked to prevent posting that just hangs with no response.

Using "filters"

But there's more. You can select any of the possible surgery types. At the top of the page on the right there is a link called "Filters" that gives you a search feature for a particular procedure. There are other parameters you can set as well to narrow the search.


If you click on the "Prefix" parameter in the menu, you'll see all the possible options like this example for knees below.


If you select one (in this case, we show "Bilateral TKR"), you and complete the search, you'll be provided a list of all the threads in that forum with that particular prefix.


This feature is very useful for a more rare procedure, rather than the most common ones such as TKR or THR.

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